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Heavy in your Arms




Two years went by and Jacob slowly learned to accept his illness. He tried to see the positive things in his life, but the growing weakness in his legs was a constant reminder of what was lying ahead of him.

19 year old Jayden had graduated from high school and started Vo-Tech training at the Peninsula College to become a mechanic just like his father. In his off-time he tinkered on cars in his father's shop or spent his time out-doors, hanging out with friends or dating girls. He was different than Jeremy, in that he didn't focus on only one girl. He'd had several girlfriends since his last year of high school, but didn't find just one to really fall in love with.

However, this time it was on Jacob to find out about his son's activities.

He was alone in his house. Bella, Joey and Jacy where at Sue and Charlie's. He had made himself comfortable on the couch, chips and soda handy, watching TV when unexpectedly Jayden turned up. "Hey, I thought you had training tonight," Jacob asked, slightly annoyed. There went his quiet evening...

"Nah, got cancelled. Coach came down with the flu." Jayden went into his room (He'd moved into Jeremy's room recently as Jeremy was away at college), grabbing a handful of chips on his way there.

Two minutes later, the bathroom door clicked shut and the shower started.

Jacob returned to watching TV, until there was a small noise, the bathroom door clicked again and got locked. Then a hushed gasp came from the bathroom. "Watcha doin', son?" he yelled. "You know masturbating is bad for your health." Jacob snickered. "You might go blind or your nuts could shrivel..."

"Shut up, Dad!" Jayden shouted back from his shower and Jake focused on the TV again, grinning from the one ear to the other - he simply loved to tease his kids- then, he smelled an unfamiliar scent in his home.

What the hell? he thought getting up and slowly walked through the hallway, trying to detect where that scent came from. It was a girlyscent. Apple and cinnamon. Jacob frowned.

The smell intensified when he stopped in front of the bathroom door. "Gosh darnit!" he cursed quietly, when the girlish scent, combined with a frantic heartbeat, which was not his son's heartbeat, came from right behind that door.

"JAYDEN!" Jacob pounded against the door, and a girl responded with an hysterical squeal.

His son cursed, then shouted out a girl's name. "Fuck, Carlie!"

"Who are you screwing under my roof?" Jacob asked, laughing under his breath. He pounded another time; the door frame shook from his force and the girl screamed again. "Come on out here, right now, young lady."

A few seconds later, the door opened and out walked a small, blond girl. To Jacob's relief, she was completely dressed. She looked deeply embarrassed, but nevertheless also slightly smug.

"Care to explain what you're doing in my house?" Jacob started the interrogation, biting his lips to keep from laughing.

It turned out that Carlie, daughter of Jessica and Mike Newton, had been trying to peer at Jayden in the shower without Jayden knowing. She was supposed to wait outside and not follow him inside like a freaking stalker. In fact, Jayden felt pretty awkward that this girl had been able to sneak up on him and catch him in all his naked glory without him realizing it.

"I feel so... so... ARGH!" Jayden complained loudly and stomped away.

Jacob thought it hilarious, wishing Bella would have sneaked up on him like that once upon a time, but Bella smacked him upside the head, saying he was insensible and inconsiderate. Would he still think it funny if a boy snuck up like that on their teenage daughter?

He had to admit thatwould be totally different, but he still couldn't stop laughing his ass off.

For Bella, the incident was the last straw and she insisted Jacob would once againtalk with his son about being responsible and always use protection when having sex. To Bella's surprise, Jayden openly told Jacob that he wasn't sleeping around with all the girls he dated. Apart from what happened, Carlie really was only a friend to him... like one of the boys...

"He only had sex with one girl as of yet," Jacob whispered into Bella's ear when they met in the office the next day.

"Really?" Bella stared at Jacob in disbelief.

"With all the trouble Joey is giving us that's good news about Jayden. I feel a bitmore competent. We must be doing something right..." Bella mused while she continued printing out bills.

Joey, turned 15 this year, and had gotten himself into a lot of trouble lately. He seemed to be constantly fighting with kids his age and older. No matter how much she or Jacob talked to him, his temper always got the best of him.

"Are you doubting your mad mothering skills again?" Jacob asked, putting his arms around her protectively. "Joey is a good boy. He's only a bit..."

"...temperamental and impulsive, I know." Bella cut in, leaning her head into his broad chest.

Only yesterday, Joey had to be picked up from school after getting into a fight with some older students. Joey swore to high heaven that he had not started the argument, but under no circumstances was he willing to let those kids get away with calling him the runt of the litter because of his small size.

"It can't be easy being the youngest son of the toughest, most important man on the Rez," Jacob crowed with a smile, while sorting through his work orders.

Bella elbowed him in the rips. "Braggart!"

He smiled back at her and ruffled her hair in a loving gesture. "Joey's just trying to find his way... not only in the mix at school, but within the family too." He squeezed her ass affectionately as she turned away.

"I know, but still..." Bella answered. Concern laced in her voice. She didn't like one of her kids having a rough time.

"What if I start working out with him a little?" Jacob mused, rubbing over his tingling leg. "I'm sure he'll like that..."

"What a wonderful idea," Bella said and pecked a kiss on Jake's lips before getting back to work on the stack of paper lying before her. She trusted him to find a way to make Joey feel strong from the inside. Just like he made her feel strong from the inside from the day they first met.

She looked up at him, tapping her pen against her lips. How did she end up having someone as amazing as her husband? Oh yeah, right... Because she had made the right choice over twenty years ago.

Bella stood up and wrapped her arms around his waist, pressing her face into his chest. "I love you, Jake."

No matter how difficult life might be at times, they still wouldn't have it any other way.




It happened on a Wednesday evening. Jacob had been grocery shopping and had picked up Jacy from Charlie and Sue's. Jacy sang along to a Disney tune, when suddenly a sharp pain shot through Jake's right leg. It twitched and his foot slipped from the brake onto the gas pedal. The car jerked forward, swerved about and after a few excruciating seconds it came to a screeching halt on the roadside bumping into a tree.

"FUCK!" Jacob shouted out and turned around. "Are you okay, Jacy?" he asked, in a panic. Before she could even answer, he unbuckled and climbed over his seat into the backseat, dragging his leg behind him. It didn't hurt anymore, but it was numb .

Jacy looked at him with huge, shocked eyes. "I'm scared."

With his enhanced senses, Jacob could hear her accelerated heartbeat and harsh breathing. "I'm sorry, hun," he said, running his hands over her arms and legs, searching for injuries. "Do you hurt?"

Jacy shook her head and sniffled, putting her little hand on her father's knee. "Is it your leg, daddy?"

"Yes, and I'm afraid I can't drive us home right now," he explained, feeling awful. He could have killed them both. There only needed to be another car involved, or if he had been driving a bit faster,...

He didn't dare to think further.

"I'm sorry, dad," Jacy replied, placing her hand against his cheek, and her deep-blue eyes bore into his. She looked and acted so much like Bella in this moment, Jacob was shaken. If something had happened to Jacy, he would never forgive himself.

Jacob and Jacy waited almost an hour for the numbness in his leg finally went away. When it didn't, he pulled out his cell phone and dialed Seth's number. If someone could be here fast, it would be Seth.

Bella was shocked when Jacob and Jacy walked in. Jacob was supported by Seth. "Jake, what happened? What took you so long?" she cried out and she jumped up from the book she was reading. She rushed to his side, trying to grab his arm. Jacob shook her off. "Leave me alone," he barked and limped into the bedroom, slamming the door closed behind him.

Bella learned through Jacy and Seth what had happened and she tried to talk with Jacob about it later but he wouldn't even hear her out. He was that angry with himself. "I could have killed her!" he seethed, pounding his numb leg with his balled up fist. "And don't tell me it isn't as bad as it seems." His anger now turned towards Bella.

"I'm sorry..." Bella said, lifting her hands placating him.

"You can be sorry all you want, Bella. It won't change a thing. I'm wasting away, and I'm taking my whole family with me." Jacob reached out and smashed his fist into the chair sitting next to his bed. It crashed into the wall; the impact brought the pictures down that were hung on that wall.

"Jake, please don't..." Bella wanted to sit down beside him. She wanted to calm him down. She was hurting when he talked like this. She hurt when he hurt.

"Get away from me, Bella. Just leave me alone!" Jacob yelled, vibrating with so much fury that the muscles in his neck and arms bunched. Suddenly, he kicked the night stand with his good leg, sending it sliding across the room. "Get out!"

Bella flew out of their bedroom, feeling as helpless as ever.




It didn't really surprise Bella that Jacob closed himself off again. It bothered her, of course, and it was hurting her, too. She wanted to be there for him, but he refused to even talk to her. She only wanted to help him feel better.

Maybe, hunkering down and hiding away to deal with his wounds, emotionally and physically, was a wolf thing.

She knew that Jacob would need to accept using a walking stick, and it would only be a matter of time until he would end up in a wheelchair. The rate at which his illness increased frightened her deeply.

Still, he wasn't open to discuss phasing. When she approached the subject the next morning - their kids were in school - he went through the roof.

"I promised to grow old with you, Bells," he thundered and limped out of the kitchen, propped on his cane. "But if I start phasing again I won't age... " The door to their bedroom slammed shut.

She ran after him, but the door was locked. "Jake..." Bella whispered, pressing her cheek against the bedroom door. "Don't do this to me... Not again..."

Jacob didn't answer, and Bella became angry. Without saying another word, she left and went for a walk at the beach. She sat down on their driftwood tree, it was so much more withered by now, and stared blankly at the ocean until it was time to pick up Jacy from the kindergarten.

Jacob didn't come out of the bedroom that day or the days after. He hid in the garage or busied himself at Alpha Auto.

Bella tried not to make a fuss about his behavior. She tried to be strong for him. What really bothered her though was that Jacy was suffering right along with her daddy.

Jacy was the only one Jacob allowed to be with him, the only one he accepted to comfort him.

That was a big job for a 5 year old girl.




Watching Bella struggle for a couple of days, Rachel finally decided to step in. She had had enough of her brother's moping and the way it wore Bella down.

The next night, Rachel dropped by Alpha Auto, steering straight towards Jacob, totally unimpressed by his rude, "Fuck off! I don't want to see you..."

"You can't hide forever," Rachel snapped back. "You have to accept what has been given to you."

"Leave me alone," Jacob grunted in warning, his hand clenching so tightly around the wrench he was holding, it contorted.

Embry discreetly hung up the "Closed" sign and left, ordering Jayden to come with him.

Neither Rachel nor Jacob recognized, they were too wrapped up in the looming fight.

Rachel approached him in a fury and stabbed him in the chest with her finger. "Dad never gave up. He never took it out on Mom or us."

"I'm not taking it out on Bella or the kids," Jacob growled. "Why do you think I'm out here all the time?"

Rachel laughed out sharply. "Do you hear yourself? Bella's a fucking mess because of you. You leave her hanging. She has to deal with everything. Alone!"

Jacob trembled with rage, and suddenly he threw the wrench across the garage. "I could have killed Jacy the other day because of my fucking condition," he seethed, punching his numb leg in disgust.

"But you didn't, Jake," Rachel answered sternly.

He snorted, pointed to his ruined car and shook his head, glaring at his sister.

"What do you want to do, huh?" Rachel yelled, fed up with her brother's stubbornness. "Hide away forever? You're not the only one having a hard time, Jacob! Mrs Jackson from across the street has been diagnosed with breast cancer, Tim Harper lost his job again, Connor Solomon was left by his wife. She took the kids with her. And I... I just had another miscarriage. Paul and I agreed to not ever try again," she said, swallowing the sob that stuck in her throat, ignoring the look of sympathy in Jake's eyes.

"Life just happens, Jake, and sometimes it sucks," she continued. "You just deal with it, Jake. You're the Chief. You can't leave everyone hanging. You don't even need your legs to do your job, so please... Do all of us a favor and pull your head out of your ass and start living again."

Jacob slumped down heavily on a pile of wheels, trying to drone out his sister's words, but no matter how hard he tried, he simply couldn't ignore it.




Over the next months, they slowly returned to their everyday life and family routine.

Whenever Bella thought it an opportune moment, she tried to talk Jacob into phasing, reasoning that maybe - if they were fortunate - he could put off the symptoms longer. "A try wouldn't hurt, Jake," she often pleaded, but he wouldn't give in.

Soon, it became a source of tension in their marriage, because as adamant as Jacob was on not-phasing Bella was equally stubborn on getting him phased. When talking didn't convince him, she started to pick fights and tried to anger him on purpose. She gave all she had to push him to phase - without success.

The constant fighting did not only put a strain on Jacob and Bella, it also was hard on the kids. Jayden was old enough to leave whenever the fighting started between his parents, while Jacy and Joey couldn't. Soon, Jayden began spending more time with his friends then he spent at home.

Joey, on the other hand, often went in between their arguments, getting even more frustrated when Jacob and Bella reduced their arguments to silent glares. He felt left out and as if his parents were keeping a secret from him. He couldn't know that he wasn't supposed to know about his father's ability to phase into a wolf. The whole situation didn't help with Joey's surly, temperamental attitude and explosive personality at all, and it didn't take long for Joey to completely refuse to cooperate with his parents and teachers, which caused even more fighting and accusations on his parents' side.

It was a vicious cycle as none of them were able to break out of the loop.

They needed help, but where could they go?




It was one of those days.

Once again, Bella had been in an argument with Jacob, and felt bad for the nasty things she'd said to him, to the man that she still loved so much. To her defense, Jacob had been his usual unapproachable self. The more she challenged him with her words, the more emotionally detached he became. It wasn't the Jacob she knew anymore. Her Jacob would have shouted back. He would have showed his anger or would have ended the fight, pulling her in a scorching kiss.

Bella eventually stopped her accusations and walked out of the room. It was like talking to the wall anyway. The stress and anxiety over his condition in addition to his cold demeanor seemed to bring out the worst in her. She was tired of all the arguing and fighting.

She sat down beside Jacy, who was watching Pocahontas in her room. Captured by her guilty conscience, she refused to look at Jake when he came after her. She also refused to answer him when he asked her to come and talk to him like civilized people. With a sigh, Jacob left the room after a while as he didn't want the fight to flare up again in front of their daughter.

Tears running down her face, she listened to him walking around the house and convincing a defiant Joey to finally go to bed. When everything got quiet in the house, Jacy sleeping for a long time already, she wondered if things would ever be alright again. If only the fighting would stop. She could deal with his health condition, if only they could go back to being their old caring, loving selves.

Bella fell asleep eventually with Jacy tucked into her side. Her sleep was fitful and disturbed by bad dreams, and she awoke with a start when she was picked up by strong arms. "Jake?" she mumbled groggily into his bare chest. "What are you doing?"

"I can't sleep without you, Bells." With a grunt, he tried to stay upright. His bad leg didn't make it easy for him to keep his balance.

"Let me down. You can't carry me anymore." Too tired to think, she wiggled in his hold, demanding to be let down. Her squirming made Jacob stumble.

"Shut up, honey, and hold on," he grumbled, helping her to wrap her arms and legs around him. "I can stillcarry you." Putting one arm under her bum, he gripped his cane with the other hand and walked them to their bedroom where he let her down on their bed.

"We can't do this to each other anymore," Jacob said, lowering himself beside her. He moved his arm around her, cradling her to his chest. "I want us back. What has become of Jake n Bells?" His voice cracked and Bella felt a painful sting in her heart at his words.

"I'm sorry, Jake... I don't want to bitch at you all the time." Bella started crying as all the bottled-up emotions and fears finally became too much. "If only you would stop shutting me out. If you at least would consider phasing, then..."

"Stop it, Bella," Jacob interrupted her with a stern voice. "I want you to just listen to me, will ya?"

Bella nodded, but nevertheless was afraid that their conversation would again only lead into another argument.

"I'm afraid," Jacob began, his hands tightening around her upper arms. "Afraid of phasing-"

"But why would you be afraid? You've been phasing for years..."

He pressed his finger to her lips to silence her. "Hear me out, Bella. Please!"

"Sorry," Bella whispered, and looked up into his eyes. She could see everything in his eyes, the depths of his love for her, the anger about their fucked-up situation, and the fear he'd been hiding from her so well for such a long time.

"I'm scared shitless. What if phasing makes it worse?" he wondered. "When I first phased, I thought I was going to die. The pain... The shifting of my bones... The heat racing through me... It was unbearable." His voice dropped to a husky whisper. "I was a lot younger back then and healthy as a horse. I last phased almost 8 years ago. I don't know how easily I could phase after all that time. I don't know if my body is strong enough to go through it again."

Jacob bit down on his lip as he peered into her eyes, pleading with her to understand. It wasn't easy for him to admit his fears to her, but he understood that he couldn't keep his concerns to himself anymore. In shutting himself off, he sort of was ignoring Bella's fears and that was hurting her. It also undermined the solid foundation of their marriage, and that was unacceptable.

"There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about just trying and see what happens, but then I think what would become of you if I ended up much worse... or dead..." He put his hands on both sides of her face, caressing her cheeks with his thumbs. "Bells, you have to understand... I'm not ignoring you... I know how afraid you are..."

"We could call Carlisle. I'm sure he'd could help..." Bella spoke up, lifting her hands to his face and touching it so tenderly.

"No, Bella." Jacob shook his head. "Not even WE know what phasing actually does to our bodies. He might be a doctor with over hundreds of years of experience and knowledge, but he isn't a shape shifter. I see no reason in consulting him yet again... Carlisle could only guess..."

"If you think so..." she answered reluctantly and a look of disappointment crossed her face.

"Ahhh, shit, Bells," he whispered, leaning his forehead against hers. "I'm sorry."

For a while, they stayed silent, listening to each other's' breaths, each dwelling on their own thoughts.

"Jake," Bella finally said and wrapped her arms around him. "I understand and I accept your apprehension. I think you're right. Nobody knows how phasing might turn out for you... So I... I will stop pestering you. But I'm scared too, Jake. I need you."

Jacob kissed her softly on her lips, his body melting into hers, willingly accepting her embrace. "I need you too, honey." He pressed his face between her breasts and inhaled deeply, drinking in her sweet, luscious scent. "I promise I'll talk to Seth and the others, asking for their opinions. I'll even consider giving Carlisle another try, if it makes you happy."

She entwined her hands in his long hair, and let out a shaky sob. "Jacob..."

"I won't stop fighting, Bells. I promise." He started to place soft, tender, light kisses on her throat, neck and face.

They still had a long way to go to get back to what they were, how they were, but they were determined to not give up. They knew that life wasn't only sunshine and roses. They couldn't change a lot of things, moreover they couldn't do a thing to improve his physical condition. However, they could change how they treated each other, and the first step was made. They started to be open to each other again, to compromise and to be willing to hear the other out.

They wouldn't have it any other way.




It was a couple of weeks into the summer. Jayden and Joey were off with their respective friends. Bella and Jacy had a picnic in the garden, watching Jacob and Seth wash Bella's SUV. Jacob's truck sat in the garage, untouched. He didn't sit once behind his steering wheel since the incident with Jacy, which was several months ago.

Jacy played with her new cat that recently joined the family, finally picking up the bundle of reddish fur and carrying it into the house. "Lucy needs some milk, Mom," Jacy announced and closed the door behind her.

Bella lay back on her forearms, barely paying attention to her daughter. Jacy was so independent and responsible for her young age; Bella had no problem leaving the little girl on her own for a couple of minutes.

Bella preferred to watch the show unfold in front of her. Was there anything better than two gorgeous men, stripped down to only their worn jeans, sweat and soapy water dripping from their russet skin?

Jacob found her staring when he walked around the side of his truck, propped on his cane. He smirked and with painstaking accuracy, he threw the soapy sponge he was holding in his hand. The sponge landed in her lap and she squealed like a teenage girl. "Jake!"

The sun broke through the car window, reflecting in the water, which sprayed from the garden hose Seth aimed at the truck. A rainbow appeared right over Jacob and as he reached out, his hand got engulfed in yellow and orange colors.

The phone rang inside the house. They both chose to ignore it, caught up in their little moment.

He's so beautiful.Bella sighed.

I love the way she looks at me,Jacob thought. The phone stopped ringing, he heard Jacy answer and then his ears perked up as he heard Alice Cullen's frantic voice. "Where's your dad, honey? I know he's right there with you. Give me your dad."

Jacy appeared in the doorway, confused and sad that her Auntie Alice wouldn't talk to her.

"What's up, Jacy?" Jacob asked and limped over to his daughter, taking the phone from her outstretched hand.

Alice yelled through the phone at an impossible speed and pitch. "Your boys are going to jump off that cliff. You have to stop them... I don't know what's going to happen, but I can't see them anymore. Run before it's too late!"

Before Alice's words could register, his nose recognized the acrid scent of death and a wolf's howl sounded from the forest. His head swung round, his eyes locked with Seth's and there was only one thought that filled his mind, grabbing hold of the entire pack phased or un-phased: Save the boys!

The familiar burn raced through his body; a pain, sharp as a knife, cut through him; he heard Bella's frantic questions as she ran towards him, pulling Jacy back and then he exploded out of his skin, landing on all fours. Jacy screamed at the sight of him, but he had to ignore it. He had to run and save his sons.




Seth raced off as Jacob tried to catch up with him, but his hind legs really gave him trouble as he ran through the woods and towards the cliff. The loud voices in his head were overwhelming. Seeing the forest blur through the eyes of his pack made him dizzy. He wasn't used to all of this anymore Jacob realized with distaste and pushed himself harder to reach the cliff in time.

I've got one, Jacob heard Colin yell and the metallic screech of a vampire ripped apart, filled his ears.

Fuck! Bloodsuckers on the Rez! Embry's voice suddenly was in his head. Paul's voice appeared a second later. His mind a whirlwind of angry energy. Kill. Kill. Kill.

Two more!Brady reported, showing all of them the ugly face of a crimson-eyed leech standing before him.

There was a persistent howling in the background. Jacob couldn't zero in on who it was, was one of the pack hurt? Had a vamp gotten one of them? Who the hell is that howling? he demanded to know. Who's down? Answer me damn it!

No response!

Jacob pushed his body harder, faster, while trying to focus on all phased pack members to identify who was in pain.

Colin, take him from behind!Seth ordered, speeding around the last slope, and then a new and all too familiar voice popped up in Jacob's head.

Shit! Shit! Shit! What's going on with me? Oh God, what's that fucking stench? Then the confused yelling pitched up another notch. What the fuck? Why am I standing on four legs?

Holy shit! JAYDEN? Jacob stiffened, and then stumbled mid run, trying to reel in his shock as he realized what just had happened. Calm down, Jay. I'm coming! Jacob barked as Jayden took off with high speed, running as if the devil was right behind him.

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod. I hear voices in my head. Joey! Where are you? H E L P meeeee, somebody!" Through the pack mind, Jacob felt Jayden's body burn and throb with pain from the sudden, forceful transformation. He felt his son's mind swirl out of control and could see him running in circles, totally confused and disoriented.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh! DA... DA... DAD!" Jacob heard his youngest son scream and then he watched Joey transform through the horrified eyes of Jayden.

Oh God, no! Not Joey, too!Jacob choked.

Joey?Jayden squinted and tried to focus on the mahogany colored fur ball in front of him.

J A Y? The small wolf choked out tentatively.

They're too close! Seth yelled, shooting the vision of the boys near the edge of the cliff, another vamp creeping closer, Jayden chasing his tail and what HAD to be Joey writhing on his back near the edge. With a mighty roar, Paul jumped at the vampire, ripping its head clear from its shoulders.

Jayden froze instantly, snapping out of his panic, but snarling and growling menacingly at the huge grey wolf in front of him. Standing protectively before his brother, he crouched low, ready to attack anything that dared to come closer. How should he be able to know friend from foe in his confused state of mind?

Paul, back off. You're scaring the boys. Take that leech and burn it! Boys! S T OP ! Jake yelled. Its ME, Dad! I'm coming for you guys... Hold on!

Dad? Joey jumped to his four feet, almost slithering over the edge.

Seth came upon them like a freight train and skidded to a halt spitting up dirt, leaves and pine cones at them. He grabbed Joey by the scruff of his neck, pulling him back up on the cliff.

Holy Shit!Jayden shrieked at the sight of Seth and then out of pure instinct, he attacked.

Sit the fuck down! Both of you! Jacob roared in his sternest alpha voice and both boys fell to their hind haunches like they had lead anvils in their butts.

It's alright guys, Seth said in a soothing voice as he stepped forward. Your dad will be here in a second.

Uncle Seth? The new cubs gaped in awe and disbelief at the huge wolf in front of them.

Just then Jacob bound over a rock landing on all fours a foot from his boys, errrr, cubs... causing another round of terrified screeches to erupt from them.

That's your dad, guys. Seth snorted with a huge wolfy grin, then let his tongue loll out as if he chuckled.

Jacob stood before his two sons, stunned by the transformation of not only Jayden, but his Joey too. He assessed the boys' thoughts for a moment before he spoke. Are you okay? Anyone hurt? When both of them confirmed they weren't hurt, Jacob sank to the ground, exhausted and overwhelmed. How would Bella take the news? What would they tell Jeremy?

I can't move my butt...Joey eventually complained.

Alpha order... Seth offered with a smirk and nudged Jacob. You okay, man?

Alpha what? Jayden responded still totally confused, trying to wiggle his butt - to no avail. He growled agitated. What the fuck is going on here?

We're WOLVES, Dad? Seriously...what the fuck? Joey tried to move, sitting still had never been his strong suit. How are... Why are...

Does mom know about this?Jayden asked, trying to make sense of everything going on.

We got the stinking leeches! Jake, where the hell are you? Embry called out.

Got four of those sparkly ass muther fuckers, Jake! Paul growled loudly.

Can you freaking believe that shit? Colin chimed in.

The battle wearied wolves played the attack over in their minds to the shock and terror of the new

We can read each other's minds? Jayden groaned and fell to the ground, his huge paws covering his head.

I have to puke. Can wolves puke, dad? Joey felt sick to the bones.

Why do I feel Jayden and Joey, Jake? Embry growled, deep concern flooding the phased pack as a whole.


Uncle Em? Jayden questioned softly, lifting his head from under his paws, his utter disbelief mounting.

Em, tell Bells we're okay. We'll come home as soon as we can, Jacob said and ordered all other wolves to phase back and go home. He would stay behind and help his sons to phase back human.

Two out of Jacob's three sons now were members of the wolf pack and were warmly welcomed by them. Jayden had the same russet coat like his father, while Joey - a lot smaller than his brother - was mahogany colored.




Much later, Jacob finally returned home, a worn-out Jayden on his two human feet and a still phased, aggravated Joey at his side. Jacob was exhausted; his body felt as if it were on fire; he could barely stay upright anymore.

Bella was on the edge of a nervous break-down when she took in the changed sight of Jayden. He'd grown to his father's height and packed on a lot of muscles. The last remnants of his boyish features were gone. And then there was this mahogany wolf, walking by Jake's side, who looked at her through Joey's eyes.

Her eyes flitted back and forth between her boys and Jacob. The situation reminded her so much of the moment when she saw Jacob for the first time after the transformation, when she took in his hardened, angular features and the bulging muscles.

All this time they had tried to protect their boys and now it had happened anyway. Her knees buckled. The only thing that kept her from passing out was Jacob's alarmed, worried glance.

Jacy hid in the farthest corner of their kitchen, watching her brother and father through curious eyes. She still was confused, but since Bella had explained everything to her earlier, she had calmed down a lot. But where was her other brother? Why did that large mahogany wolf have Joey's eyes? Slowly, she began to comprehend everything.

When Joey lay down in the middle of the hallway with a huff, Jacy slowly inched closer until she could touch his coat. "Joey?"

He huffed again and nudged her softly. She was so tiny against his massive body.

Jacy giggled, then her tentative hands stroked through his fur soothingly, and after a while his form suddenly blurred and he phased back.

He stayed there, too exhausted to move one single inch of his sore body. Jacy pulled a blanket over him and made her mommy cook cocoa for all of them.

Searching for some normalcy in this emotional turmoil, they all huddled together with their cocoa cups and large bowls of fresh popcorn, while Jayden and Joey repeated the events over and over again, trying to process everything, until one after the other passed out and fell asleep.

Bella and Jacob, being the last one awake, both quietly agreed that this was not what they had wished for their sons, but the most important thing was that they survived the vampire attack.

They were sure, their boys would be able to deal with their shape shifter heritage.

Jacob closed his eyes and wrapped his arm around his Bella. With a sigh he murmured, "Still wouldn't want it any other way..."