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"I will go kill him!" Ziva said.

"No, I'll do it!" McGee declared.

"No!" Abby shouted. They both looked at her. "In order to end all of this…it has to be me," McGee showed every sign of protesting, but Abby just shook her head and took off for the stairs.

"She's really going to do it," Ziva murmured in amazement. "I never thought she would be capable of cold blood murder,"

"This isn't murder," McGee argued. "Besides, you'd be surprised of the things that Abby is capable of,"

"That is very true," Ziva agreed. "I think we should be there, you know, for moral support,"

"I agree," McGee said, a little more quickly than he had meant to. They ran for the stairs together.

"Abigail Sciuto, my precious dark angel," Avery breathed, his voice taking on a seductive tone. Abby blinked. Memories of purple and black bruises on pale skin. Blood, so many times, pouring out of countless wounds he inflicted. Avery's dark eyes bored into hers. She no longer felt afraid. This moment felt right.

"I thought you'd know at this point what the word 'no' meant," Abby said.

"You haven't changed at all since high school," Avery said smugly. "Always trying to set yourself apart…when are you going to get it? You're no different from anybody else," The comment did not even touch her. She easily brushed it off and continued staring into his face for even a hint of sanity.

"We have to leave at once,"

"Why would I go anywhere with you?" Abby spat, her hand twitching toward her gun.

"We can do this the easy way, or my way," She said nothing, knowing what he was going to do next. Avery pulled out a knife. It wasn't the one gathering dust in Abby's lab now, but it looked very similar.

"Knives were among the first weapons used in combat," Avery said, examining the blade very closely. "Sometimes it is even more efficient than a sword if used properly. I know the inner workings of a knife. It has a soul, you see. And this particular soul was meant to make you mine tonight one way or another." She waited, counting the seconds until he would look at her again. She sensed another presence hidden off to the side, but she paid no attention. Avery easily stalked toward her, knife at his waist, the point of the blade gleaming in the sunlight. She narrowed her eyes. Three…two…one…the gun was in her hand. A shot rang out just as he closed in. Avery stumbled backward. His eyes bugged in disbelief. Blood that was not hers splashed all down her front but she ignored it. The life was quickly draining out of him. She knew her aim was true, and within the same second Avery fell to the ground, dead at her feet. A car screamed into sight, the tires squealing. Gibbs ran up to Abby. He shouted something she did not hear. Her ears were still ringing from the sound of the shot. Gibbs stared at the gun Abby still gripped tightly in her hand, pointing it at the ground now.

"Come on, Abs," Gibbs murmured. "Its over now," The gun clattered to the ground. She threw her arms around him and started sobbing, filled with relief that it was finally over, the pain would get to rest in peace, and her past had come to a closure at long last.

"You would not make a very good murderer, Abby," Tony remarked, referring to her emotional outburst. Abby's cries silenced at once and she looked at him. Gibbs smacked Tony upside the head. McGee and Ziva came over to the group, both looking at Abby the same way Gibbs just had: with shock so immeasurable, mingled with relief so that their faces looked conflicted with warring emotions.

"I am going to go change," Abby said after a silence. "I've got some spare clothes in my lab," She bounded off to the NCIS building.


Tony and Ziva brought in the body bag without saying a word. Ducky cautiously unzipped the bad and recognized the body at once.

"Ah," he said softly, addressing Avery. "I see you have met your destined end at last," Palmer carefully approached the table and stared in shock at the body, not that there was a dead person there but the fact that there had never been a body newer than an hour old on this table to the best of his knowledge.

"How long has he been dead?" Palmer asked nervously, hoping this was a joke.

"Less than ten minutes…" Ducky frowned. "Who had the pleasure of killing him?" McGee came into the lab, holding a Caf'Pow.

"Oh, I thought Abby would have come in here by now," McGee said as Tony and Ziva exchanged a knowing glance.

"Did you two…witness something?" Ducky asked the pair of agents.

"Well-" Tony started, but the look on Ziva's face silenced him at once, as if she thought they were not the ones to spread the news of Avery's killer. Abby happily skipped into autopsy, wearing an entirely new outfit. She grabbed the Caf-Pow McGee was holding and curiously examined Avery's body.

"He doesn't look nearly so scary now," Abby said conversationally, as if Avery were any other person on the street rather than someone who had previously made her life a living hell.

"It was pretty strange, seeing you like that," McGee said to her. "You looked like an…avenging angel or something," Slowly, Ducky started to put the pieces together, and it all made sense when Gibbs came in and handed Abby a gun.

"You forgot this," Gibbs murmured. Abby gave him a small smile and tucked away the weapon.

"Sorry you had to see me like that," Abby apologized, gazing fearfully at Gibbs like she was awaiting punishment. "I did what I had to do,"

"I know," Those two words made Abby relax at once, and she turned to Tony and Ziva, hoping to strike up a conversation.

"I still cannot think of you as a killer," Ziva said. "It does not suit your personality at all," Abby shrugged and took a sip of her Caf-Pow. Tony grinned, evidently, coming up with fresh jokes for the situation at hand.

"Come on, you looked fantastic out there, completely devoid of emotion like miss Ninja over here…" He glanced at Ziva, who, fittingly, did not react to his idiotic comment. She merely sighed and looked at Ducky.

"I am…amazed that Abigail had accomplished such a task," was all he managed to say before Palmer interrupted with a dramatic story of the time one of his classmates accidentally killed his study partner during a brief scuffle in the library. Abby avidly listened to the tale, gasping or nodding with sympathy at the right moments. Tony, meanwhile, proceeded with teasing McGee and Ziva in turn, but soon lost interest when neither of them reacted. Ducky started on the autopsy, occasionally commenting now and then on Palmer's over exaggerations and superlatives with a sort of critical air that suggested he was slightly envious of how well Palmer had gotten at telling stories lately. Gibbs, meanwhile, was carefully watching Abby. Something was different about her. He could tell.

"…well, of course, that was when I drew back and defended myself from being attacked, just as the principal walked in. Somehow I ended up with detention, along with him, but the dead student wasn't noticed until an hour later," Palmer concluded confidentially.

"Well, I will see you all later, then…Ray is expecting me tonight," Ziva said. She left the autopsy lab. Tony followed her out, naturally. McGee ignored them both.

"Was there a point to all of this?" Ducky asked as he finished up the autopsy.

"Not exactly," Palmer admitted. "But its not like your stories have one either-"

"But mine are relevant," the ME interjected.

"I think you both are acting ridiculous," Gibbs said, causing them both to fall silent at once. Ducky put away the body and went to the sink to wash his hands. Abby continued slurping at her Caf-Pow. At the rate she was going, McGee would have to get her a new one very soon. McGee wrapped his arms around her shoulders, saying nothing for a while.

"What is it?" Abby murmured, finally coming up for air. He shrugged.

"Nothing really," he said at last, fingering the velvet box in his pocket. One of these days, he'll gain the courage…McGee shook his head and smiled. Surely, now was not the moment.

"I'm trying to ask you a question!" Abby said impatiently, snapping him back to reality.


"Have you thought about what we should do tonight to celebrate?"

"Not exactly…" He mumbled, not meeting her eyes out of guilt. "I didn't know I was supposed to plan anything,"

"Timmy! You know it's a tradition!" she whined, setting down her empty cup and looking at him. He sighed.

"We'll meet up at the restaurant tonight, your favorite place," McGee promised. "I'll even make sure there's a reservation in order,"

"Don't you know you have to make a reservation months in advance?" she asked in wonder.

"Of course I do…but you always call me a miracle worker for a reason, right?" He grinned and held up his cell phone. "I'll convince them somehow,"

"If you say so," she said, going to the trash can to toss out her Caf-Pow. "I just hope they're familiar with Tom E. Gemcity, otherwise they're really getting it from me," McGee rolled his eyes and started dialing. Gibbs watched the pair quietly. He knew what was in McGee's pocket. He knew exactly what the agent's plan was. But what he didn't know was exactly what was going on under that confident exterior…some minutes later, McGee hung up, seething with anger.

"What's wrong?" Abby asked innocently, wrapping her arms around him and gazing at his face with worry.

"They say I'm not top priority, but then they let the jerk Donald Trump in," McGee grumbled. "But they even know the guy's an imposter, which really makes me mad, since they're also Tom E. Gemcity fans." Abby sighed longingly, but soon she shook her head and replaced her signature grin.

"Oh, well," she said happily. "I bet we can have a fun time at my place,"

"You're on," he replied, smiling slightly. Gibbs smiled a little as well as they embraced. Some day…McGee's plan will succeed. They both knew that.