In a sense, they were trapped.

They were trapped because they couldn't choose; wouldn't choose. Together or apart? It might have been that she wasn't ready, or he hadn't changed. Or maybe they just didn't want to face the fact that even if they did get back together, it would end in an even bigger disaster than the first time.

They were running in circles, again and again and again, unable to make a final decision.

She loved him. He loved her. It should have been simple.

But she had been hurt, and he had been the one to do the deed. She had trusted him, and he had lied to her. She didn't trust him anymore, and their bond was broken.

When he showed up again, she felt conflicted. A part of her wanted to take him back immediately, and lever let him go again. But the more sensible part of her told her to guard herself. She didn't want to listen to reason, so she stayed neutral – not too close, but not too far. And that made her feel trapped – trapped in her own emotions.

So they ran in circles, never fully making up their minds. Their relationship would never be as it was before, because they had been great together. Now there was an almost awkward aura whenever they were together – the scent of past love, and broken hearts filled the air. This, of course, made it awkward for the rest of the team. What could they do about it? They could do nothing, besides watch and wonder.

When Helen and John were away, the rest of the team would talk about the two of them.

Kate thought they would get back together, but John would screw it up.

Henry said they wouldn't get together again, because even though he liked John (when he wasn't turning working girls into canoes) his 'mother' deserved better than that.

Will couldn't make up his mind.

Ashley just wanted her mom to be happy – because she tried to make everyone else happy before herself.

But even as they watched and wondered, they couldn't know how the two felt.

They felt trapped, and they couldn't find a way out.