Hey Guys! My first story here. Well, not really. I forgot the password to my old account, so here I am fresh and new :DD And I got something new to obsess about which is the awesome fantastalistic hunger games by Suzanne Collins.

I Do not own Hunger Games. Its impossible for me to think of a plot like that.

Katniss POV

I rise up to see the morning sun shine through my window. I get up and notice that my clock reads 8:15. School starts in 15 minutes. Shit.

I quickly take a shower, get dressed and bolt for the door. I only had time to say a quick goodbye to my mother and my little sister before taking off.

Once I get to school its 8:45. Being very careful not to be seen by the hall monitor, I sneak into my AP class. Very snappy. I sit on my desk as if nothing ever happened and glance at my best friend, Gale. He smiles and gestures me a thumbs up, meaning I did a very fine job sneaking in this morning. If I do say so myself.

After 1 more class, I go to lunch. The only part of school that I DO like. And there sits Gale, with our friends and one unfamiliar blonde head. I sit down with my lunch.

"Who`s the blondie?" I say.

"Oh, Katniss meet Peeta." Says Gale.

I only have a fracture of a moment to see his stunning blue eyes, Matched very nicely with his blonde waves. But I DID promise myself I would concentrate on my volleyball this year, right?

I hold out my hand in a warm, friendly gesture. He takes it and smiles shyly.

"He`s new here, and we found him sitting alone. Might as well be friends, right?" Says Johanna, Gale`s classmate and one year senior. Its thanks to my AP brain that I got to met Gale. And I couldn't have asked for a better class.

Trying to start up a conversation, I ask "So, what brings you here and what are your hobbies?"

" Well.. I moved here in July.. getting settled in. Im planning to try out for the football team later with Gale." Says Peeta.

"Yeah, lets see if the new boys got some talent." Says Gale with a wink.

I couldn't help but smile at Gale. Damn that boy. If only he wasn't such a player, then maybe I would have liked him.

I try to say something, only to be silenced by the bell. Guess Its time for class again. Learning. Ugh.

I find out that I have this class with the new boy, Peeta. Might as well walk with him there, spark up a new friendship.

"So Peeta.. " I start. "You doing good in school?" I ask. What a stupid question. 'doing good in school?' what am I, some sort of mother interviewing her child`s friend?

"Well.. I take 2 AP classes this year.. " He says. "But I never really study, you know?"

Hah. That makes two of us.

"Well yeah, I know what you mean. I never study as well, but I get high grades." Its a gift, what can I say? We got class.

" I like your hair. What is it, some kind of Bieber fever your going through?" I say.

He laughs a very melodical laugh and says "Oh no. No Biebs for me. I just don't really like cropped hair. No sense of freedom in that."

We reach class to find that each lab table has been taken exept that one in the frontmost center. Oh no. Im going to have a great school year with Mr. Abernathy throwing up on me.

"Well, I guess we're partners, Peeta. " I say while motioning to the empty lab table which can seat two people."

"Howdy partner." He says in a very bad imitation of a southern accent. Im starting to like this kid.

When Mr. Abernathy comes in, the room comes to silence. Thank God he`s not drunk. It would have sucked pretty bad to have a teacher throw up on you on the first day of school. Come into our science class and you can see all the kids hanging on to their raincoats, preparing to raise it in case of one of Mr. Abernathy`s "up chucks"

We really had nothing to do today. Just Peeta introducing himself to the class, getting stares from girls and Mr. Abernathy dozing off so we could have free time. I love science.

After that, well.. Its the time for club auditions and stuff. Gale, of course, signed up for football but why would he need to sign up? Ms Coin, the football coach, would have already made him quarterback without hesitation. Probably begged.

I joined the volleyball team, and without really having to go to practice today, I watch the football auditions with Johanna. I can see Peeta, blazing on that field. The kid was good.

After awhile, I got too mesmerized watching that I didn't realize it was already 5. I see Gale and Peeta jog over to us, taking off their helmets.

Sweaty guys. I can and cannot get used to this.

"You should have seen him out there, had me clutching on my helmet for fear that my spot would be taken" Gale jokingly says.

"Dont give me too much credit, quarterback. Your not head of the team for nothing." Peeta says.

"Well, whatever they don't call me Katniss for nothing. Lets eat." I say. Well its true, In our circle of friends I can eat the most. Even more than Gale. I have him beat by a long shot, and despite that, I still keep my figure intact by playing volleyball.

We ride Gale`s car and head to Chord`s frozen Pizza. Its a new place that sprouted up in our avenue. We go inside to find our waiter to be named chord and has blonde waves. Just like peeta. Haha!

Peeta stares at them in awkward admiration. "Did I die or something?" He says. We jokingly assure him he`s not and request for a table for 6.

In all, there`s me, Gale, Peeta, Johanna, Finnick and Annie. The good thing about Chord`s is that you order the pizza, and it comes to you completely frozen. You have to un-freeze it with the oven on your table.

After eating, we send our compliments to the chef, also named Chord. In fact, all the waiters are named chord and have blonde waves. Cool.

They drop me off first, with my house being the closest. We say our goodbyes and they speed off. Hey, School seems to be cool this year. With Peeta being in, and all.. Maybe some changes are gonna happen. Who knows?

So that ends my short first chapter. Haha!

Lol. Anyone wanna guess who Chord is? xD When I read the hunger games, "Chord" Is the exact face I have seen in Peeta. I guess now, im in love with chord. 8D

I Do not own Hunger Games. I couldn't think of a plot as amazing as that any day.

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