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Blue heart

Chapter 1

Jack's POV

My name is Jack, and I'm here to take over my grandfather's old farm. I can still remember the happy times I had there.

I walked stood outside the house that once belong to my grandfather, 'how small' I thoughted to myself, "Jack?" that voice I heard it before, I turned my head and looked at the girl that occupied my mind everyday, that brown hair, that sweet smile and that beautiful face, Celia.

"Celia! It's been so long" I ran over to hugged her, she holded me back, but we let go after a while, blushing she said "Jack what brings you here?". Blushing I said "I'm here to take over my grandfather's farm... but it will take a while".

Grandfather's farm has not been used for as long as I can remember. That place is as good as a ghost home. Giggling, Celia place her one hand on my shoulder "don't worry, Jack I'll help as much as I can" I nodded, It sure is nice to have a childhood friend in a place you have not been in for a long time.

"Jack... do you remember how we used to play when we were young" Celia popped that question all of sudden.


"Jack don't go!" a crying Celia was holding onto me tightly, "I'll be back I promise!" I rubbed her head as she stopped crying, "really?" she asked another time, "Yes! And when I'm back we can play more!".

She let go of me, I picked up a blue flower on the ground and put it into her hair, she gave me her sweet smile and touched the flower "When I grow up ! will Jack be my..."

End flashback

"Well, I better go back to Vesta" she begin walking away "you should come see us! and we sell seeds too!" with that she left.

"Well, time to meet everyone!" I cheerfully said to myself, I walked away from the farm and begin showing myself to everyone.

"Well, now so far I met almost everyone" I said to talked to myself 'man, I need to stop talking to myself' I thought to myself.

The only place left is the huge mansion, I wonder who lives there, I walked there with eager, I lightly knock the door, a butler opens the door, Wait! I met him before "Master Jack!" there he goes again calling me master. "Sebastian, how many times have I told you, don't called me Master" he laugh as he let me into the house, and I can tell you the inside is ten times more bigger than the outside.

A elder lady came down, and that lady is called Romana, she the 'boss' of the house "Jack! How long as it been since you came here!" I smile and nodded.

"Lumina! Come down here Jack is here!" She scream through the stairs, Lumina... I have not seen her for a long time too, I remember she didn't liked me at all when we first met, at that time her parents were still alived...

A girl wearing a yellow hairband and a matching clothering came down, she didn't looked all that pleased looks like she was busy doing her hair or something. "Jack? It's been so long since I saw you". Her eyes brightly a little.

"Why don't you go a walk with Jack" Romana pushed Lumina in the back towards me, she blush all of sudden "Lumina! Are you having a fever?" I asked, her face was red, she looks like she was having a fever.

"I'm fine" she walked next to me, we didn't say anything for a while "so how've you been?" she asked to break the silent "I'm fine, you?".

"I'm fine too" She ended it "Hey, Jack did you remember when we were little" I faced her 'does that mean Lumina remembers?' I thought to myself.


"Hey Jack?" Lumina asked me in a cold tone, looks like she still doesn't like me "what is it?" she sign and looked away "are you leaving tonight?" is she worried? "ya" she place her hand on top of mine all of sudden. "Promise me when that you will..."

Flashback ends

That's all I can remember as we carry on walking I wonder to myself 'why can't I remember what I promise Celia and Lumina?' .

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