Okay, finally getting to the beginning of this! This is a sequel to my story "Child of Time". You absolutely must have read it for any of this to make sense. Hope you all like!

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who. I can pretend that I do, though.

There was something he was missing.

He couldn't place it. The TARDIS hummed away, seemingly oblivious. He knew her better than that, though. Something was going to happen; he could feel it. She never told him because, obviously, she couldn't. But she knew everything.

He walked around the console, resisting the urge to talk to himself. He was doing that a lot lately. The fact that the universe was dying in the future weighed heavily on his mind, but he had run away, far into the past when the destruction of the universe by entropy didn't matter.

He was good at running. Always had been. Even from his very first face, he had been very good at running. Running from family, from obligations, from friends. From life. He sighed and ran his hands through his admittedly semi-floppy hair. The TARDIS hummed encouragingly, like someone who knew everything that would come to pass, but who wouldn't open their mouth to speak.

Suddenly she violently lurched to the side, almost throwing the Doctor down to the chamber below the glass floor. He haphazardly grabbed the console as she tossed and turned. "Oi! What's wrong?" The shaking stopped just as quickly as it started. He ran to the screen, running every diagnostic check he could find. "But that doesn't make any sense..."

He rested a hand on the top of the screen, leaning against it to think, staring down at the menagerie of buttons and levers on the console. TARDIS scans were detecting an odd signal, through both time and space, converging on the TARDIS, yet doing absolutely nothing to it, as if it was... Searching for something else. Someone else.

The Doctor slowly raised his head, eyes coming to rest on the hand that was on top of the screen. The hand that seemed to be moving all on its own. The hand that was... tapping.

One, two, three, four.

"What-?" He suddenly felt a great rush of dizziness in his head, much like a fainting spell. He stumbled a bit, hand against his head as he felt something... Something inside his mind!

He rushed around the TARDIS, ordering scans of its primary inhabitant, but she never got that far. He felt the dizziness surging up to take him, but not before he heard the most terrifying sound.

One, two, three, four.

There was a loud, maniacal cackle, as the Doctor felt himself being... pulled? He had felt this once before, back... when? The TARDIS whirred and kept steady, but her pilot suddenly blinked out of existence. In his place was the last living being she ever wanted to see again.

"That plan went rather well, don't you think?" The Master grinned, patting the console almost fondly. He ran around the center, pulling levers and pressing buttons. "Bye bye, Doctor!" He threw his head back and laughed.