And Jammy Dodgers


A little while later, he was in Tesco, hiding behind shelves of biscuits and waiting for her to round the corner.

She did, and let go of her trolley to fling herself forwards, her arms wrapping around his neck tightly. "Hello," she breathed out roughly, still clinging on to him.

An old lady tutted at them as she edged passed to reach for a packet of Jammy Dodgers. The Doctor eyed the biscuits for a moment, before telling himself not to get distracted by such things when he had an armful of Rose.

"Hello," he whispered back belatedly. He squeezed her tighter, just because.

Rose pulled back, then, but didn't move away completely. "You do realise you're being an idiot right now," she informed him sternly, referring to the past-him.

"Ah, yeah...sorry about that," he smiled sheepishly. "I honestly thought it would work..."

The Doctor was here referring to the past-him's inability to fix the endionic hyperblast beneath the TARDIS console.

"...I didn't mean to blow it up and turn my hair blue," he finished grumpily.

"Still, you didn't have to send me shopping by myself," she retorted, arching an eyebrow.

"What, you wanted to make me go out in public like that?" he gasped. "That's evil of you, Rose Tyler."

"It doesn't look that bad," Rose replied, rolling her eyes. Then she started to giggle. "Although, it certainly would give Mum a right laugh!"

"Yeah, don't I know it," he mumbled.

Her eyes widened. "She sees? Oh my god, do I really do that to you? Make you go back and see Mum like that?"

"Yes!" he answered, sounding put out. "Yes, you do. She doesn't let me hear the end of it!" Then he realised he probably just gave Rose the idea to send him there in the first place, and groaned. He really did cause himself incessant, unnecessary pain, didn't he?

"Ha!" Rose grinned.

"You won't be laughing when my face starts turning blue, too," he added.

"What!" she gasped. "Oh god, do you turn into a smurf? That's hilarious!"

"No it isn't!" he argued. "I'll have you know, I - " He paused abruptly when he realised that a couple standing by the chocolate bars are staring at them with confused expressions. " – never mind," he concluded hastily.

Rose tucked herself back into his hug. "So, how're things at the moment?" she asked him softly.

"Oh, you know. So-so. Found your camera. That was...nostalgic," he said carefully.

"Do you still have all our photos?"

He swallowed hard. "All of them," he confirmed, and she pulled back to look at him.

There was a pause where they just stared at each other, hands on each other's arms to keep contact at all times. Rose smiled gently, pleased with his affirmation.

"I found a video of us on your camera," he continued nonchalently.

Her eyes widened and she coughed guiltily as a blush crept across her cheeks. "You did?" she squeaked.

The Doctor raised an eyebrow at her reaction. "Yeah, it was us in the galley, when I cooked you that - hang on, why are you...oh! Oh! Oh, no! You didn't!" he cried, realising what sort of video she'd thought he'd seen. "Rose!"

"What?" she retorted defensively. "It was only a bit of fun..."

"Where is it?" he demanded, trying not to show her his amusement and attempting the stern tone of voice he knew actually had never had any sort of successful effect in making her do what he wanted; but oh well, new face, new voice, let him give it a go anyway.

Rose smirked. "If I tell you, how do I know you won't watch it, then destroy it?"

"You don't," he countered, his lips very nearly quirking up. "That's the point."

"But you can't do that," she insisted. "You can't just erase something like that. It's...special."

"Special," he repeated blankly.

"Yeah. Really special. For us, anyway."

"Well, yes, of course. But what if someone else saw it, hmmm? Hmmm?"

"I really don't think Amy and Rory are gonna rummage through your private bedside, ahem, footage, are they?" she argued.

"Well, no, but what if..."

"What if you leave it in the DVD player?" she grinned teasingly.

He gasped and shook his head at her. "Rose Tyler, as if I would ever...make such a mistake as that." He grinned back at her.

A man jostled him with his trolley, then, trying to reach behind him, so the Doctor stepped even closer to Rose.

"Ah, I've missed this getting into your personal space malarkey," he sighed wistfully.

"Oh yeah?" she grinned.


They continued to chat about this and that while she continued with the shopping. He kept the conversation light at first, telling her the good things that had happened to him recently. Then she linked an arm through his and rested her head on his shoulder, and he quietly told her the not-so-good things, too, because she was Rose and he knew she would understand. He knew she would make him feel better. She always did.

She finished shopping far too soon for his liking. "Right. That's the banana milkshake found. Better go and pay..." she trailed off, unwilling to leave him.

"Yes!" he responded over-enthusiastically. "Can't keep me waiting when you've got banana milkshake in your grasp!" His wide grin was stretched a little too wide, and he knew that she knew he was forcing it.

"Shall I stay a bit longer? We could get a cup of tea in the cafe, or...?" she wondered, biting her lip.

"No, no, no," he insisted softly, tapping her playfully on the nose. "It's alright. I'd better not take up too much of your - our - time."

"Okay," she murmured, still hesitant. She kissed him quickly on the lips and turned around, pushing her heavy trolley with a huff of breath, before he could notice her trying to blink her tears back.

His hearts ached to see her walk away. Again. "Oh, Rose?" he called out after her.

She turned back and looked at him with a warm, slightly wistful expression. "Yeah?"

"Buy me these biscuits, would you?" he grinned cheekily, throwing her a packet of Jammy Dodgers that he'd sneakily grabbed earlier on.

"Sure," she answered, expertly catching them. "Wait by the front entrance for me, if you want."

The Doctor considered that for a moment. "You know, I think I'd rather maximise my Rose Time," he decided, catching up with her in two quick strides. He absently placed his hand on the handle of the trolley and helped her navigate it to a till. "I do miss this," he exhaled shakily.

"What? Shopping?" she scoffed.

"No. Shopping with you," he corrected.

"You hate it!" she laughed.

"No I don't," he contested. "I just pretend I do."

Rose turned her head to find him watching her intently. She beamed up at him, and put her hand over his, squeezing gently. "Thank you," she murmured.

"What for?" he asked. "You're the one buying me biscuits."

"You know what for," she chided affectionately, squeezing his hand again.

He gave her a watery smile, and stayed with her while she paid for the food and lumbered outside with the shopping bags. Then, they sat on the wall outside the store for ten minutes, enthusiastically eating their way through the packet of Jammy Dodgers.

He glanced at his watch. "You have to go, soon," he pointed out quietly, as he took apart the two bits of biscuit and licked the jam from the middle.

Rose merrily went on munching her treat, ignoring him.

"You do though, Rose," he prompted, sighing heavily. "Currently back then, I'm wondering why you are taking so long."

"Think I've done a runner with your credit card?" she joked.

"Indeed," he chuckled. "Or maybe I'm slightly worried you've been kidnapped or something."

"You are way too paranoid," she giggled softly.

"No, I'm not paranoid enough," he retorted harshly. "Got too complacent, that was my trouble."

"Are you ever gonna tell me what happens to me?" she asked quietly, already knowing what his answer will be.

"I can't," he said gently. "Believe me, if I could, I would." Because then you could stop it happening, he didn't say.

She took the pack of biscuits from his hand and replaced it with her own hand, intertwining their fingers snugly. "I love you," she told him.

The Doctor smiled sadly, letting her pull him up.

"See you again soon, yeah?" she asked, about to kiss his cheek. He immediately prevented that nonsensical idea, turning his head so that she'd encounter his mouth instead. She smiled against his lips, and he grinned too, before kissing her soundly.

"Yeah," he answered, pulling back from her, a little bit, or quite a lot, breathless.

She let go of his hand and gave him back the rest of their packet of Jammy Dodgers. "Enjoy," she smiled, before picking up her shopping bags and walking backwards halfway down the pavement.

Never could, he didn't answer, and just waved his goodbye until she bumped into someone and apologised hastily, throwing him one last smile before she gave up on her ability to not look in the direction she's walking, and turned around. Speeding up her pace, racing back to his past.

He wished he could follow her, and stared down at the remaining biscuits dejectedly. "Fancy a cuppa?" he asked them, and instantly realised what a fool he was, once again. He rolled his eyes at himself, smiled unreservedly – because, even though he had to say goodbye to her again, seeing Rose always put an inexplicable spring in his step - and made his way back to his TARDIS, feeling just as little bit lighter and a little bit better than he had before he'd made his trip to Tesco, May 1st, 2006.


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