Title: Choosing Winchester

Author: WatchingTheAngels

"Disgusting, despicable excuse of an angel." Uriel spat as he threw Castiel into yet another gritty brick wall with only his button down long sleeve to protect his skin. The trench coat has long been gone, the throttling from Uriel seeing to that. "You cannot go back! You are a servant of the Lord, and a member of this garrison, this place. An angel, if ever a dishonorable one."

Castiel was not able to heal his afflictions. His Grace was falling away, fleeing from his vessel, leaving behind a shattered soul of a once-was being. The battered body slowly slid down the length of the wall, leaving him to sit on the freezing surface of concrete, his body limp.

"I cannot leave him." Was all Castiel said. It was all he could say. When he received the call from Dean Winchester's soul from Hell, all he could do was grasp him tightly and brand his soul back into his flesh, leaving behind a constant reminder. Now it was an anchor; a harbor. A place Castiel could name and call to heart when despair flooded all else.

Uriel sneered. Or, it would have been one if he could muster the want to show that much disdain. "He is human. Human. A lesser being and you know it. His existence is a blip in the Earth's history."

"Yes, human." Castiel struggled to shove his hands hard off the ground to hoist himself up, his strength failing him for the first time since he became, yet seemingly endless now that he found a purpose to be. Someone to be strong for, even if their ego is larger than Heaven itself. "He is human; God's creation. A human which our Father crafted from his will, his want. He wanted Dean Winchester to be human, to fight demons, to fight Heaven, and to fight himself. But what even Dean does not know, is that God created him to fight me the most. To fight with me, to scream at me, to try and kill me." Castiel's eyes softened at the thought of Dean. "He was also created to laugh, sing, smile, and live. Most of all live. To be the best he can be."

"Human's were created by Father, true, but to what end? To try our faith, Castiel!" Uriel was becoming enraptured with trying to persuade Castiel, he knew.

"Father wanted us to have faith. Faith in Him and His creations. You are one of those lovingly crafted pieces and I have so much faith in you, Uriel. So much, but I also believe in the other race He crafted. Humans were the one thing he wanted us to love more than him. We are meant to protect them, love them. Father knew what he was doing. He always does. I am just following his will." Castiel winced as he rotated his right arm. That last blow had been fierce, ending with a piercing crack. Castiel had taught his younger brother well.

"An angel may love a human, Castiel, but where would they live?" Uriel asked, snarling.

"I shall lose my wings." Castiel smiled.

"He is nothing."

"He is everything. Father saw to that."