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Virtual Encounters

'For crying out loud. I didn't see this coming!' Ren shouted mentally. He just came from the men's room after relieving his crazy mind.

"I apologize for my filthy actions, Ren! I'm so ashamed." she pleaded with her teary eyes.

"Hold on, Kyoko. There's nothing to apologize. It's partly my fault for making you think that you should do that. I'm really sorry too, Kyoko. You shouldn't have done that." he said, compelling a smile on his face. 'Now the gods are laughing at me.'

"I'm really sorry. I promise not to do it again." she murmured incoherently.

"Let's leave it behind, okay?" he said smilingly. Kyoko nodded shyly at him. 'So cute' he mused. 'Argh! I hope she won't make this a habit. I don't know how long I can hold myself and there's a great chance that I'll be forcing myself to fly to L.A. just to give her a blast of make-out experience. And... No, no, Kuon. Don't go further top that part or else everything with her will be ruined.' he thought sardonically.

"So, since that you're secured in your host parents' place. What are they like?" he asked, making an effort to forget about earlier's 'surprise'.

"Oh, about them. They're the greatest couple that I have ever met, Ren! They even gave me a tour around Hollywood. Wait, you must meet them right now! Oh no, I forgot that I was helping with the dinner preparation!" she grabbed her tab, covering the web cam's lens with her hand.

"Kyoko, your hand is covering my view. I can't see where you're going. Kyoko? Kyoko?"

"I'm right here, Ren! Sorry for that." she replied cheerfully after removing her hand off the built-in web cam.

"I see." he beamed at her.

"Meet my host parents, Ren." she placed her tab on the counter top and had it faced in front of the couple.

Just as he readied his self to greet her host parents, he didn't bring his self to speak as the view presented to him. He blinked for the third time and his sight didn't change. The first thing he spotted was a blonde man in black apron Then he shifted his gaze to the person on the right. he saw a beautiful woman sitting elegantly on a long stool with her legs crossed. Ren's heart quickened its beat at the revelation. His facing his long time no see parents. Kuon's parents! Mix of emotions are jumbling within him. He can't suppress the feeling of being nostalgic. Another surprise came to him again. How much had he missed being in his parents' arms. This time, he felt the guilt welling up in him due to his selfish decision six years ago. But this time, there's no way of turning back. Chances of running away is too thin. But this encounter is something that he hadn't anticipated to happen. He had been longing to spend quality time with his magnificent father. As for his mother, he have been missing the time of her kindness and affection. Right now, he had decided to take baby steps to have himself reconcile with them. He has Kyoko to thank for that.

"Ah, Good evening, Mr. Hizuri. I thought I will be seeing Mr. Duck. Or are you in the Duck's residence as well? Hmm, or probably you had your family name change into a more English-like? Anyway, I didn't expect to see you again. It's been a while." he greeted politely with gentlemanly smile. On the other hand, Kyoko can sense his demon lord aura.

"Yeah, it's been a while. No, I didn't change my family name. It's just some sort of a cover to avoid suspicions for my second son." Kuu jokingly shrugged at his answer.

"I see, you just want to surprise Kyoko that you're her host parent. How nice." Ren replied. Although, Kuu can sense the sarcasm in Ren's voice. It sends shivers to his spine. 'I hope she didn't tell him'

"Yeah. Oh by the way, meet my wife, Juliela." Kuu placed an arm around his wife's shoulder.

"Hello, Mr. Tsuruga. I've been dying to meet you. Kuu have told me about your encounters with him. And I am a really big fan of yours! I really love your works especially that Katsuki of yours in Dark Moon. It was so dark yet captivating!" the woman chattered happily. Yet, in the depths of Julie's heart, she just want to embrace him to no end. She has been longing to see her only son. Words can't describe what she's feeling right now. At least, she is able to see him good and strong.

"That's so kind of you, Mrs. Hizuri. I'm a great fan of yours too. I really admire your talent in modelling. By the way, just call me Ren for short." Ren replied with his dazzling smile. This made Julie melt just by looking at him.

"I'm glad that Kyoko is staying with us. I'm really proud of my second son." Kuu inserted highly.

"I agree. She's a very intelligent student." Ren added.

"Ren, don'y say exaggerating things! They might get the wrong impression. I'm that that great, you know." Kyoko protested.

"But that's the truth . You just don't realize it yourself." the raven-haired actor replied frankly. In return, it made Kyoko flustered at his words.

"I don't know with you, Ren." she turned her back at him and continued chopping the ingredients of her recipe. The couple grinned at their little conversation.

"Maybe our Kyoko here is really shy to admit. Don't you think?" Julie winked at Ren.

"That might be. I see you are preparing for dinner, Hizuri-san." Ren chuckled lightly.

"Yup. she insisted." Kuu beamed.

Unbeknownst to Ren, he had just stepped on a landmine.

"You!" Kyoko loomed over her tab, covering the couple behind her.

"Eek!" Kuu jerked on his seat while Julie's eyes widened in astonishment at the sudden change of the young lady's behavior.

"Eh?" said a confused Ren. 'Damn. I made the biggest mistake!'

"You did not eat breakfast, Ren!" Kyoko answered straightforwardly.

"Nonsense. i have a nice cup pf coffee and a decent meal." he said proudly.

"As if I will buy that answer. You only had coffee at least 3 cups of it! Look at yourself. You keep on shifting on your seat which is unusual as your habit. That's the only indication that you are neurotic. In your case, you're forcing yourself not to stutter!" she threatened menacingly.

"Kyoko, what did I tell you about assumptions?" Ren reminded just to defend himself.

"Ren, what did I tell you about lying and skipping meals?" She countered.

"I give up." ren sighed in defeat.

"Plus, you haven't have your lunch yet! I can see your bento box placed on that table beside you. At least for your breakfast, haven't I thought you how to make sandwiches?" Mio had risen again! Then the teenager gave him a repeated sermon about the essentials of eating 3x a day.

"Get that bento box beside you. Open it and eat all what's inside it!" she commanded urgently.

"Oh I see, Japan's most sexiest man has bad eating habits. Oh... that's a bad boy, Ren." Julie giggled.

"..." Ren has nothing to say but did what he was told. He was scolded by his girlfriend right in front of his parents. 'Worst day'

"For a big and body like yours, you should be eating a lot of nutritious food." Julie added. Kuu stood straight proudly beside his wife.

"Although, it's not good as well to eat the whole buffet table in every meal just like otou-san here." Kyoko interjected.

"That's true. That's already an eating disorder." Julie concluded.

Kyoko, Ren and Julie laughed at the thought of their conversation, leaving Kuu sulking in the corner.

Ren coughed to get their attention.

"Anyway, I should end here. I have five minutes left before the director calls us back to the set. It's nice meeting you, Mr. and Mrs. Hizuri. I wish we could have more time to chat. Maybe next time. Please take care of Kyoko." he bowed and smiled at them.

"Okay, we understand, Ren. Don't worry. She will be absolutely fine with us." Kuu suddenly appeared in front of him. 'Wasn't he depressed lately?"

"I'm looking forward for our next meeting. If you have time, you can come here and have your vacation here in L.A." Julie chimed.\

"That's a great idea, Mrs. Hizuri." he smiled brightly.

"Please do." she nodded and smiled back at him.

"Kyoko" Ren called.

"Hmmm?" she tilted her head questioningly.

"Please take care of yourself, okay? Be a good girl to Mr. and Mrs. Hizuri." Ren said.

"Are you implying that I'm a kid?" Kyoko asked sternly. The couple giggled at her words.

"Anyway, do your best. We are waiting for you."

Kyoko sighed at the change of the conversation.

"I'll do my best, Ren. Thank you so much for your support." she bowed gratefully.

"Well then, I have to go. Bye everybody..." he waved at them.

"Later, Ren." Kyoko waved back at him and so as the couple.


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