Sparks emitted from the young maidens hair making a *Zap-Zap* sound every few seconds, she was breathing heavily as she had her victim's cornered. There were two men that were shaking and cowering in an ally begging for their lives and not to be shocked again. The young middle school girl that went by the name Misaka Mikoto the strongest Electro Master in Academy City and who was ranked number three among the seven Level 5's in the city was in a horrible mood at the moment. Why you ask? Because not only did two dumb crooks in front of her steal an experimental animal from a lab, but they also ran past the girl knocking her over into a pile of mud and ruining her clothes and her new Volume 10 of 00 Gegota she had just purchased not even making it past the first page.

Mikoto was furious, very furious that she blew up and short circuited everything that gave off electricity around her, and then gave a chase to the two thugs. Mikoto finally had the two cornered in an ally way. The first thing that came out of the thug's mouth was 'buzz off brat'. Words he soon regretted as he was struck with lighting feeling the buzz. The second thug ran at Mikoto with a knife but was struck down before he could even get with in stabbing range of the lighting princess.

Mikoto now stood over her two victims, her body still sparking ready zap the two idiots again when suddenly she suddenly found herself hanging from a fence with her shirt caught in the wires. Mikoto looked down and saw her small roommate wearing a pink rubber glove on her right hand standing next to the two thugs showing off her green and white arm band pinned to her shirt.

"I am Shirai Kuroko of Judgment and I am placing the two of you under arrest for breaking and entering and robbery!" She stated taking out two sets of handcuffs.

"Hey what the hell Kuroko, get me down from here now!" Mikoto demanded struggling to free herself from the fence she was hanging from.

Kuroko sighed slapping her face with her palm. "Jeez Onee-sama how many times does Kuroko have to tell you to not get involved in Judgment affaires? And you may want to look down or do you not notice the breeze fluttering beneath your skirt?" She asked waving a pair of shorts in her hands.

Mikoto gasped looking down after feeling a breeze under her legs and blushed after realizing what her roommate was talking about. "Hey what the…. when did you- give those back!" She cried.

"No way, Onee-sama needs to be more ladylike and stop wearing these tacky shorts under your skirts."

"That's none of your business now give me back my shorts and get me down from here!" Mikoto shouted.

"Oh my!" Kuroko grinned. "Are those pink frilly underwear the ones that girls in grade school still wear? I had no idea they still made them in you size Onee-sama, or did you have them specially made?"

"Stop looking up my skirt you freakin' pervert!" Mikoto blushed threating to kill her roommate; suddenly she saw one of the thugs throw something. "Hey Kuroko look out!" Mikoto suddenly yelled.

Kuroko looked down and saw something rolling by her feet, it was like a black aluminum can with a handle on top, Knowing what the item was Kuroko jumped back but wasn't quick enough. The can exploded making a loud' boom' noise and emitting a bright light. The blast was strong enough to throw Kuroko against the fence where Mikoto was still hanging from.

"No Kuroko!" Mikoto shouted. "Answer me are you ok?"

"Damn what was that?" Kuroko was stunned for a moment but was still moving around. She was on her knees feeling around what was in front of her as she could not see and her ears were ringing and could not hear her Onee-sama calling her name.

"Hey I think the stun grenade worked!" One of the thugs said.

"Good we could use a hostage!" The other thug got up and kicked Kuroko in the face, her head slammed against the ground and was out cold.

"Kuroko!" Mikoto shouted. "You two had better leave her alone or else!"

"Or else what little girl, any electricity you try and send towards us will just get reflected into the metal fence you're stuck to, and plus you don't want to hurt your little friend do you?" The thug taunted.

Mikoto scoffed. "That little perv you have in your arms has been shocked by me so many times now I don't think even my strongest electrical moves would even faze her!" She reached into her back pocket and took out an arcade coin and pressed it in-between her index finger and thumb. "So I don't think I have to hold back!" Mikoto flicked the coin in the air above her head and launched it at the two thugs. The coin propelled surrounded by orange light and electricity as it came flying at the two thugs, but was cut short when another stun grenade was thrown and came in contact with the coin.

There was a huge explosion this time, the force of the implosion blew the thugs out of the ally way and on to the streets. Mikoto on the other hand was buried under the fence she was first hanging from, she was moaning in pain. "No Kuroko… I have to save her!" She said weakly trying to get herself unstuck from the fence that was on top of her. In the end Mikoto ended up tearing the back of her blazer to free herself.

Mikoto slowly limped out of the ally way, her sight was half way gone as the people around her looked like shadow figures, and all she could hear was the sounds of cars passing by. The people walking by looked at Mikoto as if she were drunk because she was swaying back and forth trying not to fall over.

The lighting princess kept stumbling until she unknowingly walked off the curve and into on-coming traffic. A huge eighteen wheeler truck was coming Mikoto's way, the driver of the truck honked his horn and slammed on the breaks hard trying to stop. The next thing Mikoto knew was that someone grabbed her arm and yanked her back onto the side walk. She then heard cursing from the truck driver and the person who grabbed her apologizing.

"What do you think you're doing Biri-Biri?" The person asked her.

Recognizing the nickname and the voice of the person Mikoto's anger flared up. "I thought I told you to stop calling me that?" She growled. "For the last time my name is Misaka Mikoto!"

"Umm Misaka-san, I'm standing right behind you, the wall your screaming at won't remember your name." The spikey haired boy known as Kamijou Touma said.

"Wha-" Mikoto turned around and took a step ford walking right into a street sign and fell over rolling around on the ground hold her nose.

"Hey are you really ok?" Touma asked nervously. "I think I should take you to the hospital."

"No I'm fine!" Mikoto snatched away from Touma's grip and walked right into a trash can falling over again.

"No you're not."

The two of them soon went at it arguing back and forth, Touma was trying to help Mikoto but thanks to her do it yourself persona she would not allow Touma to get anywhere close to her, she began wildly shooting sparks in every direction scaring away innocent bystanders just walking by. Touma was finally fed up and grabbed Mikoto by her arm nulling her powers.

"Hey let me go you idiot!" Mikoto struggled to free herself but the strength of a middle school girl was no match to the strength of a high schools boy. Mikoto used one final method though it was not on purpose; she lifted her knee and planted it right between Touma's legs dropping the level 0 instantly.

"Oh crap I didn't mean to hit him their!" Mikoto cried.

Touma slowly stood up holding his royal jewels with his left hand with the look of death in his eyes. "Ok now you left me no choice!" Touma growled in a comical way. "This won't be the first time I've hit a woman, Misaka-san!"

"Hey wait what are you-?" Mikoto back away in fear but found herself backed against a wall. "What do you mean this isn't your first time hitting a woman?" She asked fearfully.

"Don't bite your tongue!" Touma clonked Mikoto right over the head with his Imagine Breaker hand, she slid down against the wall and was laid out on the ground.

Minutes later Mikoto found herself lying in Touma's lap. Most of her hearing had returned and she could hear the sounds of kids laughter and the squeaking sound that swings made from chain's rubbing against metal, she was in the park.

"Are you awake now?" Mikoto still could not see but Touma was actually smiling at her, something she would have blushed over. "So you mind telling me what in the world happened to you back their and why you look like you just got out of a fight?" Touma asked.

"I don't talk to jerk's who beats up on girl's, especially girls who are younger than him!" Mikoto pouted.

Touma sighed. "I only tapped you over the head and plus for some reason or another you can't see properly, I just didn't want you to go walking in front of another moving truck."

Mikoto finally gave in and explained the situation to Touma. The two soon went at it again, Touma asking why didn't she say anything sooner, he could have helped her save Kuroko. Mikoto went on yelling back saying how he's always sticking his nose into other people affairs when they don't ask for his help and how it drives her crazy. The couple went on fighting for another five minutes until Mikoto received a phone call on her cellphone.

"Hello Misaka-san, Uiharu speaking!" The flower haired girl spoke on the end on the phone. " I just received a distress signal from Shirai-san's phone, I was just hoping it wasn't by accident because you electrocuted her again."

"No Uiharu-san it's real!" Mikoto said in a panic. "Kuroko was really kidnapped."

"What no way. How did Shirai-san get kidnapped, she was chasing down two robbers who stole an experimental animal from a lab earlier today."

"An experimental animal?"

"Yes a black and white ferret. For some reason this animal releases a gas from its body that had different effects. The effect's from the gas varies from person to person so it is not to be breathed in because there's no telling what might happen to that person."

"Why would they want to steal a ferret that has such dangerous attributes?"

"Probably to sell on the black market to make money, but that ferret is very important and needs to be returned to its owner, if startled it could release its gas throughout all of Academy City, we could a real disaster on our hands. "

"No way… Uiharu can you please tell me where the distress signal is coming from, I have to rescue Kuroko and get that ferret back!"

"I'm sending you the location VIA Text message, but are you ok Misaka-san, you don't sound too good?" Uiharu asked.

"Both Kuroko and I were hit with stun grenades and my sight is compromised, it's how she was captured so easily."

"Don't worry the effects of the stun grenades should wear off soon and you'll have your sight and hearing back in no time." Uiharu reassured.

After Mikoto hung up her phone she soon received the text of the location where Kuroko's phone was. It was an old abandoned factory in the not so good part of Academy City where all the Skill Out's usually hung out which made both Touma and Mikoto even more nervous.

After walking a couple of Miles and Mikoto riding on his back Touma finally made it to an unknown area full of run-down and decrypted buildings that could have used a good power washing. There were no sidewalks just jagged streets full a pot-holes and garbage that was littered everywhere.

"Hey how's your sight? Touma asked.

"I can see a whole lot clearly now." Mikoto replied back

"That's good but I think we should have dresses differently before coming here." Touma stated.

All the kids hanging around that area were just wearing raggedy and torn up street clothes, and almost everyone including the girls had a visible tattoo to floss. The two of them were just wearing their winter school uniforms that just screamed out sider.

A large muscular boy walked up to the two wearing a bandana over his mouth and nose. He had a Mohawk hair style and piercings through his eye brows. "The hell do you school punks want? This is our turf!"

Touma stood in front of Mikoto not allowing the giant to get anywhere near her for more than one reason. "Her friend was kidnapped and was brought here to this area, do you know where she might be?"

"Oh you mean the twin tale bitch from Judgment? Fuck even If I did know I wouldn't tell you a thing!" The boy taunted.

Touma could electrical energy building up behind him and had to think fast before Mikoto decided to go on a Skill Out killing spree. "I was sent here from Anti Skill to retrieve the Judgment member that was brought here against her will. If something was to happen and we don't check in using a different password every fifteen minutes then this whole area will be swarming with Anti Skills in a matter of seconds and I'm guessing that over half of you have outstanding warrants for your arrests."

The man backed down along with all the other kids hanging around.

"Wow I'm impressed he actually scared them away without having to use violence." Mikoto smiled. "I guess he's not as stupid as I thought."

"I know where your friend is." A boy about the same height as Kuroko or Uiharu walked up. He had dark skin and brown hair with glasses on his face and a black cap on his head, he had a wrist band with a skull logo on his right wrist and a watch on his left wrist. "I saw the two guys' that carried her off."

"Traysen what the hell are you doing here, I thought I told you to never show your face around the Skill Out's area again?" The boy yelled balling up his fist.

"I go wherever I want and last time I checked I didn't need your permission to be here." He shot the boy a glare.

"What was that?" The boy grabbed Traysen by his shirt and lifted him off the ground. "Listen you little dip shit the only reason I don't kick your ass is because of your late brother, but don't think for a second these other guys won't!"

"Like I should be afraid of you and these weaklings give me a break!" Traysen scoffed.

"You little bastard how would your brother feel if he heard you talking like that, don't look down on us because you have power and we don't."

"I mean weak in the mind, you obviously don't know who these people are." Traysen first pointed at Touma. "This guy here is the level 0 who defeated Accelerator the strongest level 5 in the city." He then pointed at Mikoto. "And this Ojuo-sama here is the third ranking level 5 in the city, I really don't think you want to mess with these two if you know what's good for you."

"What you got to be shittin' me, these two?" The boy nervously sat Traysen down then made a huge X with his arms. The Skill Outs that were hiding waiting for a signal to attack suddenly went back into hiding.

"You two let's go I don't have all damn day!" Traysen said walking straight. Mikoto and Touma followed closely behind going deeper into the Skill Out's area.

"Hey thanks, you really saved us err….. Traysen-san was it?" Touma asked and waited a few seconds but got no response from the boy.

"Hey what's with this kid's attitude?" Mikoto whispered into Touma's ear, annoyed.

"It's nice to meet you, my name is Kamijou Touma and thanks again for-"

"I don't remember asking for your name and truly I don't give a damn, now keep quiet before I ditch the both of you!" Traysen sneered.

"Hey what the hell is your problem little boy, he was only trying to be polite, you shouldn't be so rude!" Mikoto lectured stepping in front of Traysen with her hands placed at her hips.

Traysen gave a small laugh and took his hands out of his pockets. Suddenly he flipped Mikoto's skirt up giving her panties a full view for the world to see. "Wow I didn't know they made childish pairs like these for bigger kids like you." He smiled

"Wha- wha….." Tears of both embarrassment and rage formed into Mikoto's eyes. She looked over to Touma who was blushing looking like he was going to have a nose bleed, she then turned to Traysen and ran towards him in fit of rage. "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU, YOU LITTLE BRAT!" She shot lighting from her body in every direction. The bolt's shot through buildings destroying them and she left scars in the ground. Touma even had to use his Imagine Breaker so he himself would not get hit.

"Hey will you calm down he's only a kid and we're not supposed to let the people who kidnapped Shirai-san know that we're here!"

"Where'd that little brat go, I'll kill him!" Mikoto ignored Touma's words and kept shouting. She saw Traysen standing right beside Touma and reached out to grab him, surprising her hand went right through his body. "What the-" Mikoto kept reaching out trying to grab the boy but it was like trying to touch a hologram.

Suddenly Traysen stuck his hand through Mikoto's chest, she could feel the boys fingers just inches away from her heart. "If I wanted to I could rip out your heart right now!" He threatened shooting Mikoto an evil glare.

Mikoto stood still, not making a single bugle and her whole body was trembling, sweat was dripping from her forehead.

"What do you think you're doing let her go!" Touma growled balling up his fist.

"You may not want to do that, I know all about your right hand. If you deactivate my power while my hand is still in this girls chest I think she'll die."

"You bastard!" Touma shouted

While Traysen's attention was focused on Touma, Mikoto jumped back so his hand was out of her chest. Touma balled up his fist and lunged at the small boy, his fist nulled Traysen's powers and connected with his face making him stumble back holding his now swollen cheek.

Now Mikoto wanted in on some of the action and shot electricity towards him, but in the blink of an eye he was gone and standing in his place was Touma. Not able to react in time Touma was hit dead on with Mikoto's attack.

"What the heck just happened?" Mikoto asked running to check on Touma. "How in the world did he do that, I was sure I was aiming for him not you."

"I don't know!" Touma grunted. "The last thing I remember was being pulled really fast."

"It's my power." Traysen said from on top of a building. "I'm able to move the molecules in my body so fast that I can pass through solid matter and go into hyper time so to me while I'm using my power the both of you are standing still or moving in slow motion."

"What the hell kind of power is that?" Touma asked.

"I was just testing the two of you to see if you were worth shit, I guess I was wrong." He taunted. "I had the opportunity to kill both of you just now, but I thought I'd be nice and let the two of you go."

"Why don't you come down here and we'll see who's not worth shit!" Mikoto shot another burst of lighting to where Traysen was standing but soon enough he was gone in a blink of an eye, Touma turned around and the boy was standing right behind him smirking.

"Who are you really and why did you bring us to such a secluded area, to kill us?" Touma demanded.

Traysen gave another smirk and did not answer he disappeared again and before Touma could react, again he found himself on the ground with sharp pains coming from his sides, Mikoto then suffered the same as Touma not even a second later, both teens had no idea what happened to them.

"I think it's time I ended this game!" Traysen walked up to the battered teens. They blinked and their surrounding suddenly changed, now they were in some kind of building or factory, the room they were in was filled with old rusted factory equipment and tools.

"Where that hell are we now!" Mokoto tried to get up but was kicked over the head by somebody and was out cold.

"No Misaka!" Touma was then hit over the head also and was knocked out also.

"Good work out their Traysen, you lured those stupid kids right into out trap, and now that was have three hostages and one of them being a level 5 I know we'll get paid big." One of the thugs cheered.

"You dumbasses forgot to take away the first girls cell phone it's how they found you two in the first place. I'm pretty sure Anti Skill's are on the way here as we speak!"

Now-now it all's good Traysen, we know we have you here just in case something bad were to happen and plus they wouldn't dare endanger the lives of three kids." The second thug spoke.

"Whatever just give me the info on the group who is trying to kidnap my little sister like you promised so I can get out of here!"

"What the hell do you want to know that for? You two may have been born from the same soil but from different seeds, after all wasn't it your sisters father who had you and your older brother thrown from the life of luxury to this shit-hole part of Academy City, why should you care about her."

"Just shut the hell up and tell me where to find them!" Traysen shouted. "Or I think I'll be taking the little ferret you two stole from that lab and sell it for myself."

"Hey wait let's talk about this first, those people are known to kill anyone who knows the group's name, we can't just go around looking for dangerous information like that!"

"So basically you two used me just to get rid of anyone who tried to follow you am I right." Traysen asked.

One of the thugs chuckled and reached out behind his back and gripped something in his back pocket. "Sorry kid but no hard feeling!" A can was thrown in the air and it blew up releasing a gummy substance that spilled all over Traysen binding him to the floor.

"Argg! What the hell is this stuff!" Trayson struggled to get free, but the gum released an electrical current and shocked him until he stopped moving.

"Give it up; we know all about your power. You can't run while you're stuck to the floor and can't pass through matter while you're in pain from being shocked."

"You two are going to pay for this!" Traysen struggled. "Wait until I get out of here!"

"You ain't going nowhere." The first thug pulled out a gun and aimed it at Traysen's forehead. "It was a pleasure doing business with you kid and say hello to your brother for me. And to think he begged us not to involve you in anything dangerous before I shot him."

"WHAT!" Traysen yelled. "You two were the ones who killed my brother, I thought you two were his friends?"

"Sorry kid but for Skill Outs it's every man for himself nothing personal." Traysen closed his eyes whimpering as the man was about to pull the trigger when a nail suddenly appeared through his hand and the gun. He screamed in agony until he was sucker punched from behind by Touma. The gun went off blowing off Traysen's cap reviling long brown hair that went down past his shoulder blades.

"Hold still I'll get you free." Mikoto came from behind and used her power to free Traysen from the sticky substance.

"What the hell are you still doing here, I purposely left the cell door open so you could get your friend and get lost. This has nothing to do with you."

"Listen up little kids like you have no right to complain when their Onee-san's are saving their butts, and plus I owe you big time for flipping my skirt up in front of him." She grabbed Traysen by both her cheeks and began pulling them. "I thought your face was a little girly but I guess I was right you are a girl!"

"Oww! Stop it that hurt's let me go!" Traysen cried.

"Why you little shit!" The second thug ran at Touma with a pipe in his hand, he was able to dodge the first swing but was clipped in the thigh with the second swing knocking him off balance.

Touma nearly fell over but used his arms to keep himself from falling, Kuroko appeared from up top and planted her foot in the thugs face, she then teleported again behind the man tripping him. Touma walked up to the man cracking his knuckles and punched him out cold.

"Very nice, for an ape that is!" Kuroko stated folding her arms.

Touma just gave her the thumbs up.

"You bastard, you're the one who killed my brother, after everything he did for you!" Traysen stood over the first thug with a knife in her hands.

"No stop it!" Mikoto tackled the small girl trying to get the knife away from her. "You want to go to jail for the rest of your life, it not worth it."

"Shut up I'm all alone in this world thanks to him, he's going to die!" The two kept struggling until they both crashed into the table with the ferret's cage in top of it. The cage hit the ground letting the little critter loose.

"Onee-sama the ferret's loose, get away it's dangerous!" Kuroko shouted.

"Ehh!" Mikoto smiled nervously as the ferret made its way up to her curiously, she froze and her hair began to fly up.

"No Onee-sama, you can't scream you'll startle it!"

"She can't really be scared of that thing can she?" Touma asked.

"Let's just say Onee-sama and rodents really don't get along!" Kuroko answered back nervously.

The ferret climbed up on to Mikoto shoulder and licked her cheek. "NOOOOOOOOO KEEP IT AWAY!" She screamed thrashing around scaring the ferret, it jumped off her shoulder and it hissed at Mikoto, its fur then turned purple.

"Oh no it's going to release the gas, Onee-sama run away!" The ferret released the gas from its body fully engulfing Mikoto and Traysen. Kuroko ran to her Onee-sama until she was grabbed and lifted off the ground by Touma and was carried outside of the factory. "What do you think you're doing you big ape, we can't just leave Onee-sama in there with all that gas?" Kuroko was beating Touma over the head with her fist trying to get him to let her go.

"And do what let you breathe in that gas and get hurt also?" Touma shouted silencing Kuroko. "I need to make sure you're safe first or Misaka-san would never forgive me!"

Kuroko actually blushed as even she was impressed on how knightly Touma was acting.

Touma sat Kuroko down and ran back into the building holding his breath and with his shirt over his mouth and nose. He thought for a second, it was an ability that an animal was using his right hand should work against the gas right? Taking the chance Touma extended his arm into the gas, his arm pulsed and all the gas vanished in and instant.

"Misaka-san, Traysen answer if you can hear me!" Touma shouted. He then head coughing and ran towards the sounds but was totally shocked to what he found. Their he saw a mini Mikoto with her clothes literally hanging off of her gasping for air, and Traysen was lying next to her in the same condition. "Misaka is that you?" He asked.

"What do you mean of course it's me-" Mikoto stopped when she looked down and saw that her panties and skirt were at her feet. "Wha- what the heck why am I so small, what happened to me-" Mikoto was short of breath and fell over hyperventilating.

"Hey Misaka you need to calm down and take a deep breath!" Touma urged but it was not helping.

"Hey is there anybody inside?" Touma heard a voice that sounded like a Drill Sargent, Two females wearing dark blue Anti-Skill's uniforms approached Touma. One on them was tall and had long blue hair that reached down her back, and the other female was shorter and mousey and timid looking, she had green hair and glasses on her face. "You are ok?" The blue haired woman asked.

"Yeah but something happened to these two!" Touma said in a panic.

The blue haired woman looked at the two kids.

"What the Last Order, what is she doing here… no wait she should be with Accelerator right now, then that means." The blue haired looked up at Touma. "Hey kid is that little girl the rail-gun?"

"Yeah and the gas she breathed in did something to make her and this other kid small." Touma panicked

"This is not good!" The Spartan woman known as Yomikawa Aiho stated.