Three days earlier...

On a really cold night, a high school girl is frantically running through the night trying to make it back to her dorm room to catch the latest episode of her favorite TV show, her breath could be seen in the air with each puff she took while running in the cold temperature.

The girl was the normal height for a second year high school girl, her uniform consisted of a purple dress that went down to her thighs, and a black sweater that went over the front if it, she had on black knee high socks and black boots on also. On top of her black hair was a purple beanie with her schools crest stitched in the front, and a same colored scarf around her neck and pink mittens on her hands.

"Boss target sighted!" A voice said on the radio. "She's wearing a Rollington Girls Academy uniform and she fits the description perfectly."

"Perfect capture her... alive!" Another voice said on the other end of the radio. "Use that if you have to."

"Roger that sir!" The man took his thumb off of the radio's button and placed it in his pocket.

As the girl was running through the streets a man wearing an all-black suit stepped from the shadows into the brightness of a street light. The girl stopped her sprint while lightly panting and gave a questionable look upon seeing the person.

"Akira Takizawa?" The man asked.

"Who wants to know?" Akira asked back.

"Your father is the CEO of a major corporation right?"

"Yeah, but what's that got to do with me? Everybody who's anybody knows my father and what kind of power and influence he has in Japan." Akira took guard. "So are you're going to tell what you want from me?"

"I'm pretty sure your father ardors his only daughter and kin, and would pay top dollar and maybe even give up his company position for your safe return!" The man taunted. "You just better hope he pays well enough then we can send you on your marry way little girl."

"What was that, are you threatening me?" A huge grin appeared across the Akira's face. "So must be from that group that kidnapps cute rich girls my home room teacher was talking about, you must be really stupid because if you know so much about me-" Suddenly heat starting waving from the girls hands and getting hotter by the second until her mittens caught fire and burned off of her hands without burning her. "Then you should know why they say why I Akira Takizawa the strongest level 4 of Rollington Girls Academy melts the hearts of girls all over the city!" She firmly placed both hands on the ground below her, the cement starting melting forming into molting magma.

"So that's your power 'Melting Point'? Anything you touch you increase it's temperature and are able to melt it almost instantly, and when a surface is hot enough you can ignite flames and control them also!" The man took a step back as the ground around his feet was starting to turn into magma his shoes were sticking to the ground.

"Yeah ever wonder what it feels like to have the flesh melt off your skin?" Akira ran at the man but he jumped back and avoided her hands completely. "Your pretty fast for someone who going to die, try dodging this!" She walked over to a street light and placed her hand on it melting the surface of the steel until it fell over nearly falling on top on the man, but ducked out of the way of the street light and quickly hopped back up to his feet. "So you ready to-" Suddenly Akira felt a burning sensation coursing through her whole entire body and dropped to the floor when the pain became too much to bare, it was only when she deactivated her power that the burning stopped. Her skin was left charred turning black in some areas. "Damn it what the hell did you just do?" She grunted as she saw the person holding a gun with a satellite dish for a barrel.

"Works every time!" The man taunted as he walked closer to Akira, she still could not move an inch. "Now then if we don't have any more resisting I'd like you to come with me young lady. If you do as we say we might not sell you to other rich people who would love to have a feisty girl like you as their property."

"You're sick... N-no stay back!" Akira cried as she dragged her body on the cold cement side-walk. Her whole body was screaming in agony, the painful blisters on her legs from somehow begin burned with her own power were beginning to bleed leaving a trail of blood on the side walk.

"Well, what the hell is going on here, playing cops and robbers?" A young man walked down the street hobbling on a cane. He had snow white hair and red eyes. "Tck why in the hell did that woman insist I do something so tedious when I'm not even part of fucking Anti-skill?" He yelled with a psychotic smirk across his face.

The man backed away in fear. "Accelerator... what's the number one ranked level 5 esper doing in a place like this at a time like this?"

"Hey pops you part of that group that goes around kidnapping rich girls?" The young teen asked. "If you don't put up a fight and come with me I might leave your arms intact...If I feel like it!"

The man points the gun at Accelerator and pulls the trigger but nothing happens. "You maybe the strongest esper in the city but because you're an esper you can't beat me." The man taunts.

"Oh is that so?" Accelerator asks nonchalantly looking away.

"Just try and use your vector control on me and see what happens." The man taunts again. "We'll see who's the strongest!"

"Gladly!" Accelerator flicks the switch to his choker and attempts to use his power but suddenly the flesh is ripped from his shoulder. He fell to his knees grunting in pain holding his now bloody shoulder.

"W-what the fuck did you just do?"

"I told you, it's because you're an esper that you can't win against me or our group!" The man takes out a knife and charges at the white haired teenager."Now you're going to die!"

"Fucken Idiot!" Accelerators sighed. "Just because you have power over me-" *BAM* The man stopped dead in his tracks when a bullet that came from the gun that Accelerator was carrying on his person entered his chest, he fell to the ground and laid there in a pool of his own blood. "doesn't mean that you're stronger than me!"

After his battle with Kihara Amata and joining GROUP Accelerator had sensed then kept side arms on his person just as an act on insurance just in case he was put in a situation where he couldn't use his powers or if his thirty minute time limit in ESP mode ran out, Accelerator would still have some method in defending himself with.

Later that night at some lab...

Accelerator stumbled into a lab while trying to balance on his cane while at the same time hold on to an on conscious Akira as he dragged her through the door.

"So you made it back perfectly I see!" A woman with short purple hair wearing a purple shirt, blue jeans and a long white lab coat greeted. "Oh and I see you save the princess also!" She smirked.

"Would you mind Yoshikawa , this broad is heavy!" Accelerator dropped her on the floor.

"What happened to her, and what happened to you?" Yoshikawa asked. "I know you're not as strong as you used to be but it's not like you to ever get injured in a fight!"

"Shut it...You old cow." He muttered. "Have this thing checked out." Accelerator threw the weird shaped gun at the scientist. "For some reason this gun sent mine and this girls powers right back at us."

"Sent your powers back at you, how is that even possible?" Yoshikawa asked examining the gun.

"You're the damned scientist, you and that other lady go figure it out... wait it's too quiet in here, hey where's that damned brat?"

"I don't know, she was just coloring in a corner until you walked in. I hope she's not bothering that ferret again!" Yoshikawa stated nervously.

"I'll use that brats head as a fucken baseball!" Accelerator stated storming down the hall. "Last Order where the hell are you, come out right now!" He shouted. "Hey don't make me search for you, I'll rip your head off."

"Weeeeeh!" The Mimi Misaka, code nunber 20,001 Last Order jumped onto Accelerator's back laughing and giggling. "You called, Miskaka-Misaka states jumping onto Accelerators back wanting to play horses."

"Get off of me you shitty little brat!" Accelerator reached back and gabbed the small girl and held her up in midair. "Now tell me what you were doing when Yoshikawa took her eyes off of you?"

"Hmm!" Last order had her eyes closed and her arms crossed thinking hard. She then reached into her lab coat pocket and took out something that even made the white haired teenager go pale...well paler. "I was playing with him."

"You Idiot!" Accelerator's eyes nearly burst from his skull as he took whatever that was in Last Orders hands and hobbled down the hall as fast as he could with it. While holding it Accelerator could feel the thing moving around trying to escape his grip and swelling up like it was building up energy "Fuck not going to make it!" He went through a door that was on the side on him and shut it tightly.

"Oh there you are Last Order, where's Accelerator?" Yoshikawa asked walking down the hall. Last Order pointed towards the door, the woman opened the door to find thick purple mist and quickly shut it.

"Oh my god, you mean to tell me that Accelerator's in there?" Yoshikawa asked in a panic.

"OH MY GOD, WHAT THE FUCK!" A high pitched voice came from the other side of the door. Yoshikawa and Last Order took a step back as the door slowly opened and Accelerator staggered out. Both Last Order and Yoshikawa went wide eyed as they saw the level 5's appearance.

The Current day, after saving Kuroko...

Later that night at the Anti-Skill's District 7 Main Office, Touma, Mikoto and Traysen were put into a huge conference room big enough to hold up to twenty people. The room it'self was filled with sofa's chairs and had a huge table in the middle of the room. Sitting on the table was a verity of food and drinks from cut sandwiches to cookies and donuts, and canned tea to sodas, something to keep the kids satisfied because they were not to leave that room and were under strict watch, two guards were posted standing outside of the door.

At the time no one really felt like eating a thing because tensions were high at the moment. The Adult's from anti skill were not too happy that the two kids Mikoto and Touma went by themselves into the Skill Out's area without notifying anyone; picked up a third member which was Traysen and confronted two dangerous criminals. Plus the fact that Mikoto was now the size of a second grader and Traysen was the size of a preschooler only made the yelling they had all received prior to entering the room worse on their nerves. Touma was unlucky enough to get a Spartan punch to the face by Yomikawa for letting two girls end up in the condition they were in.

Touma tried to lighten the mood by striking up conversations with the two girls but they were both silent. Mikoto was sitting three chairs down from Touma with her knees hugged up to her chest still trembling and rocking back and forth, and Traysen was sitting in a corner in the fetal position sitting upwards leaned against the wall with expressionless look on her face just staring at her feet.

Wanting to help the two Touma got up and grabbed two plates and placed a sandwich and some chips and cookies on each of them also with two cold drinks. He sat the first plate down in front of Mikoto which brought some life back into her as she slowly began munching on the chips but still not talking. Next he walked over to Traysen and sat the plate down in front of her but she made no attempts to move, Touma though it was best to just leave her be the moment and not aggravate the small girl by trying to force her to eat something.

Touma went back to his chair and plopped down muttering 'Such Misfortune' feeling sorry for the two girls, he had his right hand raised in the air and was just staring at it. "I wonder why my imagine breaker didn't work when I touched Misaka-san and Traysen-san? It worked fine when I used it to get rid of the gas when I stuck my arm into the building so why didn't it work to undo the effects of the gas?" Touma continued to ponder to himself. "It must be because they breathed in the gas and now it's already inside of their systems; I mean that spell that was used to erase Index's memories every year didn't disappear until I stuck my fingers down her throat, so I guess de-spelling the gas probably wouldn't work unless I did the same to those two." Touma shivered to the thought as he realized that would look so inappropriate and could easily be misunderstood.

"I SAID HEY!" Touma's concentration was broken from the pint size rail-guns shouting and a foot to the shin. "What are you day dreaming about, I've been trying to get your attention for the past three minutes!"

Touma glanced at Mikoto then looked away. "I guess a little food goes a long way, you were quiet as a mouse a few minutes ago." Touma smirked teasing the small girl.

Sparks flew through Mikoto's hair. "Prepare to die you jerk!" She muttered quite coldly.

"Hey wait there's no need to get mad I was only kidding!" Touma jumped out of his chair backed away.

Mikoto stepped ford with pouting tears in her eyes, her hair started sparking until she released her power all at once firing a full burst of electricity towards Touma. The level 0 took a step back closed his eyes and placed his hand in front of the blast nulling out the burst like usual, but something happened this time. Before opening his eyes Touma smelled something, it smelled like burning flesh. When Touma opened his eyes he saw Mikoto lying flat on the ground with smoke coming from her body like she had been the one to get zapped.

"OK what just happened?" He asked as he slowly approached the lighting toddler. "Hey are you ok Misaka-san?"

"How in the hell did you just do that?" She cried shooting up. "Since when could you send someone's attack right back at them?"

"I didn't I do anything!" Touma defended himself. "I think you just shocked yourself when you tried to shock me."

"Wha… ." Mikoto was taken back. She held out her right hand and surrounded it with electricity, she could feel the static burning the surface of her skin. "No way what's wrong with my power?" She began to panic.

"Call it a hunch Biri-Biri but I think your power is unstable because of the way you are right now, or it could be because you're so small that your body can't control all that electricity you try and give off all at once."

"Great I can't even use you as a lightning rod to get rid of some of the stress!" Mikoto grasp the side of her hair and shook her head. "CAN THIS GET ANY WORSE; JUST WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS ANYWAY?"

Mikoto kept shouting until she felt a firm hand on her head ruffling her hair. "Just try and relax for now, you could trigger a bad phenomenon if you keep stressing out like you are now."

"That's easy for you to say, you don't look like you should be in diapers right now!" She slapped Touma's hand away and kicked at him. "And stop treating me like a kid!"

"Now –now you don't look that small…. I have to say you're at least five or six years younger then what you used to be."

"Is that supposed to make me feel better don't forget I'm a second year middle school student how old do you think I am after taking five years from that?"

Touma sighed. "No matter what I say I can't pacify you can I, and you'd be a second grader!"

"That was a rhetorical question!" Mikoto growled. "I'm really scared right now you jerk!" The small girl began trembling. "What's going to happen to me, will I be stuck this way forever?"

Touma crouched down and placed his hand in Mikoto shoulder. "Don't worry I'm pretty sure that Anti-Skill are doing everything in their power to-." Touma was cut short when out of nowhere a tiny pair of feet went across his face knocking him into the wall behind him. He lay against the wall with a vivid image in his head of seeing something red and lacy among the soles of that person's shoes.

"Kamijou-san don't you think your starting to get a little too friendly with my Onee-sama, you pedophile!" Kuroko hissed crossing her arms in a childish manner.

"Jeez Shirai-san you could have waited for me, you didn't have to run off like that!" Uiharu came in shortly panting out of breath holding a bag in her arms. "I told you I found some clothes for Misaka-san and Trayshe-san to wear."

"Trayshe?" Touma ask looking at Uiharu questionable. "You mean Traysen right."

"Um I'm afraid you're incorrect." Uiharu stated shyly. "Her real name is Trayshe Kotonashi. The name she must have given you and Misaka-san must have been an alias from when she and her brother always use to sneak into the skill-out's area and she would pose as a boy."

"Oh I see now." Touma stated. "But why would she pose as a boy?"

"That's none of your concern!" Kuroko shot Touma a glare waving two of her spikes around in between her fingers. "Kamijou-san I trust that you will keep your inner cave man at bay while Onee-sama is changing her clothes, or I shall I just teleport these into your eyes now?"

"No I'm good." Touma faced the wall not daring to look if he suddenly didn't want to be blind.

"Onee-sama please lift your arms for me." Kuroko asked happily holding up the article of clothing she had chosen for Mikoto to wear.

"Cut it out Kuroko, I can dress myself you know!" Mikoto struggled against her now older roommate placing her arms over her chest.

"Aww! Onee-sama is so cute when she's so tiny and acting bashful."

"No stop it Kuroko I said I can do it myself!"

While facing the wall Touma heard the sounds of clothes being ripped off, sounds of grunting, squirming, yelping, the biggest sound of all the food on the table being knocked on to the floor, biting, scratching, the sound of Kuroko screaming, more sounds of Mikoto yelping and to end it off heavy breathing coming from both girls after everything was all over.

When all the noise finally stopped Touma turned around to find the toddler sized rail-gun dressed in a white long sleeved shirt with blue flowers on the bottom and a blue line across the chest area, and a pink skirt with white lace on the bottom and white leggings. Mikoto walked back over to Touma and grabbed onto his sleeve looking down at her tiny feet with her pinkish cheeks puffed out at the moment.

"There's no way I'm going home with her tonight!" She muttered to Touma.

"Ahh Trayshe-san! You should just let me help you a little!" Uiharu cried out, she was putting up a huge struggle trying to get Trayshe into her clothes which was a yellow and white lace dress.

"Screw off I'm not wearing nothing like that! What do you think I am a doll or something?" Trayshe screamed pushing Uiharu away from her.

Kuroko sighed and made her way over to the fighting two. "That will be enough out of you Kotonashi-san!" She said sternly getting everyone attention in the room. "You're in enough trouble as is, the last thing you need is to fight with someone who is trying to help you!"

"Shut up I don't remember asking to be lectured by an old hag!" Trayshe shot back.

Melodramatic lighting shot in the background as Kuroko's eyes rolled to the back of her head. "W...What did you just call me?" She yelled. Before Kuroko made the mistake of charging in anger at the time wielding girl like Mikoto did before, Touma was already up on his feel and grabbed Kuroko by her waist and dragged her to the other side of the room. "What the hell do you think you're going you beast-monkey-twit, let go of me now!" Kuroko was now punching and kicking trying to get free.

"Calm down Shirai-san, trust me when I say you don't want to do that."

"I said let go!" Kuroko continued to struggle. She though seriously about teleporting her spikes into Touma's skull but found that she could not use her powers because of his right hand.

"Wow a girl you're age wearing a thong!" Trayshe smirked. "Jeez you must go into the skill-outs area often and offer services or something?" Kuroko really blew up this time; she swung her leg backwards hitting Mr. Kamijou right in his royal jewels and jumped from his grip. She ran at Trayshe only to pass right through her and fall flat on her face. "Ha! I could have told you that wouldn't have wor-" Suddenly Trayshe starting sinking into the floor. "Hey what's going here why am I'm sinking?" The girl struggled. "I can't get my molecules to stop moving!"

"Trayshe-san stop using your power!" Mikoto yelled.

"I don't know what's wrong I can't control it!" She yelled back.

"Not good, at this rate she's going to sink through the whole building, we need to do something!" Kuroko stated.

"It's just like with Misaka-san, Trayshe-san's powers are unstable so she can't control them." Touma dashed forth and reached out and grabbed Trayshe's hand with his right hand. Trayshe felt her whole body pulse as she was pulled out from the floor before becoming solid again. "Are you ok?" He asked holding the trembling girl in his arms.

Everyone who was on the edge of their seats suddenly dropped to the floor sighing in relieve. Without any more fighting Trayshe was dressed in her new clothes and was now sitting down in one of the chairs with her knees at her chest.

"So Kuroko." Mikoto started. "Has Anti-skill found a way to chance Trayshe-san and myself back to normal?"

Kuroko looked down. "Afraid not Onee-sama." She saw Mikoto eyes starting to tear up then started again. "But please don't worry as we speak the ferret is being examined so we can find a way to counteract the gas and get you and Kotonashi-san back to your old selves, it will just be a matter of time."

"See what did I tell you?" Touma placed his hand on top of Mikoto's shoulder. "There's no way that Academy City world just sit by and let one of their level 5's stay under the effects of a gas."

"I guess so but..."

"The only butt in here will be a sore one after I'm done with you." A muffled voice came from the other side of the door. The door suddenly flew open and a tall woman with long grayish/brownish hair and glassed on her face stepped through.

"Hey lady we told you that this area is restricted!" One of the guards that were watching the door grabbed the women by her wrist. In a quick second the woman slipped from the man's grip, went from behind and placed him in a half-nelson choke-hold, slightly moving her arms she snapped the man's neck rendering him on conscious.

"Now where was I?" She scanned the room with her sharp eyes. "Misaka show yourself this instant! You won't escape punishment after I received a phone call telling me that you were involved in something dangerous!"

Mikoto was hiding behind Touma legs shaking and whimpering.

"D-Dorm Supervisor, what a lovely evening it is toda-" Before Kuroko could finish her sentence the Dorm Supervisor had placed her in a choke hold and was slowly twisting Kuroko's neck, her bones could be heard crackling.

"I didn't ask about the evening. Where-is-Misaka?" The Dorm Supervisor asked once again. She looked over and spotted a glimpse of Mikoto's hair. Dropping Kuroko she walked over and yanked Mikoto from behind Touma. She held the trembling girl off the ground face to face. "You mind explaining yourself?"

"Well I..."

"SILENCE!" She yelled. "Just what were you thinking doing something so dangerous? Why can't you kids realize that you're all my responsibility, that if something were to happen to you I would be to blame?"

"I'm sorr-"

"No don't be sorry. You and Shirai and all the girls who lives in the dorm are all my precious students, I don't know what I'd do if something were to happen to you." The Dorm Supervisor stated looking down, her eyes were not visible so Mikoto could not tell if she was mad or crying. The dorm Supervisor sat Mikoto down on the floor and her hand lightly but firmly went across the small girls face leaving her cheek redden. "Just promise me you won't do something like that again!"

"Yes I won't ever do it again." Mikoto bowed

"Dorm Supervisor... You really do care for us!" Kuroko ran at the woman with open arms only to have her neck snapped and dropped into the floor. "I care less for a person who always misses curfew and breaks the rules of my dorm."

"Um can I come in please?" Another voice asked. It was another girl with long black hair with a flower accessory on the right side of her hair. The girl stepped over the bodies of the still on conscious men carry some bags in hands. "I got what you asked for."

"Saten-san you made it!" Uiharu cheered, she walked up to her friend and whispered into her ear. "So did you buy everything I asked for?"

Without answering Saten Kneeled down and grabbed the hem of Uiharu's skirt and lifted it up. "Yeah I did but I don't see why you need them, you're already wearing purple and white stripes."

Uiharu's hair flew up as she let out an ear shattering shrill that echoed through the whole room, the flower haired girl jerked herself back covering the front of her skirt while squatting. "S-satan-san I told you to stop doing that...and their not for me!"

"Hey is this what you middle schools girls do nowadays?" Touma asked whispering to Mikoto.

"No those two are just...special, if you want to put it that way."

"With way Shirai-san is always hanging over you, I thought-"

"You thought what?" Mikoto shot Touma a glare.


Kuroko took the bag from Saten and teleported two of the items, two loud gasped could be heard in the room. One them came from Mikoto and the other from Trayshe, suddenly both girls were holding their backsides. "Well anyways we can use these just as a precaution since we don't know of anymore side effects beside making ones powers unstable, plus all the shops are closed so we are unable to buy the proper attire until morning anyways."

"Shirai-san did you just-..."Uiharu asked. A perverted grim appeared across Kuroko's face. "How?" Uiharu was left stunned.

"I always wanted Onee-sama to stop wearing childish under ware to I've been practicing for weeks to teleport clothing onto a person's body."

"Say what?" Mikoto came from behind and attempted a drop kick but ended up missing and hit the floor when Kuroko teleported herself somewhere in the room. "Kuroko I didn't think it was possible for you to be any more of a pervert than you already are, and what this hell is up with these under ware they feel all puffy and weird!"

"Well Onee-sama... Those are-" Kuroko looked away smiling nervously.

"Aww! When did you get in here little guy?" Uiharu asked lovingly, she kneeled down and picked up the ferret standing by her feet. "Your so cute!"

"Uiharu….. do you really think that thing it cute." Satan asked displeasingly. "It looks like an over grown rat if you ask me."

"Are you sure it's ok to be holding it like that, I mean look what it did to Misaka-san and Trayshe-san. What if it releases the gas again?" Touma asked.

"Don't worry Kero-chan is all out of gas." A lady said kindly walking into the room. "He can only release his gas every three days so for now everybody is safe."

Soon after Yomikawa and Yoshikawa walked into the room along with some other Anti-skill's men, everybody had imitating no non-sense looks on their faces as they stared the group of kids down. At that moment every one tensed up again and for once in her life Mikoto was happy to have Kuroko holding on to her for comfort.

"So is everybody here and accounted for?" Yomikawa asked.

"Wait I don't see Accelerator here." Yoshikawa stated looking around the room.

"That brat was just walking right behind us-" Yomikawa looked out the door and spotting strands of white hair. She reached outside the door and grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled the owner into the room.

"What the fuck you old prune let me go now!" The person said in a high pitched voice as she was pulled into the room, it was a girl with short hair white and red eyes. The room grew silent as mostly everyone knew who that person was. "What the hell are you guys looking at, you want to die?" The foul mouthed girl shouted.

"Oh my god….." Touma stated in a surprised way. "It's Accelerator!"