Once upon a time, an alien spaceship dove into what it thought was a water well that turned out to be an access shaft for a treacle mine. Unable to extricate the vehicle from the tenaciously sticky stuff, both vehicle and pilot became preserved in treacle. This was quite a surprise several thousand years later when the owner of the mine dredged the thing up and discovered he had a relic of times past that wasn't quite normal or human.

"Commander ..." Capt. Keith Ford had yet to get rid of his worried puppy look when something peculiar crossed his desk. Considering how odd peculiar could be, Straker could understand the look.

"Yes?" Straker answered curiously.

"We have ... an alien and vessel mummified in treacle," Ford advised. His face mirrored how interesting he found the information and how foolish he felt describing it.

Straker stared at him for a moment and finally gave voice to his disbelief, "What?"

"Well, we don't exactly have it. The mine owner at Sabden seems to have, er, extracted it and is considering putting it on display." Ford completely avoided the treacle mine issue, or thought he had.

"Treacle." The SHADO Commander was having trouble believing his well trained and highly paid subordinate had actually repeated this nonsense.

"Erm … Well …Yes, sir."

"Ford, treacle mines are an aberration of someone's overworked imagination," Straker repeated something he'd heard.

"Yes, sir. I'm aware of it. But the tradition around that particular community is strong and ... well, something encased the thing, sir. Shall I send a team to investigate?" He couldn't quite disguise the hopeful look. It wasn't often Ford got into the field these days and certainly not when an encased curiosity was the objective instead of a currently menacing spinner.

Straker sighed. He knew that most of his people were action oriented as well as capable of thinking outside the box. Ford was more of an office person than field, but he had been a reporter in his previous life. "It's probably nothing, but ... go check it out. Take some security with you just in case."

Ford refrained from whooping, smiled and said: "Thank you, sir," before leaving the office.