Bratz: Sailor Moon Style

Summary: Usagi, Minako, Rei, Makoto and Ami and attending High school for the first time. They are BFFs, but when each gets separated into a clique, and the school itself is ruled by Student body president, Mio Kuroki and her cronies Beruche and Kooan, will their friendship survive?

Chapter One

Ring! Ring! Usagi opened her eyes as her alarm clock went off.

She sat up and rolled out of bed and onto the floor.

"Ow" She said holding her head.

"Usagi-chan, it's time for…" Usagi's cat Luna entered the room and gaped when she saw that the blonde was already awake. She jumped onto the bed. "Who are you and what have you done with Usagi?" She demanded. Usagi rolled her eyes.

"Relax Luna" She said. "All of us have decided to do better this year and that includes not being late. Besides, it's the first day of school" Usagi hurried to her computer and pulled up her webcam, her four friends were already waiting. She grinned. This year was going to be great.

"Okay, neesans. Ready?" She asked.

"Let's do it" Aino Minako said, nodding her head.

"First day has arrived. Ready to be ready?" Rei asked them. Each girl began rummaging in her closet.

"Oh, man! The skirt I bought is at Motoki's house" Makoto said frowning. The other four girls whipped around to star at her through the webcam.

"Why?" Rei asked, frowning.

"Because he was with me when I bought it, and then we went to his house, duh" Makoto rolled her eyes at her friends.

"Has anyone seen my red shirt?" Minako asked, rummaging through her closet.

"You left it here by mistake" Usagi said, holding up the article of clothing. "Do you mind if I wear?"

"Oh, of course" Minako said, smiling. Usagi grinned.

"Okay" Usagi said. "Red thermal, pink tank, and... black warmers. Also, I am going to braid my hair. No odangos this year"

"Really?" Rei asked. Usagi nodded. "Fabulous"

"Hm, black halter top... mini-skirt, and black kicks" Minako said.

"Very chic" Rei said, turning to her own closet. "I'll blow you all away with my new little red dress and red pumps" Ami was not as fashionable as her friends and she sighed.

"Blouse, jeans and tennis shoes" She said. The other girls smiled at her. They knew that her style didn't quite match theirs, but it didn't matter to them. All that mattered was that she was their friend.

"Okay. 40 minutes, front entrance, we walk in together" Usagi instructed.

"Sayonara" They said, signing off. Usagi walked out of her bedroom and tried to get into the bathroom, but Shingo was in there.

"Basurūmu kara deru! Sore wa gakkō no saisho no hida!" Usagi shouted banging on the door. "You have ten seconds to get out Shingo or…" The door opened and Shingo stepped.

"Geez, no need to be so snappy" He said. "It's all yours, your highness" Usagi frowned and entered the bathroom, shutting the door.

Ami Mizuno's mother drove her to school.

"Bye, Mom" Amy said, moving to get out of the car.

"Now, remember, Ami, you have Mathletes, science club, room one, and violin" Mrs. Mizuno said.

"I'll remember" Ami said, giving her mother a quick kiss. She got out of the car and walked towards the sidewalk, nervously. She noticed Minako, Rei and Makoto standing in a circle and hurried to join them.

"Where's Usagi?" She asked. Just then they heard a crash and turned to see Usagi trying to put her bike in the bike rack, but knocking all the other bikes over.

"She's here" Rei said, smiling. Usagi finally gave up and ran over to them, where they huddled in a circle.

"Okay, it's a big school. It's the first day. We're just freshmen. What are we gonna do?" Rei asked them.

"Blend?" Ami asked.

"Own it!" Minako answered.

"Right" Rei said nodding.

"I'm gonna own cheerleading" Minako said confidently.

"I'm gonna try out for soccer" Makoto said, She grinned. "Motoki thinks I'll make it"

"You will!" the other girls reassured her.

"Usagi, you have to join chorus. You know you have the most insane voice ever!" Minako encouraged.

"Not a chance" Usagi said. "I get nervous when I am in front of people, you know that! I think I'll join creative writing, instead"

"I'm ownin' the science" Ami said quietly.

"You go girl" Minako said grinning.

"I'm gonna rule home ec" Rei said. "I'm gonna need sewing machines for projects. I'm gonna have the hottest clothes ever"

"Okay, girls. Now let's do it" Minako said, smiling.

Mio Kuroki ruled the school with an iron fist. Her father, Hiro Kuroki, was principle and she ruled him too. At the moment she was talking to two freshmen lackies, Beruche and Kooan and her crush and sophomore hottie, Mamoru.

"Now, being president of the school is a huge responsibility. And it is one that I take very seriously" She said, sitting at the check in table. Beruche, Kooan, please pay attention. I need you to become very familiar with the clique lunch table assignment chart" She laid the chart out. "Because, as you can see, there are 48 distinct cliques. Let me break this down for you. You have the goths, the skaters the disco dorks, the beat boy blingers, the gangstas, the wanna-be gangstas, the pretzel people who are into yoga, very different from the greenies who hate anything not made of plants. Then you have the nerds, the kids who like to dress like dinosaurs, and the football jocks" When she was done, a line of freshman had formed. She began checking them in, handing them a chart, with a circle around the table that they should sit at for lunch and the rest of their time at Jubann High"

Suddenly, everyone noticed the group of five freshman girls who were dressed very differently and looked as though they belonged in different cliques. They passed right by the table.

"Oh, no!" Beruche said, tossing her white hair over her shoulder. "They did not just walk past us without checking in" She placed her hands on her hips.

"Who is that?" Mamoru asked. He was very entranced with the blonde who had a very long braid. He had never seen anyone with so much hair.

"No one you even need to think about, Mamoru" Mio snapped.

"They look kind of cool" Kooan said. Her sister nudged her and shook her head.

"Yeah, in a totally trashy, beneath our contempt, maybe we could find a little spare time to crush them into the dirt sort of way" Kooan said quickly. Beruche nodded, trying to cover up her slip.

"Is it just me, or does this all look a little creepily well organized?" Minako asked looking around as they entered the school. Just then the bell rang.

"See you at lunch!" The friends parted ways.

Ami Mizuno walked into the science lab, and Umino Kitoshi smiled at her. He wasn't used to a very pretty girl with blue hair in an advanced chemistry class.

"Excuse me, miss" He asked. "Are you here for advanced chemistry?"

"Yes" Ami said. By the end of the class period, Ami had proven to the science nerds that she definitely belonged in their clique.

"You are seriously superior" Umino said, shoving his glasses up his nose. "We would be honored to have you as a member of our science team" Ami grinned, though she was groaning on the inside at the thought of being in another club. She wondered if she was taking on too much.

Meanwhile, Minako was watching the cheerleaders do their cheer, ready to try out. Her long blond hair was tied back into a ponytail.

"Let's go, Kijis! Let's go, Kijis!" The cheerleaders cheered. Kiji, the national bird, was the name of the football team. The head cheerleader, Sonoko stepped forward.

"Now, that's the level I expect from a Kiji cheerleader" She said. "Who's got it?" Minako stood up. "Blonde girl, show us what you got!" Minako showed her moves, using a lot of kicks and swirls from her time as a senshi. She sometimes missed those days, though she was glad they could have a break, but she was hoping that with cheerleading, she could continue it somewhat. Once she was done, Sonoko smiled.

"You're in" She said.

Makoto Kino tried out for soccer and was so amazing that the coach put her on the team on the spot. She wished her boyfriend was there, but he was attending university, having advanced his way up. She knew that Ami had the ability to do the same thing, but the blunette did not want to leave her friends just yet, and wanted the high school experience.

Rei-chan was working diligently on a red dress in the home ec room. It was the same shade of red she was wearing. The teacher, Mrs. Haruna walked over and examined her work.

"It's very red" She said, frowning. Rei, finished with the dress, handed it to the teacher.

"It's very you" She said, smiling. Mrs. Haruna smiled and left the room. When she returned, she was wearing the dress, and everyone cheered.

Usagi paused in the doorway of the choir room and sighed. She wished she was brave enough to join. She turned around and ran smack dab into someone's stomach, scattering her books all over the place.

"I'm sorry" She said, "I'm such a klutz sometimes" She looked up into the most gorgeous blue eyes she had ever seen. The boy in question, smiled at her and picked up her books and handed them to her.

"It's entirely my fault" He said. "I wasn't watching where I was going, however, perhaps we should bump into each other more often" Usagi blushed as she took her books.

"Thank you" She said quietly, before turning and walking in the opposite direction.

At lunch time, Mio, Mamoru, Beruche and Kooan were sitting at the head table, when they noticed the five girls walk into the lunchroom courtyard together. Mio frowned.

"Where do they think they're gonna sit?" Beruche asked. Mio scowled.

"Give me the seating charts" She commanded. Mamoru sighed and handed them to her and she walked over to the group.

"Hi, guys. I'm Kuroki Mio, student body president" She introduced herself. "I saw you looking kind of lost, so I thought I'd come over and help"

"Thanks, but I think we're good" Minako said. They tried to move past her, but she stopped them.

"It's no problem. I have the seating charts right here" She said. The girls eyed each other.

"Well, thanks, but I think we'd rather sit together" Rei said. They tried to move again, and once again, she stopped them.

"But there's really not a table for that" She said frantically.

"That's okay, I'm sure we'll find space somewhere" Minako said.

"But the lunch courtyard isn't organized that way" Mio snapped. Minako shrugged, finally sick of Mio's attitude.

"Oh, don't worry. We'll figure something out" She said snidely. The passed her and she frowned, stomping back to her table.

"What was that about?" Rei asked.

"Who knows, but I think we just stung the Queen bee" Usagi said. The girls laughed and began moving towards an empty table, where they sat down.

"What are we gonna do about them, you guys?" Kooan asked.

"I'll tell you what we're gonna do. Nothing" Mio said. "Kooan, my system is flawless. Watch"

The five friends were starting to eat when the table of nerds called to Ami.

"Hey. Hey, Ami. Come here. Check out this radical theorem. You'll absolutely love it" Umino called. Ami looked at her friends and they nodded, encouraging her to go on. She picked up her tray and hurried over to the science table.

"Hey, Minako, come sit with us" The cheerleaders beckoned.

"Yo, Makoto. Girl, come check this out" head of the soccer team, Hina called. The home ec geeks also called out to Rei, so soon, Usagi was sitting by herself. She sighed and began to eat.

"You see? We have no problems at all" Mio said. Mamoru sighed and stood up, taking his tray.

"Where are you going?" Mio demanded.

"I am not going to let her sit by herself" He said. "I like her" Mio bristled, but he paid her no attention and he sat down next to Usagi.

"Hi, mind if I sit here?" He asked.

"Not at all" Usagi said, smiling. "Glad to see you again"

Over the next few weeks, between the cliques, schoolwork and new boyfriends, the friends began to drift apart.

"Ami, I'm stuck babysitting. Come over and hang. Papa made your favorite.

Sashimi with rice"

"I have Mathletes. Next week?" Ami replied.

"I'm booked solid. Yikes. Next week?" Minako asked. Usagi sighed.

"I have creative writing. How about tomorrow?" She asked.

"We have to make time for each other"

"Wanna come over and study?".

"Let's do it next week for sure"

"You said that the last time"

"Where are you?"

"I seriously miss you guys"

"What's happening here?"

"You're always busy!"


And that was the end of their friendship and the start of two long years without each other.