Bratz: Sailor Moon Style

Chapter Eight

Mio decided not to let Usagi to intimidate her and decided that if they did show up, she would, of course, do exactly what she had threatened. She walked out on to the stage.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a night of magic. Before we begin, I'd like to introduce you to our illustrious celebrity judges who will be voting for me. I'm totally kidding" She giggled. As the talent show progressed, it was quite obvious that Mio had only picked acts that would be way below hers on the scale. Some of it was excrutiating for the audience to watch. Mio kept glancing at her watch, but the moon-light real girls had yet to arrive. she breathed a sigh of relief. Perhaps she had scared Usagi after all. She got into her costume and waited to be announced.

"Ladies and gentlemen, live from Carry Nation High, Mio and the mionettes" Mio, Beruche and Kooan stepped out onto the stage and the music started up.

"onna no ko WOW WOW WOW tte saikou!
onna no ko WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW tte SUTEKI!

onna no ko nara ha ah ha...
kono yo wa a-ha han...
kono yo wa subete yeah yeah yeah!

toshigoro ni nareba kikazatte aruku
yureru koshitsuki ni kokoro mo yureru FURARAFURA
kyuutei no niwa de ougi hirugaesu
moeru manazashi ni ondo mo agaru FURARAFURA

chikazuiteE chikazuitE
chikayootteE chikayootteE
hanasaki gaA hanasaki gaA
fureru hoddo fureru hoddoOO

keredo keredo sawatte wa DAME
AKOGARE ga umazuite hajiketonde shimau kara

toshigoro ni nareba kikazatte aruku
furimaku kaori ni chou mo mai odoru

After the song, Mio smiled, still not having seen the other girls. "Wasn't that awesome?" She asked. "Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, let's see who you have chosen as this year's most talented student at Carry Nation High. Judges, the envelope, please"

"Wait a minute" a voice said. She turned to see Usagi strutting down the center aisle. "There's still one more act"

"No, the show is over, with a capital over" Mio snapped.

"Hey, listen, the girls signed up, they deserve the right to perform" Motoki stood up.

"Oh, please. I know the rules, but thanks anyway" Mio said snidely.

"Hey, That's my boyfriend you're talking to. You will not disrespect him like that" Makoto said from the back of the theatre.

"Have you considered anger management?" Mio asked.

"Oh, Meredith. Bag it" Rei snapped. "Introduce us, Mako-chan"

"Wait!" Mio said. "Are you sure you want to do this to your friends, Usagi?" Usagi merely glared at her.

"Well, then, it is my responsibility, as your student body president, to let you know who these brats really are"

"Exhibit A, the smart one" A picture of Ami appeared on the screen. She was dressed in a plaid skirt and white blouse and was wearing her glasses. "She lies to her mother, to her teachers, and to you. This is who you think she is. This is who she really is" She posted another picture of Ami, and in this one, Ami was dress in the outfit that Rei had modified at the party. The other girls were pissed, Ami didn't normally dress like that. Ami took the floor.

"Here's the deal, I am not that girl Mio just showed you, I do well in school, I love my parents and my classes. That dress is a dress I wore to a party, and I dress like that for special occasions"

"Pathetic, isn't it?" Mio smirked. "Well, nowhere as pathetic as this. Exhibit B, the soccer jock. When she desperately needed a job, my family was kind enough to offer her employment as our maid. And how did she repay this kindness? By stealing my favorite, most beloved dolly. Ow. Still hurts" Makoto took the floor.

"Look, it's true. I did clean Mio's house" She said. "I live on my own, my parents died when I was six years old. I needed the money, but I never took Mio's doll"

"Actually, I did" another voice came. A young girl walked on the stage, it was Mio's cousin. "You were using it as a doorstop" This opened a doorway for many confessions.

"I eavesdropped on my sister. And then I betrayed her. Usagi, I'm very sorry" Shingo said.

"Most of my friends think I'm a tough jock, but I've been taking ballet since I was 5" Tomoko admitted. "And you know what? I like it"

"Mio, this one's for you" The girls got on the stage and the curtain closed, so that they could get into thier costumes. Rei had decided to color code the costumes with thier planets.

Usagi was wearing a dress similar to her princess dress, but it was only knee length. Her long blonde hair was in a single braid down her back with bits of silver in it. She was also wearing silver knee high boots.

Rei was wearing a blood red floor length dress with a slit on each side that reached up to her hip, and she wore red high heels. Her long black hair had red highlights in it.

Makoto was wearing a green dress that went to her knees over a pair of jeans. Over the jeans she wore green knee high boots. Her brown hair was not in a ponytail this time and had green highlights.

Minako was wearing an orange mini-skirt and orange top and orange heels in the style of her senshi heels. her long blonde hair did not have the normal bow in it now, instead it had orange highlights.

Ami was wearing a long blue skirt, blue boots and blue top. Her blue hair had darker blue streaks in it.

Usagi: kobore ochisou na hodo ni
jukushiteru kokoro wo
Ami: o-tagai kakushiteru no wa
koko ira de yameyou

Minako: "suki sa" to hitokoto ieba
mune ga toki wo kizami
Rei: yoake ga tobira hiraite
umi kaze wo maneku

All(parentheses Usagi): See me, (HAATO BIITO ga)

Hear me, (SHIGUNARU daseba)

Touch me, (shinsen na PAWAA michite kuru yo)

All: minogasanai akiramenai
yume ni todoku made wa
So, mou sugu soko ni boku-tachi no jidai

All: kinou janai ashita janai
ima kono shunkan sa
Yes, kanashimi mo shiawase no ichibu dakara

Everyone cheered when they were done. The principal walked up on to the stage.

"You were all absolutely wonderful" He took the envelope from the judges.

"And the winner is...the Moon-Light Real girls!" Everyone cheered loudly and Usagi and her friends jumped up and down excitedly. Mio crossed her arms in a huff. A man walked on the stage and over to her.

"Mio. Tomoki Chihiro, Vice President, MTV Networks in Japan. Great show" He said.

"Thank you" Mio said, smiling.

"I caught your MTV My party is better than yours, and it's got the best numbers to date. You in the pool. Outrageous" Mio nodded.

"My idea" She said quickly.

"Smart girl" Tomoki said. He then turned to Usagi and friends. Oh, but you five girls, whoa. You have got superstar written all over you" He said.

"They do?" Mio asked, in disbelief.

"Without question. We're having a movie premiere next Saturday night. How would you girls like to be the featured act on the red carpet?" He asked. Mio's face fell.

"Two words. Uh, duh!" Minako said.

"Fantastic. We'll be in touch" He handed them his card and walked away.

"Oh, my God, the red carpet!" Minako cried, freaking out. it was a dream come true.

"Oh, my God, the scholarship!" Rei said.

"Which..." Usagi said slowly. "We want to give to you, Makoto. You're going to college, no ifs, ands, or buts" makoto stared at her friends in disbelief.

"For real?" She asked. They nodded and Usagi handed her the scholarship.

"Oh, I love you guys!" Makoto said, pulling them into a hug. "We are truly best friends forever"

The next week, they performed on the red carpet and afterwards, recieved a record deal with one of the top agencies in Japan. And with Mio out of the school, Rei ran for student body president and was the best president they had had in a long time. The cliques were broken up and everyone was happy.