I am so sorry to do this, but I was thinking about the time line, and there is a gaping hole in it! Suffice it to say, this will not be the fic I meant it to be, however, I will leave it posted as the unofficial prequel/spinoff to the story I actually mean to write. In terms of the games, think of it as Gaiden (which I never played) or Outbreak (Also a game I haven't played). It happens, but it contradicts the main storyline, so therefore, it never did happen. I'm really sorry, but after this last chapter, which will probably fall flat on its short face, I WILL start work on the OFFICIAL version of my story.

My mom said that she would be waiting for me... She said that she wanted me to come to her on my own... And she really meant it. After I had lied to the girls, I had went to sleep so my body could recharge itself, but the time was so strange, or maybe just the day itself, I had woken up either very early in the morning or late at night. Wandering through the house, I stopped in the kitchen for something to eat... Maybe some left overs and something hot to drink or some chicken noddle soup. With my head poking in the refrigerator, someone entered the kitchen behind me and started to make a pot of coffee. I looked back, somehow unsurprised to see my mother standing there behind me.

She smiled warmly at me, "Did you sleep alright?"

I closed the door, nothing in my hands as I did so, "Mom... I'm ready to talk..."

She nodded, not saying a word as she spoke with her eyes, "Robin, you're safe here. No matter what, I'll protect and love you. We all will."

I sat down next to her, "Mom... You've known the entire time, haven't you?"

"What ever do you mean?" She cocked her head to the side, wanting me to say the words myself.

I took a deep breath, saying this outloud for the first time, "How I feel about Chris...That I love him."

"Honey, you might have a shell thicker than the dickens, but you're as clear as the sky above," She patted my knee, "You've just been blessed enough to live complete block heads."

I chuckled, "I guess I am... Mom, do you think dad knows?"

She looked up at the ceiling, "I think that... Barry knows somewhere deep down, but like all fathers, he lives in denial that his daughter is capable of falling in love."

I thought of Chris, the last time I had seen him, "But luckily for him, it is a one-sided coin."

She shook her head, "My dear, you never can know what another person is truly capable of. Even after all these years, your father can still manage to surprise me."

Told you so.