I do not own His and Her Circumstances[Also known as Kare Kano]. Enjoy the story.

Chapter one, I Hate This Game

One, two. One, Two. I thought as I jumped rope. I kept going. As I got to one hundred, I was tired, but I wasn't going to give up. He was watching. I would defeat him. That no good, smart, hot boy who thinks he's better than me. I'll show him. I kept jumping, getting to one hundred and nine. He had got two hundred. I'm aiming for three. I kept jumping, hearing his voice in the wind.
"I believe in you Miss. Sable." I started to jump faster. The two boys who were turning the rope, started to go faster. A minute later, I was on the ground, everyone cheering around me. Everyone other than him. Aaron Kira.

"Sis? You ok?" I sighed. My head was on my desk. I was trying to study for the exams. I was determined to beat Aaron at his own game.
"I'm fine Shane." I muttered. My brother was so annoying! I sat up and started to read the math text book. Shane looked at the book.
"Studying again?" He said with a sigh. I glared at him.
"Yes Shane." I started to study again. Shane sat down on the floor.
"It's that Kira guy right?" I looked at Shane.
"What about Aaron?" I asked. Shane grinned.
"You like him." I stood up, closed the math book, and I wacked Shane in the head. Shane rubbed his head.
"What was that for?" I sat back down and started to study again. Shane left, bored out of his mind. I ignored my mother call me to dinner, so she brought me dinner. I fell asleep an hour before school starts.

I woke up on time, ate something, and walked to school with a text book in my hand. I stopped at my front door and grabbed an umbrella. I shoved the book in my book bag, zipped the zipper, and opened the umbrella. I walked outside and walked down the street.

I hate gloomy, rainy, days. I just do. When I got to school, I was soaked. He wasn't. Aaron was perfect like he always is. Aaron caught my glaze as I closed my umbrella. I didn't look bad wet, I did look pretty bad. I grabbed a brush out of my bag and I brushed my hair. Once I stopped watching Aaron, I started to study again. I yawned, waiting for class to start. I felt like I was being watched.
"Sable? What about her?" I heard from the direction that Aaron was standing at. "Really? I would never think that you of all people would feel that way Aaron." I could just imagine Aaron making fun of me.
"You should tell her!" Tell me what? I kept listening.
"Tell Miss. Sable how I feel?" Aaron said. I have really good hearing.
"Yeah! If you don't, someone else will take her from you." I closed my book and stood up. I didn't want to hear anymore. I walked out of the classroom, feeling the stares of my classmates. What did Aaron mean? His feelings? What are they?
"Miss. Sable!" It's him. I started to walk faster, but he caught up. "Miss. Sable." I knew he was trying to catch his breath. "I really like you a lot. I guess you could say that I love you." I looked at Aaron. Love? Isn't that to strong?
"A-Aaron? What are you talking about?" Aaron looked at me.
"Just what I said. I love you Miss. Sable." I blushed. Aaron Kira loves me? Me of all people? A girl that fakes everything? He has no idea that I'm a fake like my mother was when she was in high school.
"Aaron." I whispered as he hugged me. I didn't hug him back and I didn't move. I rested my head on Aaron's shoulder.