Note: This is the last of the outtakes that I wrote for the LLS fundraiser. This scene contains lemons... Once again, I send my sincere gratitude to everyone who has taken the time to leave feedback. You are all wonderful!

The final weekend of July was particularly agreeable for us. Bella felt more energetic again as her body adjusted to the demands of our growing child. When the weather was pleasant, she enjoyed tending the flowers in our garden. They were in full bloom, and fresh bouquets graced our dining room, parlor, and bedroom daily. The house felt bright and cheerful, reflecting our shared mood. Truly, I had never felt more content or more excited about the future than I did during those warm weeks in the middle of the summer.

One afternoon, I stood on the porch watching Bella as she knelt before an azalea bush, admiring the new, gentle curves of her body and the rosy glow of her soft skin. She was breathtaking, and both affection and longing surged through me at the sight of her. I wanted to touch her, to hold her in my arms and feel the silkiness of her bare skin pressed against my body. When I could remain still no longer, I joined her in the garden, stroking her fragrant hair, kissing the warm flesh at the back of her neck, and whispering my adoration as my lips moved over the delicate shell of her ear.

A little shiver of delight ran through her. She turned to face me, wrapping her arms around my waist. Bella lifted her chin, and I kissed her beautiful mouth. Her lips opened; our kiss deepened. My hand slid through her hair, loosening the little pins that held the strands twisted upon her head. Her scent mixed with the perfume of the flowers, nearly intoxicating me.

I inhaled deeply, all of my senses caressed by Bella's body so close to mine. One of her small hands slipped inside my collar, warm fingers brushing over my neck.

"Let's go inside," I murmured.

She nodded, her eyes bright and cheeks flushed. Beside her sat a basket of flowers. She had cut a dozen pale pink and yellow roses. I reached for the basket with an inscrutable grin, then took her hand to lead her into the house.

Once inside, I lifted her into my arms and swiftly carried her upstairs to set her upon the bed. She smiled up at me, reaching for the buttons on my shirt. I let her slender fingers work them open and enjoyed the feel of her hands as she slid the garment over my arms. It fell to the floor.

Sunlight filled the bedroom, leaving my skin glistening. Bella ran her fingers over my shoulders and arms. "Gorgeous," she murmured, then she pressed her hand over the center of my chest, and I knew she spoke of both my body and heart. I had never loved her more.

I removed her blouse with slightly more haste than she had used, pausing for a moment to admire the little peaks of her nipples nudging at her camisole. I ran my fingers over them, drawing a small moan from her. I peppered her neck and chest with soft kisses then pulled off the rest of the clothing.

When she touched my belt, I complied with her unspoken request and took off my trousers. She smiled, running her knuckles over the prominent bulge barely contained by my drawers. I shuddered at the delightful contact, but I had something else in mind.

"Lie back, love," I instructed, quickly slipping off her bloomers. "Mmm," I sighed, admiring the lovely, soft curves of her body for several long seconds. "Close your eyes," I murmured, kissing each eyelid as it lowered.

Then I darted from the room, returning seconds later with the basket of roses. Bella lay before me, one arm over her head, fingers lightly tangled in her hair. The other hand rested upon her hip, fingertips just touching the small swell of her belly. Her legs were slightly parted, giving me a delicious glimpse of the pink flesh at her center. I drew a deep breath, savoring the perfume of her arousal.

My hands moved quickly, and the soft fragrance of roses wafted over the bed. Bella inhaled, smiling. Her eyelids fluttered with curiosity.

I kissed them again. "Not yet, darling," I admonished tenderly.

When the cool petals began to rain softly over her skin, she gave a little gasp of surprise. I scattered them in the hollow of her throat, between her breasts, over her beautiful belly and the little valleys beneath her hipbones. Then I took a petal between thumb and forefinger and ran it very gently over her lips.

"Oh!" she murmured. Her eyelashes quivered.

I brushed the petal over each eyelid then beneath her eyes and down her nose. "So sweet," she whispered as the fragrance intensified slightly.

"Yes," I agreed, my gaze moving slowly over her body again.

A pale yellow rose petal lay upon her shoulder. I ran its velvet edge across the pulse point in her throat. Bella exhaled a sigh of pleasure. I rubbed the petal between my fingers to release all of its aroma, and she breathed in the pretty scent.

Three pink petals lay upon her left breast. I grasped one and traced the outer rim of her areola with it. A tiny shiver of delight caused gooseflesh to rise over her body as her nipples responded to my lightest touch. I flicked the petal softly over Bella's precious little bud then bent to kiss the other, unable to stop myself from tasting her if only for a moment.

She wriggled slightly, her legs opening further. I brushed a fresh petal over her right nipple then moved it down over her belly, letting it whisper over her navel. I bent my head again to press my lips with soft reverence and absolute adoration over her womb.

Bella opened her eyes, her gaze meeting mine. A tender smile spread over her lips, then she said, "Oh!" when she saw the rose petals adorning her gorgeous, ripe body.

"You, my love," I said huskily, "are the most beautiful blossom of all." My fingers moved with feathery touches over her hips, finding the wonderful warmth I sought nestled between her thighs.

I stroked her folds, finding her far softer and silkier than the rose petals. Her body responded eagerly to my touches, and when I delivered gentle yet purposeful kisses to her most treasured flesh, she shuddered with deep pleasure.

After she caught her breath, her body still flushed from her release, she tugged at my drawers, and I removed them gladly. When I pressed myself slowly into her, my stomach brushing over hers, the petals upon her hips released their fragrance. Their softness tickled my sensitive skin in an interesting way. But it was my wife's perfect touch I wanted, and when her fingers moved over my hips then inward, tracing over my cleft, I captured her mouth in an ardent kiss.

Bodies and hearts joined, we moved softly yet intently until we had both tumbled over the precipice, reaching our crescendos with gentle cries of joy and words of love.

As we lay together afterward, I brushed a few remaining rose petals from Bella's skin. She smiled at the gesture. I reached for the single rose that I had left in the basket, laying it between her breasts.

"It's beautiful, Edward," she said, touching a pink petal.

"It is nothing compared to you.," I replied. I kissed her again, savoring her scent, so much sweeter than the most fragrant flower.

The month had brought us many treasures: the love of family and the affection of friends. But the adoration we shared was the greatest bounty of all.