A/N: I wrote this story because I was a bit fed up with Dean's attitude towards Castiel. I might also have been inspired by the famous Dean/Cas dark alley-wall scene. So here you have it, an angry, aggressive Castiel, who finally lets Dean know what he really thinks.

Done Apologizing

Dean took a step towards Castiel, seemingly unimpressed by the hostility that clearly radiated from the angel. "What are you doing here Cas? I thought you were too busy up there in heaven to drop by or actually take the time to explain what the hell is going on there anyway." He looked expectedly at Castiel, but was taken aback by the dark look the other man shot him, eyes smoldering with barely contained anger.

"Uhm, you got something on your mind?" He paused, but after a while found it necessary to add in an irritated voice "Or will this be another one of those visits in which you tell me nothing useful at all?' These words seemed to make Castiel lose his last shred of self-control and before Dean could realize what was happening, he found himself pressed against the wall, Cas gripping his upper-arms so right, he couldn't move an inch.

"Woah Cas, way to get kinky there." Dean said with a smirk, that quickly faded when he started into the blue eyes before him. There was no sign of the compassion or reassurance that so often filled them, but only glimmered with an unfamiliar coldness. It was in rare moments like these, that Dean was remembered of who he was facing exactly, with Cas all being in I-am-an-angel-of-the-lord-and-could-smite-you-in-a-blink-of-the-eye-mode.

He would be lying is he said he didn't feel intimated right now. But Dean Winchester rarely felt intimated and he as hell did not let it show if he was, so he just continued to stare half-arrogantly at the other man, not surrendering to the chilling look.

"Think you can loosen your grip there buddy? You're kind of hurting me" Dean said, starting to get angry himself now. He looked down at Cas' hands, his fingers were boring through the fabric of his jacket. But Castiel gave no sign he had heard Dean's request, other than he maybe locked his hands even tighter around his arms. Dean focused his eyes on Castiel again, when the angel said in a grave and low tone, voice still thick with anger. "I am done apologizing." He said every word slow and deliberate, wanting to let the meaning come across loud and clear.

Dean looked questioningly at Cas, until he thought he'd caught on and he let out a small sigh. "You know what Cas, it's fine. I'm not that mad, just let go and we'll forget about it."He nodded encouragingly but was puzzled when he saw the incredulous look that Cas shot him.

"You failed to understand the meaning of my words. I was not sorry before and I certainly am not now." He leaned impossibly close to Dean, almost lifting the other man up against the wall as he stepped even nearer.

Dean could feel the warm breath on his face when he continued. "I rebelled for you. I even fell for you. I stood by you in the fight against Lucifer. And I have attempted to do nothing but ensure our fight was not futile." He growled, too low for Dean to hear if he would have been any further away from him.

"Don't you understand? It is the apocalypse that is at stake here? And yet every time I come here, to help you with your brother, the alphas or some demon, it never seems to be enough!" He practically shouted the last words, his flaming eyes piercing through Dean, who involuntarily shuddered at the sight. He wanted to look away, but couldn't. Castiel was filling up every last inch of his precious personal space.

"I am trying to win the war against Raphäel, doing everything in my power! I cannot and will not submit to your insignificant grumbling any longer." Castiel closed his eyes, trying to regain his composure now that he finally said what had been on his mind for months now.

Dean just continued to stare at him, taken by surprise by Cas' aggression and words. And he found he couldn't form a response.

A little while passed when the atmosphere suddenly started shifting. Castiel, after opening them, was flickering his eyes all over Dean's face, as if he had only just realized how close he exactly was to the hunter. He dropped his eyes, feeling nervous for the first time since he had entered the hotel room.

Dean tried to took advantage of the moment and started to try to loosen the grip on his arms. Castiel's head snapped upwards, his eyes still darkened, but not with anger this time.

"Do not move." He said, voice almost a whisper, the anger being replaced by a sort of possessiveness. Dean swallowed heavily, heart beating frantically. He was frozen, both in Cas' clasp on his arms and in his mind. His brain refused to function anymore, the only thing he could see or think was Castiel, he was everywhere.

Still pinned between the angel and the wall, he had nowhere to turn to when Castiel leaned in closer, painfully slow. And in truth, Dean didn't want to, even if he could. With the little room he had for movement, he found himself moving towards the big blue eyes that looked anxiously, but a lot softer than before, at him.

Dean realized in that moment how weird the situation was, but all he could focus on was the heat that radiated from Castiel, how close he was and how his scent clouded every rational thought. He closed his eyes, expecting the very much welcomed feeling of Castiel's lips against his. But suddenly he heard the familiar flutter of wings, and he found himself alone in the hotel room once again.

A/N: I have no idea if I will continue this story, have a few ideas but it depens on the response I get. Also, English is not my first language and this is only my 2nd fanfiction I ever wrote, some feedback/reviews would be hugely appreciated. Seriously, I have no idea how good/bad this story is.