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Chapter 11

"When it's all over we still have to clear up"

Sam couldn't help but look triumphantly at Dean. There really was no way out for his brother, who seemed to realize this now as well as he tried to casually pick up his shirt from the floor. Sam moved his eyes away from Dean to look at Cas. The angel seemed to be stuck somewhere in between disbelief and wonder at what had just happened.

"You know Bobby, perhaps we should step outside for a second." Sam tried to not sound gloatingly but failed miserably.

"No need." Dean said quickly, his voice gruff, and he walked to the door, pushing his shirt over his head in the process. Castiel gazed after Dean until he had disappeared outside.

"Uhm, well, I'm gonna get changed." Bobby said as he thankfully gestured at the blood on his shirt and walked away, leaving Sam and Cas. Sam wasn't sure what to do next, on the one hand he wanted to stay as far away as possible from whatever was going on between his brother and Castiel, on the other hand he didn't think he had ever seen Cas look quite this hopeless.

"Cas, can I give you some advice?" Sam began hesitantly, not knowing if Castiel would appreciate him interfering, but Cas looked up from his shoes and nodded. "I don't know exactly what happened between you two, other than the curse obviously…." Sam paused for a second, choosing his next words carefully. "I do know my brother, however, and I know how he behaves in situations like these." Confusion flickered in Cas' eyes after Sam's words.

"Situations like these?" Castiel asked. "Situations when Dean likes someone so much he doesn't know what to do with it," Sam explained. "Dean has many things he's great at, feelings are not one of those things. I can't be completely sure of course, but all the ignoring and denying is typically Dean."

"Do you really believe Dean is interested in me?" Cas asked, trying to keep his tone as normal as if they were discussing the weather.

"I think you two kissing is a pretty big hint right?" Sam replied with a smile. "Just go out there, talk to him and be direct. It's all you can do. What do you have to lose?"

"My friendship with Dean." Cas said in a small voice. "I mean….I cannot.." Cas began, tripping over his words, "Dean was the first one to ever make me feel emotion. I owe him so much." Castiel muttered quietly, though not so quiet Sam hadn't heard him. "What if he does not wish to have contact with me again if I tell him?" Sam could feel Cas' quiet desperation and looked at the angel with affection when he replied.

"That won't happen. I'm sure your friendship means as much to Dean as it does to you. But shouldn't you be telling Dean all this instead of me?" Sam flashed an encouraging smile, talking to Castiel had been the right call it seemed. Cas seemed to have regained some determination and he put his hand on Sam's shoulder.

"Thank you." Cas said before he walked out the same door Dean had, moments earlier.

Castiel found Dean sitting on the hood of an abandoned car wreck, staring off in the distance. Wordlessly, Cas sat down next to him and for a long time they remained sitting silently, looking at nothing in particular as slowly the sun began to set. Thinking long on Sam's advice, it was Cas who first broke the silence.

"I have feelings for you." Castiel looked expectedly at Dean, anxious to see his reaction now that he had finally said what he had wanted to for so long. Dean didn't turn to face him, however, and it was only after seemingly an eternity that he replied.

"I don't know how to do this," he said simply. Castiel waited to see if something more would follow but apparently Dean had said all that he cared to.

"You don't know how to do this? Somehow Cas' words had come out a lot sharper and louder than he had intended and he could feel anger rising when he continued. "What about me? You have a whole life of being human, I have no idea what I am supposed to do. I never had this kind of issues before I met you." Castiel was shouting now, "You made me feel these things! Now look at me!" Cas painfully grabbed Dean's shoulder, forcing him to turn around. He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself but found himself at a loss of words. He had tried and tried and then had tried again, he was done.

"Cas." Castiel didn't think he had ever heard Dean sound so weak and pleading, apart from the time he had been lying in a hospital bed, broken by Alastair. Cas' hand was still on Dean's shoulder when the hunter continued. "Cas, please. You know how much you mean to me." Despite everything that had happened, Cas' heart still leaped, but he kept his eyes cold and fixed on Dean. This was as close as he had ever gotten to Dean opening up and he wanted to see what would happen next.

"It's just complicated, you know. I mean, you're not even human! You're a freaking angel in a man's body and I really don't know how to deal with that." Finally Dean looked up to meet Cas' gaze, desperately hoping for him to interrupt and say anything at all, but the angel just remained stoic. So Dean found himself continuing, stumbling over the words in a feeble attempt to make everything alright again.

"So no, I don't know how to do this because I can't understand how the hell I got to feel the way I do about you." A defeaning silence followed, it was hard to tell who was more shocked by those words, Dean, who thought he had meant to say something different, or Castiel, who had dropped the cold mask.

Radiantly smiling, Castiel very slowly moved his hand to Dean's face, giving the hunter enough time to stop him at any second. Dean's eyes looked nervously back at him but he let Cas go on. At that moment Cas looked at him with what could only be described as love and a warm feeling took hold of Dean, so much better and so much more real than the fabricated feeling the curse had made him feel and he couldn't help but smile. As he leaned in to kiss Castiel he whispered, all defenses finally breached, "I guess we'll figure it out."


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