"Abbs, there is something I really need to tell you and I will owe you a life's time worth of Caf-Pow! after I do." Gibbs spoke over the phone.

"Gibbs! Don't tell me right now then. Come meet me at the Park."

"Okay Abbs," he finished, hung up and left for the park. He could never resist doing what Abby asked.

But he knew he was going to have to say what needed to be said at the park. He was ordered to come back to the Corps. and since he never fully retired, he had to go back.

When he got to the park five minutes later, Abby was already there sitting on a bench that was under the sade of what the kids used to call the kissing tree.

He didn't think too much about that last piece of information and went to go sit next to her.

"Hey Abbs."

"Hey Gibbs. So what is so bad that you will have to owe me a life's time worth of Caf-Pow! for? It can't be good."

"It isn't Abbs," he sighed, "and I can not control it either."

"Gibbs! Just tell me already. I will find out eventually."

"Abbs," he paused. It was hard to find the words, but when he did, he told her "I am being called back to the Corps."

Abby flung her arms around him and she never wanted to let go.

Gibbs didn't make her let go because frankly he didn't want her to. He just pulled her on to his lap and held her tight.

"How long until you leave, Gibbs?" Abby was the first one to speak after several minutes of silence.

"Two weeks but I am not sure of how long I will be gone."

"Gibbs, don't leave me. Please don't leave me," Abby was almost in tears.

"I am not leaving you, Abbs. You are the last person I would ever leave. I will write you every chance I get. You have to promise me to stay strong for me and always write me every week," he paused yet again. This was just so hard for him but eventually he found the strength to continue. "But thee is something else I need to tell you," he needed a response from her before he could continue.

She nuzzled a nod into his chest, agreeing with everything he just said and let him continue.

"Abbs, I love you. Like, I really love you and I just needed to tell you that," he paused wanting to say the words he was thinking, "just in case."

Abby held him tighter and looked up at him, knowing what 'just in case' meant.

"Really? For how long have you loved me, Gibbs?"

"Yes Abbs, really, or else would I feel this comfortable sitting under the kissing tree like this with you? And as for how long, I am not completely sure. You grew on me so much in the beginning years and I guess it was during then that I started falling in love with you."

"Gibbs, I have loved you ever since we really started getting to know each other. I guess I made my crush official to myself the first time you took me out to dinner for my birthday."

All he could do in response was kiss her smack on the lips and smiled at her. All Abby could do was smile back.

"Promise me that you will write me Gibbs."

"Abbs, I will write you letters every day If you wanted me too. Now I cannot promise that the letters will get through but I will write in response to every single one of yours."



"Can I take care of your house?"

"Sure Abbs. I appreciate that."

She smiled and wiggled in closer to Gibbs.

"I will need the key to your house, Gibbs."