The rest of the team was already at the club when Gibbs and Abby got there. Even McGee, since Abby and Gibbs decided to stop and pick up a movie out of the back of the video store.

Abby and Gibbs walked in hand-in-hand. None of the team was surprised as they had already been told, but they were all glad that they could finally see it.

Gibbs let Abby slide in first beside Tony. When Gibbs sat beside her, she leaned against him, wanting the closeness that they had missed the last several months. They received their drinks and socialized with the rest of the team for a while. Abby was feeling really good for the first time in weeks and she was ready to dance. She nudged Gibbs to get up and pulled him onto the dance floor.

"Do as the other guys do and let me lead," she whispered to him as she placed him behind her and set his hands on her hips.

He looked around at the other men on the floor. They were practically screwing their partners through their clothes. He also noticed that they all looked considerably younger than him as well, but he didn't care and gave all his attention to Abby. He danced like the others, if you could call it dancing, and let Abby lead. Anyone who looked over would never know that he had never danced like this before.

Feeling her rump move against his pelvis was extremely pleasurable and made his soldier stand at attention. By the end of the third song, he and Abby made their way back to the table before he came in his pants. None of the others were at the table, thankfully, so they wouldn't see his boner. He sat down and pulled Abby on top of his lap.

(A/N: The play list I had in my head was 1- Down On Me by Pretty Rick, 2- Carry Out by Timbaland, 3- Beautiful by Akon)

Abby loved the feeling of his hard-on under her. Her head was back on his shoulder, kissing Gibbs deeply. She didn't know how long they had been kissing, but the rest of the team was back at the table, relaxing. Abby and Gibbs both blushed some when they realized this.

"Oh, sorry guys. We um…. didn't notice you were back," Abby tried to apologize.

"Abby, don't worry about it. We have only been here for a minute and Tim is in the restroom. We are just glad you both are happy," Tony informed while Gibbs regained his composure. Abby smiled at Tony in thanks and Gibbs pulled her body closer to his.

"Tony, you will be back on the team soon. Don't you worry. One way or another, we will get you back," Gibbs knew they didn't want to talk about work, but they had too.

"Thanks Gibbs. But how are you going to do that?"

"Vance is having Abby and I bring a lawyer on Monday. He was not very happy with me when I returned today. I… we will bring NCIS to the statue that it deserves."

Everyone felt inspired and glad that Gibbs was back, but all too soon for them, he and Abby got up.

"I have been away from home too long. However, tomorrow I will expect you all there at three for a cook out," he smiled, glad to be back with his family. He and Abby left, needing some time for each other.