Hello everyone! This is my first fanfic, so I'm a bit nervous. I hope you all enjoy it! For clarification, this story takes place during the gang's sophomore year at college, and Xander is a part time student. Spike is tied up in his basement. This is probably going to be a little on the long side, but there will be eventual Spander, just give them a little time. I don't own any of the Buffyverse characters, but Rose is my OC. Comments are welcomed!

"Who's that?" Xander nodded across the quad. Buffy glanced in the direction, but was unable to pick out anyone in particular among the students milling about.

"Which person?"

"That girl over there, the one with the medium, dark brown hair,wearing the blue shirt?"

Buffy glanced again, and this time she saw the girl he meant. She didn't know the girl's name. "Hey, Will, you know her?"

Willow's levitating pencil dropped as she too glanced across the quad, "Um, I've seen her around, but I don't know her name. Why so interested Xander?"

He was still staring at her across the quad, but shrugged, "She looks nice."

Will and Buffy glanced at each other, Buffy smirked and Will rolled her eyes, "Watch out Xander, she's probably a demon and if you get involved she may lay eggs in you," Buffy teased.

Xander opened his mouth to give a witty come back, but closed it again, and his face dropped. She was probably right with his luck. He glanced across the quad again. The girl was looking at him, but quickly looked back down at her textbook, did he see a smile? Something clicked in his head, and he made up his mind. "I'm gonna ask her her name," he declared as he stood up, his chest slightly puffed up.

"Go get 'im tiger!" Willow barely held back a giggle as he began to walk away.

Half way across the quad he began to feel his confidence slipping, his stride became less certain. He almost stopped and turned back around, but she looked back up, and seeing him coming, put on a shy smile. He smiled in return and regained his swagger.

"Hey," he said.

"Hi," she replied, another small smile.

Oh great, he thought, now what? "Uh..." he started rather stupidly as his mind ran through every lame pick up line he'd heard in movies.

"My name's Rose," she said, trying to hide a giggle.

"Oh, wow, that's a pretty name. Like the flower right?" She nodded. "Are... are you new here?"

She nodded again, "I just transferred here."

"Ah, well, I'm Xander Harris, sophomore here, part time student. Do you like it here?"

That smile again, "Yeah, so far. Its quieter than my last school," she glanced around him, "I think your friends are quite proud of you Xander Harris," she flashed another shy smile.

Xander looked around and saw Buffy and Will unsuccessfully suppressing giggles. He'd show them, "Yeah, well, they're good sports. If you need help finding stuff, I'd love to show you around," he said more confidently than he felt.

Rose closed her book and slipped it into her messenger bag, "Well, I'm not entirely sure how to get to Early Euro History, do you know where it is?" she asked, looking away shyly.

Jackpot. "Oh, yeah, sure! Would you like me to walk you there?"

"Sure!" Rose hopped up and threw her bag around her shoulder.

Now don't mess this up Xan-man, he thought as they walked across the quad, Rose shyly walking beside him. He thought about glancing at Will and Buffy, but fortunately, he thought better of it. He didn't see them practically bent over laughing.

Who's the man? Xan-man's the man! He'd done it, as Rose stood in the door way of Early Euro History, Xander had nervously asked her if she wanted to go out to the Bronze with him. He'd expected a look of disgust, but Rose's face lit up and said sure. She'd handed him her cell number on a little piece of paper that was now securely tucked into his wallet.

He didn't even mind work that afternoon. He even whistled as he flipped the greasy burger patties and handed customers their orders. Yes, he was the man.

Latter, when he got back to his basement, even Spike's presence didn't bother him. "What's got you in such a good moon?" Spike glared at him. Xander ignored him for a moment, but couldn't help share how awesome he was.

"I got a date!" he proclaimed, as he got ready to take a shower. Spike rolled his eyes, oh great, this might be worse than angst Harris, Spike thought.

"Would you mind, Hefner, loosening these knots? I'm hungry," he asked grumpily. To his surprise, Xander came over and loosened Spike's bonds enough for him to move his arms some. Xander even microwaved the mug of blood before he handed it to Spike. This might not be too bad, Spike thought, as he gulped down dinner.

Xander rushed through his shower, brushed his teeth, swished some mouthwash. A thought occurred to him. Did he still stink of burger grease? He sniffed. He couldn't tell. This frustrated him. Cologne! Yes, that'd take care of any residual meat-like smell!

Spike was still working on his dinner, he knew he had to make it last, when Xander burst into the main part of the basement, shirtless, and started ripping around. "Dammit!" Xander cursed, "Where is it?"

"Could you bloody keep it down? Tryin' to watch my show!" Spike growled. Xander stopped for a second, seeming to consider something, then turned to face Spike, and walked across the room to stand right in front of him.

"Woa, personal space much? Fuck off!" Spike tried to back away as much as he could, still bound to a chair.

"Do I smell?" Xander frowned down on Spike.

Spike glared up at him, "Of course you do you wanker, and you smell disgusting as always!" he snapped.

"Do I smell like fast food?" Xander shouted.

Spike's eyebrow shot up, then he realized what Xander wanted. He was William the fucking Bloody, a feared vampire among vampires and demons, and this whelp dared ask him such a degrading question. He felt rage building. But what could he do? He could wait. He could out wait them all. He evenly said, "No."

Xander regarded him suspiciously, "You're not pulling my leg are you?" He leaned in, "get a good wiff."

That was too much, "If I can't smell if on you, you don't bloody smell like burgers!"

Xander seemed satisfied, "Don't get your panties in a bunch, sheesh!" and walked away. Spike continued to fume, silently thinking a thousand painful deaths for Xander.

Around six, Xander finally left. He didn't remember to re-tighten Spike's bonds, much to Spike's dark delight.