He felt the rain pouring down around him and tickling through his hair. He smelt the earthy rich smell of the mud slowly covering John's grave. He stared at the slowly disappearing coffin that held his brother. John had always joked that he would never end up as food for worms, he was going to the fishes, thank you very much.

The few people who had shown up for the funeral were shuffling away. Hs had refused to let mother to come because of the dreadful rain. He needed to get back to her. They were all that they had left.

The undertaker patted the last shovelful of mud and left. He was alone. He shivered and felt cold creeping up his spine.

He sighed and pulled his gaze away from the overturned mud up to the gravestone and started a little. She was there, under a black umbrella, standing on the other side of the grave with one hand resting on the gravestone.

After a moment she started moving, her hand sliding along the marker as she circled around, approaching him. He felt his chest clench and his breath hitch. She looked to all the world like Death itself, her long black dress dragging a little through the wet cemetery grass, a black veil obscuring her face. She had taken John from him and was now coming for him.

"William," he soft voice cut through the rain and she tilted her umbrella back and she lifted her veil, revealing her beautiful and delicate features.

He took an involuntary step back. Her eyes followed him. "John was a good man, I will miss him," she reached out an imploring hand. It was too much. He felt a sense of rage he had never felt before and it made him shake.

"How dare you! You did this to him! You took him from us!" his voice rose louder with each accusation and he glared down at her.

She tilted her head and meet his gaze, curiosity playing across her face. Then she smiled. She smiled up at him, "Yes, William. I did, and what are you going to do about it?" her cruel dark eyes flashed inhumanly amethyst.

He felt his body freeze up and felt a complete loss of words to express the anger raging in his mind. She laughed prettily, "Oh, William, hatred does not become you," she turned her back to him and began to walk off into the rain. He could only stare as she seemed to disappear into the mist of the London graveyard.

When she was gone, his knees wobbled and finally gave out. Damn her. So lost in his grief he didn't he feel his death coming up behind him. Didn't feel the strong hands lift him up. Didn't hear the sweet voice whisper, "Oh Miss Edith, what a beautiful, wonderful boy! Should we keep him dear Miss Edith?" a pause and a low moan, "Oh yes. We must have this sweet boy, he calls to use he does." A childish giggle and he is brought face to face with a demon. He sees her golden eyes and in them everything he could be if he just gave in and let go. So he does. He tilts his head to expose his neck and the last thing his living eyes see is his brother's gravestone.

"Captain John Benjamin Pratt. Beloved Brother and Son. He sails beyond the Horizon."

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