A/N: New chapter, yay! This story is slowly but surely coming along, and I now have a notebook I'm using to plan out all my stories, so I should be a bit more organised now! Anyways, more Jackie this chapter, and they're off to Monkey World..


Although it had been Rose earlier to reassure her husband that the kids would be fine, it was Rose who was being most stressed out now, despite the children getting better. The Doctor, however, couldn't wait to get back to his adventures. He just hoped that nothing like this would happen again...


Rose finished tying Thomas' shoelace and released the eager little boy to scramble from the console chair and out the TARDIS doors. Rose hurried after him, grabbing her rucksack on her way out, shutting the TARDIS doors behind her before turning to her family. Smiling, she slipped her hand into the Doctor's and they set off through the dirt car park.

"Where are we going, Dad?" Michael asked, wandering along beside his parents.

"Wait and see." The Doctor replied, grinning.

As the children looked around, they saw a large building at the other end of the car park. They looked up and saw a huge sign stating 'Monkey World' and the kids grinned. Just as they neared the entrance, they spotted Jackie waiting by a sign.

"Gran!" the four children yelled, running over to her.

As she hugged the four children, the Doctor and Rose headed over.

"You were able to borrow Bev's car, then?" Rose asked as she reached her mum.

"Yeah, Mickey offered to drive me, but I'd already gotten the car off of Bev." Jackie replied, ruffling Thomas' hair.

They quickly got into the queue and the Doctor pulled out the wallet Rose had brought him for Christmas. As they stepped up and the Doctor asked for five adult tickets and two child's tickets, Jackie pulled her purse out. However, when she tried to pay for her own ticket, the Doctor protested.

"No, I insist, Jackie. Our treat." The Doctor told her, quickly paying the entrance fee.

They ushered the children through the gate and into the park, Jackie still protesting.

"But it was over £70, Doctor! At least let me pay for my ticket; you've even brought the picnic!" Jackie pointed out, nodding at Rose's backpack.

"Honestly, Mum; like Theta said, it's our treat. We wanted to do this for the kids now that they're better, and we thought you'd like to get out of London for the day." Rose replied.

Jackie sighed, relenting.

"Ok, fine. But on the way out, I'm taking the kids in the gift shop and getting them something each." Jackie insisted.

Realising that this was the best she would get from her mother, Rose nodded in agreement. By now, the children had wandered over to a large map of the park, and were arguing over what animals they wanted to see first.

"Mum, can we go and see the chimpanzees first?" Leanne asked, beginning to tug Rose's arm.

"No, I wanna see the orang-utans." Michael told his little sister, beginning to walk off.

"But what about the lemurs?" Jenny reminded them.

"Look, kids, we'll work our way round the park, ok? We'll see them in whatever order they're in." The Doctor told them.


Leanne and Thomas were eagerly tugging Jackie along the path, pointing out the different monkeys as they passed the enclosures. Jenny and Michael had persuaded Rose to lend them her digital camera, and they were wandering around taking photos of all the monkeys while their parents wandered behind them. They had already seen the chimps and the nursery, and had just passed the orang-utans and been in the lemur walkthrough- something that Thomas had freaked out at, and had ended up being carried by Rose while Jackie muttered fondly about how he could handle aliens but not small primates. At the children's insistence, they were now heading down to the Great Ape play area, where they planned to have a picnic before letting the kids run off some steam in the park. When they finally reached the zigzagging gravel path that led to the large play area, Jackie let go of Leanne's and Thomas' hands and they scampered off down the path. Jenny quickly handed the digital camera back to her mum before she and Michael took off after their younger siblings.

"Will they be alright?" Jackie asked worriedly, watching the children as they ran off down the path.

"They'll be fine, Mum. Once we get down there, we'll find somewhere to sit and have the picnic then they can go off and play." Rose assured her mother, hoisting the rucksack higher on her shoulder.

The Doctor, Rose and Jackie headed down the gravel path, enjoying the warmth of the sun as they chatted without the distraction of the children. When they finally reached the bottom of the path, the Doctor led them over to a patch of grass to the left of the park.

"I'll go find the kids." The Doctor told them, heading over to the play area while Rose pulled the picnic blanket out of the rucksack.

A few minutes later, the Doctor returned with the kids in tow, and Rose and Jackie had already set out the picnic food. The children seated themselves on the blanket while Rose handed them paper plates each and they all dug into the food. At some point while they were eating, Jackie grabbed the digital camera. Once they had all finished eating, she brandished the camera at the rest of her family and, despite protests from the Doctor, Jackie managed to get several good photos of the young family together before the kids ran off to the park.


"Come on, Lea," Rose called, watching her youngest daughter, who was at the top of a large climbing frame.

They had finished eating just over forty-five minutes ago now, and the adults were keen to get back to look at more of the monkeys. Once they had finally encouraged Leanne, Tommy, Michael and Jenny to climb off the various play equipment, they headed back up the pathway to head back to the main part of the park.

"Can we have an ice cream?" Jenny asked suddenly, noticing the small ice cream kiosk.

"Yeah, please dad?" Michael asked, keen with the idea.

As Thomas and Leanne also began pestering, the Doctor sighed and began digging in his pocket for change.

"Oh, it's alright, I'll get these." Jackie insisted, already pulling a £20 note out of her purse and heading over to the kiosk. "Do you two want something?"

"No, I'm fine thanks, Mum. Are you sure you wanna pay?" Rose asked in concern.

"I insist." Jackie replied.

The children followed their gran over to the ice cream kiosk, already shouting out what they wanted. Rose and the Doctor waited patiently while Jackie bought all the kids an ice cream each. Once that was done, they began heading back up to look at the rest of the monkeys at the park.


The rest of the day sped by, and soon they found themselves in the gift shop, waiting to go home. While the children hurried round, trying to decide what they wanted to buy, the Doctor and Rose waited quietly near the door. The Doctor sighed impatiently, shifting the rucksack on his shoulder- he had taken it from Rose at his insistence.

"Your mother does realise that this will cost her a small fortune, right?" the Doctor asked Rose, grinning.

Rose nodded, grinning back.
"Yeah. But I think Mum wanted to treat them, as she doesn't get to see them that much." Rose replied.

Just then, Jackie came over, followed by the children, all of whom were clutching a new cuddly monkey toy.

"Look what I got, Mum!" Leanne announced, running over to her Mum.

"Wow!" Rose exclaimed, lifting her daughter onto her hip as they headed out of the shop

"It's a chimp!" Leanne exclaimed, waving the toy in her Mum's face.

"What did you three get?" the Doctor asked, watching Thomas grab Rose's free hand and burrow himself into her side.

"I got a capuchin. I'm gonna call him Dexter, like the one in Night at the Museum!" Thomas piped up as he clung to Rose.

"I've got an orang-utan and Jen got a lemur." Michael finished, nodding at his sister.

By now, they were out of the park and in the car park.

"Right, kids, say bye to your Gran. And say thanks for the toys too." The Doctor told them.

Jenny and Michael immediately moved to hug Jackie goodbye, and they both thanked her. Rose lowered Leanne to the ground and she gently pushed Thomas and Leanne forward to hug their Gran goodbye.

"Looks like these two are a little worn out." Jackie chuckled as Leanne lifted her arms up for Rose to pick her up again.

"Yeah, at least it'll be easy getting them to bed tonight!" Rose replied, ruffling Thomas' hair.

"I'll see you soon, yeah?" Jackie asked, hugging her daughter.

Rose nodded. Smiling, Jackie pulled away and turned to the Doctor.

"Oh, come here, you!" she told him, pulling him into a hug.

The Doctor laughed and accepted the hug. Soon, though, Jackie pulled away.

"Well, I'd better be off." Jackie told them.

They walked with her to the car before bidding her goodbye again and finally heading back to the TARDIS.