Reflections of You: A Walk to Remember Poem

By: PeachyKeen13

My head would get confused, and I'd choose a wrong path

I'd try to find my way back out, without finding God's wrath.

But it wasn't easy all alone, with no one to help me along

Someone to tell me the paths I was taking would always be so wrong.

But then when I found you, my heart was changing ways,

And though I did not know it, you were making me better everyday.

You came to me like sunshine after a thousand days of rain,

You brought along such happiness that you wiped away the pain.

But you were just doing that being nice, for now I do know

That the real pain was in your heart, what you were to undergo.

You kept it a secret, and I can't blame you, why would you ever tell?

The one thing that I did know was that you wanted Wedding Bells.

And how could I ever say no to such a fond request?

While I knew I'd never be good enough, I could do always my best.

You changed me for the better, you changed me for the worse,

For three months after our Wedding carriage, I was following your hearse.

And the tears I shed were all for you, my happiness and life.

The tears I shed were for my best friend, my company, and wife.

I helped you with your famous list, made you be in two places at once,

The time that was set aside by God, was time that was just for us.

But all good things must come to an end, and though I'm feeling blue,

In every single tear I shed, I saw reflections of you.