New York. What is there to describe or tell about other than it's exactly what everyone makes it out to be. The streets are an un-ending line of yellow, and the sidewalks full of people rushing from one place to the next. Not a place for someone whom isn't really from the town, which is where this story begins.

"Awe Crap!" muttered a soft voice.

Wearing a knitted hat over his brown hair and his bright baby blue Giorgio Armani trench coat, Kurt Hummel stood looking at his map upside down, and then switched it to the side, then turned it right side up before turning it upside down yet again. The teen groaned in frustration as he lowered the map, hitting it against his thighs, while men and women in dark suits passed him. Unnoticed. Unacknowledged. Alone.

"How am I lost in my dream world?" Kurt demanded mainly to himself as he pushed through the crowd like a salmon going upstream. He stood outside a Starbucks shop before he flapped his map open again.

He turned the map this way and that before he lowered his head into his map, admitting defeat finally. Why did he even leave Ohio? He could have found a nice community theater there… right?

Taxi's honked in the street, drawing Kurt to look up and around wondering what was going on, but then shrugged because in the second he looked up the problem was already solved and the cars were on their way. The building surrounding him were covered with AD's and digital boards playing commercials, as a group of teenagers walked past him laughing in their conversation. Kurt smirked and lowered the map as he walked somewhat behind them.

Of course he couldn't find anything better than Broadway! He looked around in awe as he came to a new part of New York; it was just like in the movies. He looked back at the girls and gasped, they were nearly out of his sight! He broke into a run trying to find them but when he saw them turn the corner and he turned the corner, he ran straight head on into someone.

Kurt backed up and rubbed his face looking up and saw a guy dressed in casual jeans and a shirt that supported athletic sports. Typical man, Kurt thought bitterly when he looked up to put a face to the man. To his utter amazement, it was someone he knew and someone he loathed. David Karofsky.

"Wow… What ah…. Er… coincidence…" David stammered as he rubbed the back of his neck slightly nervous.

Ever since that time in the locker room, they hardly every spoke to each other, not even in words of hate, basically they had made the other invisible. Kurt stared at David in confusion and then shook his head as he pushed away from him. David? In New York? Impossible! There was no reason to be in New York!

"What are you doing here?" Kurt asked bitterly and crossed his arms.

David looked at Kurt and sighed, he didn't expect Kurt to be nice to him after all the crap he had done to him in Jr. High and in high school. He had hoped, maybe, he would've forgiven him but he was just glad Kurt was actually talking to him and not storming off from him like he would have done.

"Training." He said and lowered his head as he answered, looking away when he heard the taxi's honking at each other.

"Training? For what?" Kurt scoffed rolling his eyes. David wasn't training, he betted. David probably heard that he was here in New York and went after him so that he could continue to treat him poorly and not have to live a miserable life without picking on him, Kurt thought as he looked down to the black spotted gum concrete.

"I'm going to school to become a fire fighter." David said and smiled looking down to his shirt that had a skull knife with a fire fighter helmet on the skull with the words " Keep back 200 feet" on the shirt.

Kurt looked up at David and coughed a laugh before throwing his head back chuckling. Oh the irony! The very man whom had made his life hell and had tormented him for being gay, even thought the fool was gay himself, was going to be a fire fighter and save people? "I don't believe you." Kurt said in the middle of his laughing as he moved aside of him and continued walking. There was no way that David could even qualify to go to college! He had seen some of the jock's grades and it was a surprise that David got to be in sports at school.

"Are you looking for the Winter Garden Theater?" David called to Kurt, following him slowly, but Kurt kept walking, just a bit faster too, to get away from David.

"Maybe!" he called back and turned to look back at him. Why would he know the name of the theater? It's not like he was a theater geek anyway. He was a no good jock… who was training to be a firefighter.

"Kurt! Stop!" David yelled his eyes widening as Kurt started to step out onto the street as the traffic light turned green. Kurt had stepped onto the street and gasped seeing a city bus hauling towards him. He turned to run back to the curb when a large hand grabbed his arm and pulled him out of the street, making the bus miss from flattening Kurt out on the street by a mere second or two.

Kurt clutched the figure afraid to look up and still in shock from the fast motions. Wow… He thought as he shook his head causing his cheek to rub the person's chest. Buses… Taxis… why can't I just find the theater? He thought frowning as he looked up to the person who pulled him out of the street and was even more shocked to see that it was David looking down at him and stroking his back comfortingly. "You have to watch where you're going Kurt." David stressed and then loosened his arms around Kurt.

Kurt looked at David's clean shaved face and then to the chest where he had been curled into, before pushing himself out of his arms. "I… I know that Karofsky," Kurt began as David sighed heavily drawing Kurt's head up to see the disappointment and annoyance in David's eyes.

"Kurt, we are adult's. I'm pretty certain we're capable of calling each other by our first names." David spat and rubbed his chin in puzzlement. "WHERE are you going, Kurt?" David demanded frustrated.

Kurt looked down and crossed his arms, why did he need to tell him anything! He ruined his high school life and… Kurt bit his lower lip as he thought about the kiss, that didn't mean anything! He told himself. However he caved, "Winter Garden Theater." Kurt admitted as David laughed at him.

"I'm heading the same way, so if you want to, you can follow me or walk with me." He stated as Kurt looked at him confused. Why would David be going to the theater as well?

Kurt opted for walking with him so he didn't look weird following him, and hardly other words left their lips as they walked. They only time they spoke was to say, "Do we turn here?" Or "We're turning left and then going straight down to the fifth corner." Or well things of that nature.

When they got to the theater, Kurt turned to thank David when David started to blush. Kurt looked up at him surprised; he didn't think David could ever blush about anything. Was it… I mean… was he blushing because of me? Kurt thought and bit his lip smiling as well. "Well-"began Kurt when a sweet small laugh came from a few feet behind him.


Kurt turned as David walked past him to see a short boy with bleach blonde hair with clip in blue, and green hair intensions that still where short, barely kissing the short boys shoulders. He wore a Black Veiled Brides shirt and neon pink skinny jeans that were complete with two different colored converses; one orange and the other purple. The kid didn't even look like he should be in high school; however when David leaned down and planted a welcoming kiss to the young looking kid's lips, Kurt thought different.

"Klaus, why are you wearing these?" David asked and pulled on the colored hair making the boy cry out childishly and pets his hair. Kurt felt his heart stop for a good minuet. How on earth did David manage to… he trailed off. He had no words to describe what he was watching.

"Because I felt like being colorful today!" the boy said expanding his arms. Klaus smiled at David and stroked his cheek with a small pale hand before David captured it in his large hand, shaking his head when Klaus looked over and saw Kurt, "Who's that David?" he asked curiously and Kurt turned his face away.

"Um… Thanks for showing me the way." Kurt said and began to walk to the doors of the theater; he didn't even know why he was watching them anymore.

"Wait!" David called and Kurt turned to look at him. What could he want now?

"Klaus this is Kurt, I went to school with him. Kurt this is Klaus, he's my… um... My boyfriend." David said and rubbed the back of his head nervously as Kurt looked at Klaus then at David then back at Klaus.

"Well Hiya!" the kid giggled and kissed David once more before going to Kurt. "Are you auditioning to?"

Kurt looked at the boy then at David. "Why yes I am."

"Cool! So am I. David won't even though he'd be good!" Klaus stressed towards David who shook his head.

Kurt frowned. Wow things had really changed. Surprise, surprise.