Kurt looked up at David during the movie and smiled. His first date with David was going pretty normal, not that he thought it wouldn't. He lowered his head to David's shoulder and wondered what else they should do before heading back to the condo.

They had thought about going to David's condo and spending some time alone but they both knew Burt was probably walking the halls waiting for their return. He may be okay with their relationship, but Burt... Burt was Burt.

Kurt sighed and chewed on his lower lip as the movie ended. " Its over?" Kurt stated slightly confused and David nodded.

" Yeah sleepy head, its done." David teased as Kurt shook his head.

" I wasn't asleep!" Kurt fought and got up as David stood too and reached for the smaller male lowering his head to kiss Kurt when an all too innocent voice broke them apart.

" Your disgusting..."

Both males turned and saw a somber Klaus standing a row behind them. Instead of being a colorfull person like he usually had been when Kurt had saw him, Klaus was wearing black skinny jeans and a long sleeve black shirt. His hair was stripped of color and looked like he had cut it to a short lenght himself. " Klaus..." David whispered slowly dropping his hands from Kurt's body.

Kurt looked at David and then at Klaus and stepped infront of David, " David, please leave." he whispered as Klaus stopped looking at David and focused his eyes on Kurt.

" You know... until you came... I had a pretty good life. I had lead roles on the stage... I had friends... I had David..." he whispered stepping down the isle towards them.

" Klaus you were horrible to David." Kurt said and swallowed hard.

" No I wasn't!" Klaus said screaming as he covered his ears showing the hand gun in his hand.

" Oh god..." Kurt gasped as David clenched Kurt's shoulders and move Kurt behind him.

Klaus opened his eyes and looked back at them. A few people in the theater gasped and screamed fileing out of the room when they saw Klaus point the gun at Kurt and David. David looked to the people leaving and then at Klaus and leaned forward moving to stand in front of Kurt when Klaus put his finger on the trigger, " Get behind him, David!" he demanded, David heard the gun click and bit his lip.

" Klaus put the gun down..." he whispered and Klaus laughed sickly.

" Why do people always say that?"

" Because no one wants to see an idiot kill an innocent person!" David snapped and Klaus's eyes widen.

" Davie..." he whispered and looked at him surprised. " Davie you..."

" Put the gun down!" he begged and managed to move in front of Kurt.

A security gaurd of the theater came in holding his gun up and when he saw Klaus he pointed the gun at Klaus, David turned. " Don't shoot!" he called and the guy looked at him confused. " He's clinically depressed, and a mental patient in a hospital down town..." he whispered and Klaus's blue eyes widen.

" Clinically... You did this!" Klaus cried and pointed the gun at Kurt and pushed harder on the trigger and sending the bullet at David's shoulder, then a second at Kurt. The security gaurd pulled his trigger sending the bullet to Klaus's hands making Klaus drop the gun.

Kurt fell back onto the floor and David fell forward holding his shoulder looking back at Kurt and gasped moving to him and saw Kurt with his eyes closed. " No... Kurt.."

" I'm not dead..." he whispered to mainly himself and David couldn't help but laugh.

" Call 911!" he yelled over to the security gaurd as Klaus cried on the oppisite side of the room.

" Kurt open your eyes..." David whispered and put pressure on the wound making Kurt's body shudder in respond.

" No..." Kurt whispered, " If I'm dead I don't want to know.." he whispered dramatically.

" Your not dead!" David said angrily.

Kurt opened his head and swallowed hard as he tried to slow his ragged breathing but then it turned into quick hiccups. " Babe... calm down breath..." he whispered.

" D-Dave.." he hiccuped as his eyes rolled back, his body going into shock.

David heard the sirens, and smiled as he cupped Kurt's cheek. " Baby... there almost here..." he whispered but Kurt cotinued to shake violently as he attempted to slow his breathing. Two security gaurds came in and cuffed Klaus up as Paramedics came in with a gerny.

David moved back to look at him as the blue shirt and white shirt men surrounded Kurt and began to work. God... Why did this happen... he thought and watched Klaus fight his way up the isle with the security gaurds. What if Kurt doesn't survive...

" I told you I'd get him! I told you!" Klaus said in a deep voice and shook his head, " Make the voices stop... make the voices stop!" he cried as he left the building and Kurt was un the gerny.

" Get a hospital room open now." one of the blue shirta radio'ed in and David's heart started racing. Oh god... this wasn't good...