This is my new Uchihacest fic, since I ended Most Wonderful Time of the Year, I decided that I needed another fic that was mainly focused around my two favorite Uchihas, Itachi and Sasuke. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! Regular PV, until I say otherwise.

Uchiha Itachi had always been what people could consider an impossible task. He was perfect in almost every single way, except for his stoic and uncaring demeanor. He was successful, having taken over his father's business when he was only twenty years old. He was rich, his and the old family money making him very well off in his life time. He was gorgeous, long raven black hair with deep onyx eyes to match. He was adored, not just by women, but men as well. But that's just about it, more that just a surface glance at Uchiha Itachi you were surely to be burned or scorned in some way. He had a wicked, sharp tongue. His words were definitely more powerful that any gun and could cut deeper than any knife. He had ruined and ended many a relationship before swearing off romance all together. He had been sick of trying to find someone who could keep up with his sharp wit and wasn't just after his loads of money.

Itachi believed the only person who could truly understand him was his little brother, Sasuke. The boy had a fire-hot temper, full lips, perfect for pouting, a figure that matched Itachi's own, not to mention the same hair and eye color. He was like a mini-Itachi only far more approachable and much more vengeful when crossed. But all the same, Itachi adored his brother like no one else he had ever met, and he had never been one to deny him anything. Indeed his dear little Sasuke had become the Prince of Ice's weakness.

Which is why when he heard his brother was dating his long time best friend, Naruto, Itachi decided to give the blond a call.

The blond walked into his office, not bothering to knock since he knew Itachi would have been expecting him. And the raven was, he was sitting at his cherry wood desk, sipping a cup of coffee which was still steaming viciously. Naruto licked his lips as Itachi offered him a seat at the front of his desk. It was extremely nerve wracking sitting across from the older raven, his cold demeanor was enough to make Satan twitch in his seat.

" You called me?" Naruto questioned as Itachi smirked a little.

" Indeed I did." Came his laconic reply as he stood up from his desk and started to move around the room. " Naruto, how long have I known you?"

" Uhh, I would say about eight years. I met you when Sasuke and I were both twelve. So I can say that we've known each other for a very long time." Naruto said as he leaned back in his chair a little. He was starting to relax and had a feeling he knew what this was all about but he knew the older Uchiha probably wouldn't do anything to him. Itachi wouldn't want to deal with an angry little Sasuke, the boy was quite feisty.

" You say we've known each other, but do you really know me? And do I really know you?" Itachi said as he placed his hands on the blond's shoulders. He tensed slightly but then made himself relax knowing that if he showed a little bit of weakness in front of the Uchiha he would exploit it and tear him open with it. " In the eight years I've known you, I've never seen you give such implications towards my brother."

" Implications?"

" Yes, implications of wanting to date him." He continued as he sat on the corner of his desk staring directly at Naruto who swallowed the nervous lump in his throat.

" You do realize that this isn't the first time Sasuke and I have dated, right?" There was silence then. It was awkward and made Naruto nervous as Itachi almost needed to process the information he was just given. Naruto thought he just ran head first into a bomb, how could Sasuke have not told his brother about them dating when they were fifteen? They have been together for almost three years when they both decided that they needed a break from each other. Naruto was actually surprised that Itachi didn't know, Sasuke wasn't the type to keep things like this secret from him…Unless there was something to hide about it. Naruto felt a slight stab in his chest, Sasuke probably didn't tell his brother because of that whole situation. " Look Itachi if you have something to say to me, then just go ahead and say it."

" Fine." He said. " You know Naruto, I've always liked you. You were never one for beating around the bush, someone who liked to have straight facts right away. And so, you're right, I shouldn't have been beating around the bush with you." He sighed then. " I never thought Sasuke liked you in that way, but I've been wrong about Sasuke's choice in lovers before. For right now, you're on my shit list and prepare Naruto for me to make your life a living hell."

" Are you telling me that you're going to test my love for Sasuke?"

" Basically." Itachi said. " But I have feeling you'll do well."

Naruto got up from his seat as Itachi smirked at him. He stalked off to the door but stopped as soon as he grabbed the knob. " You know Itachi, one day someone is going to get you back for what you do to people." Naruto hissed out as he slammed the door behind him. Itachi had heard that more than a few times in his life and he just shrugged it off, nothing had happened so far, and he didn't see how it could later. He smirked a little and sat down at his desk. His would be expecting a call from his little brother in the next few days, and he knew it would be slightly painful to hear those words of pure hatred coming from that sweet little mouth.

Itachi started to rub his temples and took a sip of his coffee. Maybe he shouldn't have been so harsh with Naruto, if his brother was happy shouldn't he try to be happy for him? Itachi sighed as someone knocked on the door. He grunted his acknowledgement and the door opened slowly. He hadn't been expecting anyone else today so this person coming in was a surprise to him.

A shock of red hair was the first thing he noticed. The man was wearing a nice black suit and looked like someone Itachi would do business with but he knew this man, he just couldn't put a name to his face. But as soon as black eyes met blue, he knew exactly who it was.

" Kyuubi." Itachi said with a smirk and a nod.

" I'm not surprised you remember me." Kyuubi said as he flipped his crimson locks and took a seat across from Itachi. " But then again, I was probably the best fuck you ever had. And apparently the Uzumaki family is doing very well in pleasing the Uchihas."

Itachi smirked a little at that. " I've had better than you." That made Kyuubi smirk wickedly as the Uchiha looking back at him rested his face on his palm. " And I suppose you're correct. I just had a meeting with your little brother, Naruto. If you hurry you could probably still catch up with him. He's quite angry with me right now."

" Who isn't angry with you right now?" Kyuubi questioned as he leaned back in his seat folding his arms behind his head.

" That's a good question." Itachi mused as he took another sip of his coffee. " So what brings you here? I don't suppose you just wanted to catch up, Kyuubi. You never were the type to do anything without reason, chatting is so not your style."

" We only dated for six months and yet you still know everything about me." Kyuubi said as he cupped Itachi's face slightly. " Well you're right, as usual. I came here because there's something that's been bothering me." Itachi raised an eyebrow at that but remained silent. "Itachi, I believe you owe the world an apology."

Itachi scoffed at that. " Really? And what, my dearest red head, will I apologize for?" He questioned as Kyuubi's face grew more serious.

" Listen to me Itachi, just say you're sorry for everything that you've done over the years and I won't have to do this."

" Do what?" Kyuubi looked at the clock on the wall. It was an old grandfather clock that his father had kept in his own office. It was almost midnight. Itachi blinked a few times. He had scheduled his meeting with Naruto at three this afternoon, so where did nine hours magically go? That's when Itachi noticed something, his coffee was ice cold and for some reason it had felt so warm in his hand. He blinked at Kyuubi who was still staring at the clock.

" Itachi you need to apologize now!" The older Uchiha shook his head and thought that this was only a crazy dream. There was no way he would go along with his crazy imagination. When the clock chimed at midnight, Kyuubi stood up with a sigh. " Well, I guess its time." He said as he pointed towards Itachi. " Uchiha Itachi, the gods have decided that you're far too cruel to the people around you and that with such a cold personality, no one will come to love you. How sad right? Anyway…" Kyuubi snapped his fingers then, letting the air around the two of them stir up and twirl in glittery circles around Itachi. All the colors were shifting around his body as the lights dimmed.

Itachi felt strange, like someone had smacked him in the temple with a sledgehammer. His entire body was sore and he doubled over in pain. The base of his spine felt like it was ripping through his skin and the top of his head felt like his skin was pulling away from his head. He groaned with pain and fell out of his chair, rolling around on the floor as his body continued to chair and morph.

When all the light faded away, it was pitch black in the office. The only light was coming from the bolts of lightning that were bursting in the background. It illuminated the room only for a brief second but it was enough for Kyuubi to see and pick up the Uchiha. He was panting and moaning but it sounded strange to him. He turned his head to look down at his arm, it was covered in hair. It was black, smooth and Kyuubi was petting it gently. Itachi reached up to his head and tried to grab something but where there were once fingers, there were now paws. The pads of were soft and when they touched Itachi's head, he almost screamed. But he did actually scream when said paws brushed over two perky little ears.

" WHAT DID YOU DO?" Itachi screamed as Kyuubi as the man cuddled the small cat in his arms.

" Isn't it obvious? I turned you into a kitty!" Kyuubi said rubbing behind Itachi's adorable little ears, it made Itachi purr unwillingly and that made the red head smirk. He snapped again and all the lights came on in the room. He made a circular motion in the air and a mirror popped up in his hand. He put it in front of Itachi's face.

Kyuubi hadn't been kidding when he said that he had been turned into a cat. He blinked a few times, reaching out to touch the mirror with his paw. It was real, so were his little black ears that had dotted white tips, his tail was real as well, swaying and moving at Itachi's command. Everything that had just happened was real!

" But, but, but!"

" Don't throw your buts at me, Itachi. Those aren't the kind I like." He said as he tsked at the small cat in his arms. Itachi felt the urge to bite Kyuubi's finger as it moved and wagged in front of his face. He watched it intently as it move sporadically around his head. " Aw, you're so precious!" Kyuubi said as he rubbed under Itachi's chin. " Don't get me wrong Itachi, I feel absolutely terrible about transforming you into a little kitty, however this is so you'll learn your lesson."

" My lesson? What have I done to deserve this?"

" Were you not listening to my earlier speech? You're a super, mega, gigantic asshole to everyone! And because of that you break people's hearts, mine not included because I was mostly in it for the sex. But that's not the point, the point is you won't find someone to love you if you don't change your ways. So that's why the Gods said that you must be transformed and forced to find someone who loves you. But I already have a feeling you know you loves you no matter what. What you need to do is kiss this person and have them admit they love you." Kyuubi said as he put Itachi back down on his desk. The little kitty walked to the edge of the desk and hopped down, mewing a little when he landed. " God you're so cute. If only it was me you were in love with, I would give you all the kitty rubbings and loving you want."

Itachi rolled his eyes and then perked up when he heard a sound coming from the hallway. He raced out of the door, leaving Kyuubi alone in the room. The red head ran out after the cat and looked down both sections of the hallway, not seeing head nor tail of the small animal. He cursed as he ran down the left section, hoping to find Itachi soon.

Itachi made his way out of the building and started to wander around down the alleys and back streets that were all over Kohona. It was raining, hard and he now knew why cats hated water so much. It was absolutely terrible to clean off your fur. He wandered mindlessly, moving aimlessly through the streets. He hoped he wouldn't run into any dogs on the way home. Actually he wasn't even sure if he wanted to go home. Its not like any of his maids would let him in or allow him to explain what happened. If anyone saw a talking cat they would probably freak out and try to get themselves locked away. He sighed and jumped up on a trashcan. It was pointless now, there was no where he could go and besides that annoying fact, he didn't even know where he was anymore. Maybe he should have stayed with Kyuubi. He sighed and curled up on the top of the lid of the can.

That's when he heard the echo of footsteps in the alley. Itachi perked up and looked around a little, seeing a dark blue umbrella bobbing up and down in the rain. He wondered who was stupid enough to walk around this late in the rain when the person pulled out his cell phone, the light illuminated the area and the person's face. And that's when Itachi gasped, it was none other than his little brother, Sasuke.

" Hello?" Sasuke said into the receiver of his phone. " Oh hey Naruto. I'm out walking, I needed a little time to clear my head…Yeah I know its late but I'll be fine…I promise…What gave you that idea? …No Naruto I'm not going to do that…" Sasuke rolled his eyes then but there was a small smile on his face. Itachi felt sudden guilt stabbing him in the stomach. He had been so rude to Naruto but he brought his little brother so much joy. " Anyway, I'm going to go. Get some sleep, alright? I love you." Those three words hurt Itachi the most. He hopped down from the trashcan, knocking it over in the process. Sasuke jumped and he used his phone as a make shift flashlight and shined it on Itachi's small body. " Oh thank god, its just a cat." He walked over to Itachi and petted his head gently, noting how wet the fur was. " Hey there little guy, are you out here all by yourself?"

" Sasuke seriously, it's me. Your big brother." But instead of words, it came out in small little mews and purrs. Sasuke smiled a little then and scooped up the little cat.

" Well if you don't mind, I'm going to take you home." Itachi mewed with contentment. He had never been so happy that his little brother loved cats. He cuddled up to Sasuke's warm, dry body as the boy walked back to his home. Itachi realized then that he hadn't been trying to find his way home, he had been trying to find his little brother.

When they got inside Sasuke set the small cat down and he shook himself of the water covering his coat. He started to lick himself which seemed completely normal to Sasuke but to Itachi he was slightly surprised that even in his new cat form, he was this flexible. The younger Uchiha yawned slightly as he walked to the linen closet of his apartment. He grabbed a blue towel from it and grabbed Itachi from the ground, wrapping his small body and drying it off. Itachi was thankful for that, he had heard cats had trouble maintaining their body temperature and it was true. He was freezing until Sasuke started to dry him off.

He pulled the towel away and Sasuke laughed a little. Itachi looked around him and noticed that Sasuke had managed to get every follicle of his fur to stand on end. He smirked at the little kitty before petting and rubbing him gently. Itachi purred and jumped up into Sasuke's lap. He brushed his face against Sasuke's lovingly and gave him a small lick on the cheek with made the little Uchiha smile.

" Are you darling?" He said, the smile still on his lips. " Hmm…What should I call you?" Itachi shrugged and tilted his head to the side in an adorable fashion. Sasuke grabbed Itachi under his arms and held him up, examining him. " I think I'll call you, Itachi."

" Oh you would name your cat after me." Itachi mused as he licked Sasuke's nose.

" I'm glad you like it." Sasuke said as he put the black cat on the floor. " Come on Itachi, its time for bed."

Itachi wasted no time in moving to Sasuke's bedroom door and pawing at it. The younger Uchiha was slightly impressed that his little cat had been able to find his room but just shrugged it off, opening the door to let them both inside. Itachi jumped on the bed, snuggling up by Sasuke's pillows. But he couldn't take his eyes off his little brother when he started to change, discarding his shirt and putting on a black tank top. He took off his jeans next, showing Itachi the tight pair of boxers he was wearing underneath. Sasuke got into bed next to the little kitty, petting him a few times before turning off his lamp and shutting his eyes.

Itachi yawned a little and moved up to see right above Sasuke's head. He curled up and started to purr with contentment. Maybe this would be better than he originally thought.

Yay, I love my new fic!

Me: Indeed, a cute little pussy
Itachi: I don't know if I like you anymore…
Me: -devastation- NOOOO! LOVE ME ITACHI…Just not as much as Sasuke
Itachi: No. You're evil
Sasuke: I agree with that
Me: Fine! I won't speak to either of you!
All: -awkward silence-
Sasuke: …Uh, this was Hitoko-sama
Me: I consider than an apology, I forgive you
Itachi: -shakes head- Good job