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Sasuke woke up to a tail flicking him in the nose. It was soft but it made his nose itch so badly that he just had to wake up and itch it. He rolled over onto his stomach as the small cat on his pillows started to stretch and pad around his bed. The cat was so adorable, so small, so fragile looking. Nothing like his brother really, but what Itachi didn't know wouldn't kill him. Sasuke smirked to himself as Itachi jumped off his bed and silently stretched as he walked across the floor. Sasuke was about to get up and follow the cat when his phone went off, practically screaming with 'Howl' by Florence and the Machine. He smiled knowing it to be Naruto's ring tone.

" Hello my lovely Dobe." Sasuke answered as he rolled back over so he could stare up at the ceiling. He was so glad that his apartment allowed him to paint one wall in each room. He loved looking up at his ceiling and seeing his rendition of Starry Night splayed across in a swirling motif of emotion. The rest of the walls were dark blue, like when the night had its last few blasts of sun; so it nice to have that small splash of color from his painting.

He smiled as he heard Naruto yawn something mostly muted by the gargle the yawn caused but then frowned as he heard slamming and swearing coming from the other line. " Did you just fall out of your bed again Naruto?"

" My face really hurts…" Came Naruto's reply. Sasuke rolled his eyes, he swore that guy fell out of his bed at least everyday. " Actually Sasuke, I just fell down the stairs. Somehow I didn't break my phone which means I just won a little. But Kyuubi is laughing at me and my pride has been wounded very much by it."

" You're such an idiot but at least you're entertaining."

" Did you just hear what Kyuubi said? Because that's exactly word for word what he said! Whoa, you're like psychic in the mornings or something Teme."

" The only reason I'm psychic this morning is because you're probably suffering from a concussion or a brain hemorrhage." Came Sasuke's harsh reply as he sat up in his bed. He pulled the covers off of him and got up. His feet touch the ice cold floors and he almost hissed. Sometimes he had wished he got the carpeted apartment instead of the one with hardwood.

" Well if that's right, I'm always suffering from one of those two things. Will you nurse me back to health?" Sasuke smirked a little as he walked up to his closet, pulling clothes off the racks and throwing them onto his bed. He went into his dresser and continued to chuck things in no particular order.

" You're too far gone." Sasuke replied as he stripped himself of his old boxers. " Hey Naruto guess what? I'm naked."

" Sasuke, we've been over this a thousand times." Naruto muttered as he made strained sounds like he was getting up off the floor. "You need to leave your blinds open if you want me to see you in all your glory."

" Hn." Sasuke grunted out. " Why should I make it easy if you're supposed to be stalking me?" Naruto snorted as he walked across the floor. The Uchiha could hear the creaking on their floors as the blond took steps across them. The Uzumaki home was probably the loudest house in existence. Sasuke thought it fit the Uzumakis perfectly because it was loud, and the sounds it made were random just like when Naruto had too much coffee, or his mother, or his brother...Every Uzumaki except Minato really. " You know what's kinda sad?" Naruto 'hm'ed as he heard the sink turn on; the blond was making ramen. " You seem even smarter than normal and you just woke up and fell down the stairs."

" You're right Teme. I should fall down the stairs more often, all the blood must be rushing to my brain because the blood that was there previously is leaking into my skull! It must be the key to jump starting the thinking process." Naruto said with a scoff. Sasuke smirked, sometimes Naruto was so funny in the mornings. There was silence as Naruto continued to make his ramen and Sasuke clothed himself. He didn't bother showering since the only person who was going to see him was Naruto and his kitty wouldn't care either. " So what time did you get in last night?"

" Uhh about one or so. But I have good news about my walk! I found a kitty."

" I swear Sasuke if you end up old and alone you're going to turn into a cat lady. With a penis…Yep, I can see it now." Naruto laughed a little but then the line went silent. " Sasuke you're not allowed to be a cat lady, they'll eat you when you die."

" That's a joyful thought. But don't worry about me turning into a cat lady…cat man…Whatever. As long as I have you, I'll never be alone. Plus with the way things are going, Itachi isn't going to die before me. He'll probably cling to life just long enough to watch me die then die himself."

" Sounds like your brother. So have you called him yet?"

" No. I've decided to give him the silent treatment for what he said to you. It really pisses me off that he's trying to control my life." Sasuke muttered as he pulled at the edge of his shirt. He walked out of his room and into the bathroom. " If I wanted someone to control my life, I would go live with my Dad. He's retired now and would have all the time in the world to make my life a living nightmare."

Sasuke put his phone on speaker and placed it on the counter as he opened the cabinet above the sink. Naruto was making slurping sounds which meant the three minutes were up. Sasuke rolled his eyes but then turned his head as he heard the toilet flush. Itachi was sitting on the toilet, his paws were on the lever as he looked up at the younger Uchiha. " Sasuke you know I hate it when you go to the bathroom when I'm on the phone with you. It's awkward."

" That wasn't me," Sasuke said in a higher volume than normal. " It was the cat I brought home."

Itachi hopped off the toilet then, rolling his eyes. ' Don't be so surprised Sasuke. Humans use the bathroom in this manner all the time.' He thought as he jumped up onto the counter and started to snuggled Sasuke.

The younger Uchiha smiled as he started to pet and rub the cat. " I'm amazed he can use the toilet. It's really awesome though; I don't have to buy a litter box. I'm the master of finding amazing cats."

" Indeed Sasuke. Well I'm going to get ready for the day. I'll be over in a hour or so." Naruto said. Sasuke heard the rustling of a bag and the blast of water from the sink. It meant that Naruto had finished his ramen. Sasuke smirked, the blond would be all his, all day.

" Okay. I'll see you then. I love you."

" You too Teme. Don't turn into a cat lady."

" Alright, don't fall down the stairs and die."

" I promise nothing." Naruto replied and then the line went dead. Sasuke turned off his phone and Itachi just sat on the counter wishing so much that he could get right in Sasuke's face and roll his eyes like he had never done before. That entire display was so…He didn't even know if he had words to explain it. So…Disgusting but in a weird way. Sasuke and Naruto were so grossly lovey-dovey and the thought of it made Itachi die a little on the inside. Though he was grateful his little brother found him, he almost wish he hadn't just because of his relationship with Naruto. He really didn't want to be fronted with Sasuke being all over Naruto and maybe even catching them in the act.

Itachi twitched then. He swore if Naruto or his little brother tried anything sexual with the other, he would be right in their faces to break it up. The last thing he wanted scaring his mind was his little brother bending Naruto over the bed…

' Dear God why did I think about that!' Itachi thought shaking his head. He mewed at Sasuke, putting his paws on his little brother's chest. The younger Uchiha smiled and rubbed Itachi so gently behind the ears that it made the small cat purr with contentment.

" You're going to love Naruto, Itachi. He's so great." The cat stopped purring then and he walked to the opposite side of the counter where he wrapped his tail around his entire body and faced the wall. " Eh? Are you sulking? Aww, I see now my little kitty. You don't want to share me with Naruto, do you? You're so cute. I guess you're more like my brother than I originally thought."

Itachi turned back around then, letting his tail sway and thump against the counter. Sasuke smiled a little. " Come on, let's go get you something to eat before you get sassy like your little tail."

Sasuke grabbed the cat then, holding it gently as he stroked and loved on it. Itachi purred loudly as he leaned into his brother's wonderfully pleasurable touches.

LATER…About the time Naruto comes over. Obviously.

Sasuke was sitting on his couch watching TV and petting Itachi until the small cat had fallen asleep in his lap. When he heard knocking at his front door he practically jumped out of his skin. He had almost forgotten Naruto was supposed to be coming over so they could hang out. Sasuke smiled as he lifted Itachi up and put him around his neck like a feather boa. The cat didn't seem to mind and he licked Sasuke's face before resting his head against his shoulder.

He opened the door and Naruto was leaning against the door frame, in a pose someone would see in a magazine ad. " Hello my dear Teme. I heard you had a leak that needed to be fixed."

" I'm afraid I don't have any money. I hope you don't mind if I pay with my body." Sasuke said as he leaned in, his lips puckering up slightly. Naruto put his hand on Sasuke's face, keeping him at arms distance. The younger Uchiha blinked, a slight frown on his face.

" No! Rape!" He cried flailing his arms at the man in front of him. Itachi looked over at the blond and flicked his tail. The older Uchiha shook his head, apparently he hadn't got past the first three minutes of that porno. Sasuke started to laugh as he practically dragged Naruto into the apartment. Their lips were on sealed together in an instant. Sasuke tried to deepen the kiss but Itachi put both of his paws on Sasuke's face and pushed him off the blond but then jumped into Naruto's arms as a means of qualifying his actions. " I assume this is your new kitty. So what did you name him?"

" Itachi." Sasuke said as he 'tsk'ed softly at the small cat his blond was holding. Itachi waved his paw at the finger his little brother was using to scold him. Both the blond and Uchiha found the sight to be absolutely adorable. He kissed Itachi on the head.

" You would name him after your brother." Naruto mused as he set the small animal on the floor. He looked up at the blond and started to licked his paw.

' That's what I said.' Itachi mewed. He noticed then that Naruto had gone very still like he had just seen something that made him die on the inside. Itachi's eye widened then. What if Naruto could tell that he had been turned into a cat? He started to paw at Naruto legs and the blond bent over picking up the small cat. Sasuke moved closer to him, trying to kiss the blond again but Naruto pushed him away.

" Have you showered today Sasuke?" The Uchiha raised his eyebrow and gave the blond an incredulous look.

" Why does it matter if I did or not?"

" Because you stink…A lot." Naruto's words were choppily put together like he was throwing things around on the spot. Sasuke rolled his eyes.

" Really now?" Sasuke said, a hint of lust in his tone. " Well maybe you can join me and help me clean up…?" His fingers trailed down the front of Naruto's shirt and the blond blushed, his face resembling a tomato. He grabbed Sasuke's wrist and started to push him into the bathroom. He closed the door and held onto the handle. " Naruto, you blond bastard, let me out!"

" No." He replied as Itachi walked up to him and sat down next to the blond. " I won't let you leave until you've been in there and washed yourself up for at least ten minutes." He heard Sasuke's defeated sigh and the ruffling of clothes. The water turned on and he heard the curtain being pulled open and closed. Naruto got on his knees and peered under the door, looking for Sasuke's feet. When he didn't see them assumed Sasuke actually did what he said. " Okay good." He said as he grabbed the cat. " Itachi, please tell me this is you and that I'm not crazy."

" You're talking to a cat." He replied. " Most would consider that pretty insane."

" Oh yeah, it's you." Naruto said as he grabbed the cat under his little arms. " What the hell happened to you?"

" Your brother happened." Itachi said as he narrowed his eyes. " He did this to me! And why the hell can you tell it's me when Sasuke can't?"

Naruto got silent and he laughed a little. " Well…I don't think you'd believe me if I told you." Itachi blinked and then flicked his tail as if pointing to himself. Naruto smiled sheepishly. " Right, you're a cat. Well I'm a warlock, so is Kyuubi. We inherited our prowess for magic and the such from my mother; I guess Kyuubi lied when he said he wasn't mad that you guys broke up."

" No he said the gods wanted this and that he was in our relationship mostly for the sex." Itachi said but he perked up slightly. " But you know…You're a warlock and that means you can change me back, right?"

" That sounds like Kyuubi…" He mused as he set Itachi on the floor. He walked to the couch and sat down. Itachi jumping up next to him. He looked deep in thought as he stared at the cat in front of him. " I don't know if I can Itachi. I mean Kyuubi's prowess for magic is much higher than mine and this is really strong curse." Naruto said as he turned the cat every which way to get a better look at it. " I can research the curse and see what I can do from there. You might have to see this curse to the very end…Which is?"

" I have to find someone to love me unconditionally and then have them kiss me. Apparently that will break the curse." The cat muttered as he walked into the blond's lap, curling up. Naruto started to pet him behind the ears.

" Classic 'Beast' curse…" The blond said as he nodded. " Well a loophole of the curse is that the warlock can take it off when he wants…I'll try to confront Kyuubi about this if I can't break it myself."

" Why are you helping me?" Itachi muttered as he put his paws on Naruto's chest. He stared into the blond's eyes as if searching for any lies.

" Just because you're angry with me right now doesn't mean I'm still not a good person. Not even you deserve this, I mean seriously, you've been changed into a cat by my brother! Who I always assumed was slightly evil…" Naruto muttered as he loved on the small cat. " Though, I do admit you are a really soft kitty."

" How long do you think it's going to take for you to break my curse?"

" Why does it matter?" Naruto asked with a shrug. " As long as you get turned back , it shouldn't be a problem, right?"

" I don't want to be here when you guys are doing it…" Itachi muttered not making eye contact with the blond. " That's just awkward."

" Well…You won't have to be to worried about Sasuke and I getting intimate." The blond said as heat started to rush to his face. It was completely awkward telling something this personal to Itachi. They weren't even considered acquaintances, more like forced people who had to exist together. " Itachi this may come as a shock to you but…Sasuke and I have never had sex."

Itachi sat there completely silent and then he scratched Naruto on the hand. The blond pulled back with a slight hiss; it didn't hurt really but he always had that reaction with cats. He glared down at the cat as he licked his paw clean. " Don't lie to me Naruto. Really, I know what you guys do. You're young adult males and you both have sex drives, plus I already know for a fact Uchihas are horny by nature."

" Oh I know that too, Sasuke is constantly coming on to me. He has boundary issues; he's all over me all the time when we're alone and makes everything about sex…incase you couldn't tell. That's why we broke up the first time, he was pressuring me to do things with him and I wasn't ready." Naruto's face was beat red and Itachi blinked. There was no way the blond was lying to him. " And I know what you're thinking 'why the hell would you wait?'. Call me old fashioned but I want to be married before having sex. After being broken up for almost two years he finally accepted that and says he wants to get married."

" HOW LONG WERE YOU TOGETHER WITHOUT ME KNOWING!" Itachi practically screamed as he dug his nails into Naruto's thigh. The blond's eyes started to bulge out of his head as he bit his lip. He pushed Itachi off his lap and towards the other end of the couch. " You and Sasuke can't get married! You're both barely twenty…And men!"

" As long as Sasuke thinks he's in love with me, he's going to want to get married. Well in the weird legal sense, since well… we're both men." Naruto muttered, almost bitterly. Itachi stared at the blond, he couldn't help but be bothered by that comment but before he could say anything Naruto continued, " and just for your knowledge since I'm still surprised you didn't know, we were together for three years." Itachi's jaw practically fell off his face. Three whole years and he didn't even pick up on it? He was angry, but not really at Naruto anymore, at himself. If he had paid more attention to Sasuke he would have noticed the signs, not to mention Sasuke always seemed to have something to tell him. " We got together when we were fifteen and broke up a few months after I turned eighteen. Sasuke dated other people and I just stayed single. After his last break up he got really plastered and came to my house, demanding that I get back together with him. I let him stay over and in the morning we talked it over and I decided to get back together with him. I'm much more comfortable with the relationship now, he's far more relaxed about our non-existent sex life."

" Have you two set a date?" Itachi asked, trying to get a feel for this. If Sasuke loved Naruto that much, he would have to get used to the idea of Naruto being a major part of his life and family.

" No because Sasuke's only settling for me. He just hasn't figured that out himself yet." Naruto said and Itachi thought about slicing the blond across the face with his claws. Sasuke was completely set to marry this idiot and the blond was denying his little brother's love, but there was a look in Naruto's eye that almost worried him.

" What are you talking about? Sasuke loves you. If he could go almost five years without having sex with you, that's really saying something about his character. I would have tried to rape you by now." Itachi said turning his head away to lick his paw.

Naruto sighed, rolling his eyes. Itachi would be completely oblivious too. " Itachi, you're the reason I don't want to marry Sasuke." The older Uchiha froze. He was the factor that was interrupting Sasuke's love life? Was he really that terrible? Itachi opened his mouth to say something but Naruto shook his head. " It's not what you think Itachi. You must have at least, slightly noticed it…"

" Noticed what?" The door to the bathroom swung open and Sasuke practically stomped out, clad in nothing more than a towel. Itachi blinked as Sasuke came to stand in front of the blond. He dropped the towel with a smirk showing off his quite full manhood. Itachi's eyes widened as he took it all in with his eyes, or at least tried too. His brother was strangely well equipped. The older Uchiha looked up at Naruto, his face was absolutely priceless. He had a look that was a kin to horror and amazement. Itachi chuckled to himself a little. Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad after all. It could be quite amusing.

Sasuke crawled into Naruto's lap, straddling him. He played with the blond's bottom lip with his finger, smirking as the blond's face turned completely red. Sasuke flicked him across the nose before leaning in and planting small kisses all over the blond's face and lips. " Clean enough for you?"

" No." Naruto replied. " I think you're still pretty dirty Teme."

" Only for you." Both of them laughed huskily and Naruto grabbed the back of Sasuke's head, pulling their lips together. Itachi felt a mild mix of disgust and something he had never felt before. It made his blood boil and made him feel as though he was going to spit up acid. It was the most horrible thing he had ever felt in his life. He jumped on Sasuke's back then, digging his nails into the soft, unmarred flesh of his brother. The Uchiha reeled back, pulling the cat off and standing up swearing. " What the fuck? Why did he just attack me?"

Naruto looked over at the small animal. Itachi's eyes had gone dull with shame; what he had done was unforgivable. Hurting his little brother was the worst thing he had ever did and he could feel his heart starting to burn with pain. Sasuke meant everything to him. He lowered his head and was about to jump off the couch when Naruto spoke up. " There was a light shinning on your back and it was moving. You should know that cats get excited when things move, its their natural instinct to hunt." He helped Sasuke to the bathroom to clean his wounds and Itachi was stunned. Naruto had probably just saved him from being thrown out or taken to the humane society. It was disgusting that the blond was so kind and concerned about him even though he was being so horrible.

But why did he do that? Why was he so mean to Naruto that day? Itachi didn't understand it himself and something Naruto said earlier was still bugging him to no end. What could he have possibly meant by his comment about Sasuke only thinking he was in love with him? Itachi shook his head and jumped off the couch as Sasuke came back into the living room with Naruto. He was wearing his pants and had small bandages covering his back. Itachi walked up to him, head down. Sasuke almost melted with sorrow as he picked up the small cat.

" Aw, I think he's sorry." Sasuke said as he kissed Itachi on the head. " Poor thing, I probably scared the shit out of him." He snuggled the cat to his chest and Itachi started to purr. His brother was so good to him.

THE DRAMA IS BUILDING! And it is amazing! What will Itachi now?

Itachi: I know exactly what I'm going to do.
Me: Sulk?
Sasuke: Let Naruto and I be happy?
Naruto: Get really drunk?
Itachi: ...Uh, no. None of the above.
The three of us: Aww...But I liked my idea.
Itachi: Stop that.
Me: Fine...Fun killer. This was Hitoko-sama.