A/N: I do not own anything to do with Twilight... All Human (talents still seemingly exist).I added two more caracters. Annabelle Cullen and Corin Volturi-Smith... I needed them cuz i didn't want to hurt the main characters most, and i also needed a caracter i would relate to...


Just Peachy


It was my first day of school… Charlie had told everyone about me… It is so extremely embarrassing! Everyone stares at me. They definitely aren't helping me with my balance issue… I should be paying attention to walking, not all of the people staring. I looked down at my feet and tried to make sure I wouldn't fall over. That was when I ran head first into someone.

"I'm so sorry!" I said instantly. I looked up to see a tall boy. He looked like he had more muscles than most accomplished athletes. He had short brown-black hair and bright green eyes. He looked perfect and beastly all at the same.

"It's alright." He chuckled lightly. "You look a little lost." He said noticing the map I had in my hands.

"Yeah… They must have printed off the map backwards and upside down… Do you know where the office is?" I asked in a sheepish voice.

"Oh. You must be Isabella! Yeah… The office is over there." He said pointing to a pair of doors. Bella… I corrected in my head.


"Yeah… I'm Emmett. It was nice to meet the new girl in town." He stated with the biggest smile I had ever seen in my life. He looked so playful and happy.

"Thanks again Emmett."

"No problem Bells." I smiled…I much preferred Bells to Isabella. I walked towards the double doors quickly and asked for my schedule. Thankfully Mrs. Cope wasn't too talkative.

Classes had been okay… I guess. I knew almost all of the material already…and everyone stared… But I slipped through slightly unnoticed and at least made one friend… Angela. She was very nice, quiet, and shy…huh sounds like me.

I was now standing in the lunch line. I slowly placed peaches on my tray. I turned to walk forward again but I tripped. My tray flew out of my hands and spilled on the front of the girl in front of me. "I am soooooooooooooooooooo sorry!" I said for the hundredth time today. I looked at her. She was very short and she had long brown hair that fell to her waist. She had a beautiful green and brown dress on that now had a peachy spot on it. Her eyes were bright hazel. She was very pale but incredibly beautiful. If anyone could make you sick by being beautiful she could. "I'm so sorry." I repeated a second time in nearly half a second. She smiled at me politely.

"Hey, don't worry about it." She smiled.

"I still am so sorry."

"Hey, chill out. It's just a dress." A very expensive dress, I thought to myself. "Everything will be fine. I'll ask my sister if she brought any extra clothes to school today…she always does." She grinned.


"Don't you worry your pretty little head about it anymore. I will be completely fine. I am not allergic to peaches." She laughed and left before I had the chance to apologize.


I walked to my table and sat next to Alice and Edward. "Ahh!" Alice screamed. "What happened to your dress?"

"Just a little spill Alice… Honestly it's nothing too bad. Do you have any clothes that I can wear though…?" I wondered.

"Of course I do!" She giggled. Edward had his head down on the table with his black hoddie pulled over his head.

"Hello, Edward." I said softly.

"Annabelle." He answered quietly. Lately he had been acting very different… Of course why wouldn't he be? Tanya had done some pretty rude things to him in the past few months… Not that Alice and I hadn't warned him about her…even Jasper didn't like her. It seemed that since then I was the only one Edward even responded to with any kind words. Almost everyone else got the bird…even Alice—sometimes—unfortunately.

"How are we today?" I asked in a whispered voice.

"Same as yesterday." He sighed.


"Don't say it." He threatened. He always knew what I was going to say.

"Keep moving forward." I said anyway, quoting one of my favorite Disney movies. He slapped the back of my head teasingly. He looked at me with those big green eyes of his and sighed.

"I really wish I could stay mad at you long enough to beat you up, squirt." He whispered only loud enough for me to hear. I stuck my tongue out at him and laughed. I felt bad for the kid. It seemed like I was his last line of defense. He and I were always close…and after what happened to him we were now stuck like glue…

"Ha ha ha!" I laughed.

"You are absurd." Edward sighed. "I just threatened to hurt you and you are laughing."

"You couldn't hurt me even if you wanted to." I smiled angelically.

"True…" Edward pouted. "I wish I could at times…" He sighed and slipped back into his lost state.



I sat down with Angela and looked over at the girl who's dress I had ruined. She was now wearing dark blue jeans and a cyan shirt. She was as beautiful as ever. The blond who sat across from her was also beautiful, more so than the short one I had spilt peaches on. The littlest girl at the table had short spiky hair and she looked the cutest out of the three. Note to self; Blond=Gorgeous. Short brunet=lovely. Pixie=cutest little thing in the world. The five boys at the table were scattered around the three girls. Emmett sat there with a huge grin on his face. Two very tall boys were smiling at each other. And the least attractive boy sat at the end of the table.

"Who are they?" I asked as Angela followed my gaze.

"The gods of our school." Angela stated, rolling her eyes. "The blond girl is Rosalie Hale—who happens to be the second richest person in our school—she tends to be a little…standoffish. But she does have a heart; occasionally. Alice Cullen is the littlest one—she is a really bubbly person and is always nice. Alice's twin Annabelle is perhaps the nicest and quietest of the entire bunch. Annabelle and Alice are really close. Jasper Whitlock is Alice's boyfriend, and has a very calming tone to him. Emmett Cullen is like a five year old trapped in a 18 year olds body—he's Rose's boyfriend. Corin Volturi-Smith is Annabelle's boyfriend—you don't normally hear much out of him. Tyler Cowerly is the quarterback…which I am sure tells you his personality…"Angela rolled her eyes. "Normally 'puppy' Mike will try to squeeze his way into that table. They are the most popular and the most rich at our school… Except for Tanya, she is the most popular and most rich, but she hasn't been to school in forever."

"Oh…" So I just spilled peaches on a goddess… Great. "Who's the person in the hoddie?"

"Oh…that's Edward Cullen… He isn't much for talking nowadays. Ever since he and Tanya broke up, something snapped in him. I don't know what's wrong with him. Though he was popular he was really nice… He helped me pass pre-calc last year. All of the Cullen's have manners… It's their popularity that makes them untouchable, not their manners. Everyone wants their attention. It's kind of ridiculous."

"Yeah…" I chuckled. This year is going to be just peachy…

I packed my bags up to leave and go to calculus. By sheer chance who do I sit in-between? The wonder twins themselves. I glanced at Annabelle apologetically. "You aren't still upset about that incident are you?" She asked quietly.

"A little." I admitted. Annabelle began to laugh. Alice looked over.

"What's so funny Annie?" Alice wondered. Annabelle never looked away from me.

"Such a pretty girl shouldn't feel guilty for such a simple accident." Annabelle grinned. "I'm Annabelle Cullen by the way." She said shaking my hand. Her grip was firm but still gentle. "You can call me Annie, Ann, A, Annie B, AnnaBellie, or Annabelle… I don't mind any of them. I get called hundreds of different names."

"Nice to meet you Annie." I smiled. "I'm Bella Swan."

"And I'm her twin, Alice, Alli, Al, Alli-Al…" Alice shrugged, also shaking my hand.

"Nice to meet you, Alice." I grinned.

"So… You're the one who ruined my sister's clothes…" Alice sighed.

"I didn't mean to." I frowned.

"Don't take her upset face too personally." Annabelle sighed with a small smirk. "Alice loves clothes… She is actually happy that you spilt peaches on me… She loves a chance to play BARBIE!"

"Oh, quit reading my mind!" Alice snapped.

"Only when you quit being obvious." Annabelle chuckled.

"Read minds?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"It's a twin thing… We always know what's happening to the other person… Alice is special anyway… She gets future-dreams… It's really cool."

"HEY! YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO TELL ANYONE!" Alice whisper-screamed, as the class started.

"I have a good feeling about Bella." Annabelle scoffed.

"Me too, but still jeeze." Then Alice smirked. "Annabelle is magical and we can almost always read each others minds. Payback…" Alice added at the end. These two girls were so funny together. They would be the kind of people I would hang out with. They were so nice yet able to tease each other without becoming upset.

"Wow, Alice, I didn't think you had it in you to be cruel." Annabelle teased.

"Oh…about that, Imma devil in disguise," Alice said popping the collar of her shirt and laughed quietly.

"You two are really funny." I chuckled.

"Thank you!" They said together.

"Ooh!" Alice sighed. "We should all hang out and get to know each other better. I have a great idea—!"

"No!" Annabelle stated. "No shopping! If we go on another 'Shopping Extravaganza' I might just shoot myself. Besides, shopping isn't the best way to get to know people. We should have a sleepover."

"Let Bella decide." Alice insisted, sticking he tongue out.

"Poor, Mary… I'm gonna win."

"Don't call me Mary!" Alice snapped.

"Um…I'm not one for shopping…so I think Annabelle wins."

"YAY! Told you so." Annabelle laughed. The teacher looked at Annabelle sharply. "Sorry, Mrs. Case."

"Mmhmm." Mrs. Case sighed sarcastically as she continued teaching.

"So…our house. You can stay all Saturday and most of Sunday. The boys will be gone too… So we'll have the whole house to ourselves." Alice sighed. "Except Ed will be there for a little while. And Carlisle will drop in occasionally. Oh, Annie don't even think about it. You can't ditch us for Ed… He's being a jerk right now! I don't know how you stand to be around him."

"I listen…" Annabelle pouted. "I will only spend a little while with him I promise… The rest of the weekend will be all girls all the time." Annabelle promised.