The Big Brother

I. Emmett Cullen was a walking contradiction.

The last Cullen made by Carlisle, he moved into his new life with far less fanfare or concern for his new situation than the epic family storm that met his almost-dying. The youngest born and yet a hulk in comparison to any of them. Towering over them all and the strongest even once the newborn phase had worn off. A cross between a hard working country boy and a loyal bulldog, who saw everything in simple, black and white, terms.

His introduction was what made the group of ragtag Cullen's (and one Hale) into a family, by smoothing the edges of their Rose and actually drawing out the more golden, hilarious side of Edward. He was, also, the first one of them to be completely cavalier about accidents and mistakes, about seeing any merit in living by Carlisle's one rule.

It wasn't that he didn't feel badly for them, or regretful for his lack of control. It was that after a good half day spent focusing on it, he put each one away. The mistake. The person. The focus. Like a photograph going into a box.

Every normal person. Even his two singers.

It was brilliant in some ways. But, also, frustrating.

As it led to him being the one who slipped up most.


II. Emmet would tell you he was the luckiest of the Cullen's.

Both when he closed his eyes the last time alive, and the first time he opened them as a vampire he saw there exactly what he wanted most in the whole world: his angel and his savior - Rosalie Hale. A woman whose beauty was only outdone by the shadowed, hollow sadness which resided deep in her eyes.

A sadness that he would spend every day for the rest of time trying to take away from her piece by piece. There was nothing he would not do or get if it would cause her face to break into a smile, for the air to fill with the sweet sound of her rare laughter. Even get remarried every four or five years.

And it wasn't as though their beginning wasn't complicated and awkward. Emmett had thought he was dying, Rosalie had needed to save him for an unknown reason and neither of them actually knew who the other person was at all when he opened his eyes.

But he was forthright, guileless, gameless and unwaveringly devoted to her from that second.

Which was, they all agreed, one of the reasons it all went as smoothly as it did. When it did.

And once he had her, the only thing that could really make any day of the future eternity better was a great fight with the biggest beast or vampire he could find, with a good bet riding on it.


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