Lex: Hey, I just realized something.

nite train: What?

Lex: I just noticed that m3At and Authoress look a lot alike.

m3At and I: What?

Lex: Yeah. They both like wearing the color yellow and they both have brown hair.

nite train: Oh yeah. I see it. Hey, they might actually be long lost siblings.


Lex: Oh yeah, prove it.

Me: We will. I know exactly where my biological parents are buried. All we have to do is get some DNA from both of them, send it in and prove that we're not siblings. C'mon, m3At! (I snap my fingers, a shovel appears in front of me, I take it and walk out of the room)

m3At: Ditto!

Ditto: Ditto... (sadly transforms into a shovel, m3At takes it and follows Authoress)

Crazy: I'll get bros and sises on Jerry Springer, bro!

Master Hand: *sarcastically* Oh joy. (Crazy runs off to do just that) Authoress does not own Super Smash Brothers, m3At, his Ditto, nite train or Lex, but she does own all of the OCs.

Arc 11: The Return








Later that day; Smash Mansion; Rose's Room

Rose (normal) glared at Sam (normal) while Sam glared at Rose. Rose's glare told Sam 'Why the f(beep!)k did you ruin my gaming session?!' while Sam's said 'It wasn't me! Tabuu decided that then was the perfect time to attack!' Brach and Tommy (both normal) had to discomfort and displeasure of sitting in the room that was covered in killer intent. Tommy elbowed Brach's side.

"Do something," Tommy whispered to Brach. Brach took a big breath of air before talking.

"How about we have a tournament?" he suggested suddenly. He then cringed in fear, not knowing what their reactions were going to be. He opened one eye to see the sisters somewhat glaring at him not in anger, but in wanting more information.

"What kind of tournament?" the sisters asked at the same time.

"Um… Well… We could…"

"Have a Smash Bros. tournament!" Tommy intervened, saving Brach from humiliation. "But instead of having it on the Wii, have it here in the mansion-"

"On the actual battle grounds?" Rose finished for him. "You two are geniuses!"

"We are?" Brach and Tommy asked her.

"And we can have the whole mansion participate!" Sam told Rose, not allowing Brach and Tommy to change their statements.

"I'll go talk to Lucas and have him show me where the stages are," Rose told the others. "You guys go find anyone and everyone who wants to battle. Meet me at the stage area in one hour." Very excited at the turn of events, Rose bolted out of her room to find Lucas. Sam, Brach and Tommy shrugged their shoulders and followed pursuit.

A ten minutes later; In a random hallway

"Hey Mario!" Tommy waved to the plumber as he, Brach and Sam walked up to him. "If you want, we're going to do a-"

"Attention everyone!" Rose's voice sounded out through the mansion, startling everyone in the mansion. She then told something to someone in Japanese away from the mic, but it could still somewhat pick her up (something about it being way easier than going out and asking every single person). "Whoever wants to be in a nonofficial Smash Bros. tournament right now, please make your way to the viewing room on the eighth floor. And if you just want to watch, that's okay, too!"

There was a sudden rumbling throughout the mansion. The four of them looked towards the stairway and saw every single Smasher and person from the Real World running up the stairs to the eighth floor.

"Wait for-a me!" Mario told them as he joined the crowd.

"Hey, if you can't beat them, join them," Sam reasoned as she also joined the crowd heading upstairs. Brach and Tommy just stood there, flabbergasted at the scene that was before them. As quickly as it started, it stopped. The two boys looked at each other.

"Why did she even send us out to get everyone if she could've just done it from that room?" Tommy asked Brach.

"Why are you asking me this?" Brach asked back. Tommy shrugged his shoulders and they started to walk up the stairs.

"WAIT!" Sarah B. (normal) yelled at them as she ran towards the stairs. Brach and Tommy turned around to see her reaching the bottom of the stairs, laying a hand against the wall as she panted to catch her breath. "I… I found some… thing."

"What about the tournament?" Brach asked her.

"Forget the tournament!" Sarah B. told them. The boys gasped at what she was saying. "This is even better than the tournament!"

"Better than the tournament?!" Brach asked in shock.

"Hold on, I'm gonna text Rose and ask her to save me a spot," Tommy told them. "Do you guys want spots?" They both nodded as he started slowly typing on his cell phone. To save time, Sarah B. and Brach dragged him along by his shirt.

"You will not believe what I found," Sarah B. told Brach as they walked. "Seriously, I was just checking out Crazy's junk pile, you know, seeing what kind of cool gadgets he's got, and I found the best thing." She then thought for a moment. "Well, I found a few really cool things, but this one tops it!"

"I'm starting to become really excited about what you found," Brach told her. The three then reached the door labeled 'Crazy's Junk Pile Room: Please note that some of the items run into the Control Room.' "So that explains some of the junk in there," Brach noted.

"Yeah," Sarah B. agreed. "Apparently, Master Hand is very descriptive about some of the signs in here. I was walking around once and the sign to his room said 'Master Hand's Room: You try to enter in here without my permission and I will destroy you!'" Brach stared at her with wide eyes. "Actually, I left a word out."

"What was it you wanted to show us?" Brach asked her.

"Oh yeah!" Sarah B. remembered as she and Brach dropped Tommy.

"Ow!" Tommy complained. "What was that for?!"

"Come on!" Sarah B., ignoring Tommy's bump to the head, told the two as she opened the door. A light came from inside as Sarah B. slowly opened the door. Brach and Tommy stared in amazement until the door fully opened. That's when a bunch of junk fell on top of them. "Probably should've warned you about that…"

"Just get it over with!" Tommy yelled at her as he and Brach pushed their way out of the pile of junk on top of them.

"Okay, okay!" Sarah B. told him as she reached inside. "Get a load of this!" She then showed them a wine bottle. For the record, Brach and Tommy were not impressed.

"You do realize we're underage, right?" Brach asked her.

"What?" Sarah B. asked no one in particular as she looked at the bottle. She then realized what he was talking about. "No! It's not wine! Read the label!" She handed the bottle over to Tommy and he read the label out loud.

"Spores of Dark Gaia," he read. He then realized something. "Are you thinking what I think you're thinking?"

"If you mean spiking Sonic's, Shadow's and Silver's drinks with this stuff, then yes you are," Sarah B. told him.

"Actually, I thought you were going to drink this, but that works, too," Tommy told her. Sarah B. glared at him.

"Sarah B., are you sure about this?" Brach asked her. Sarah B. nodded. "Don't you remember what happened when Dark Gaia was unleashed in the world?!" She nodded again. "And nothing I say is going to change your mind?" She shook her head this time. Knowing there was nothing else he could do, he gave in. "Okay, I'm in, but don't say I didn't warn you. The question is, if we go through with this how are we going to do this?" Tommy turned the bottle to read more of the label.

"It says that the safest way to get the Dark Gaia spores into someone's body is to ingest it," he read.

"Well, what are we waiting for, Pit's new adventure to come out? Let's go!" Sarah B. told them. The three ran out of the room, not noticing someone running away in the other direction.

About five minutes later; In the kitchen

"So, all I have to do now is add the same amount of Dark Gaia spores into the same amount of water and that's it?" Brach asked Tommy, holding a measuring cup over a glass of water. Sarah B. and Tommy nodded to him. He proceeded to pour the spores into the water.'

The next thing that happened was shocking. The cup suddenly started shaking. From the water slowly came up a miniature Dark Gaia. It opened its mouth and roared (although it sounded more like a kitten in pain and looking a bit cuter than the real one). Sarah B. was thinking it was saying 'I'm Dark Gaia! Fear me for I am small and cute!' (Authoress: Why she was thinking that, no one will know.) It then disintegrated into the water, turning it purple.

"…That was awesome!"

"Totally was!"

"Heck yeah!" The three then proceeded to do it again with the other two cups of water, equally impressed with the show and pretty much said the same thing as before both times.

"Now, how are we gonna get them to drink it?" Sarah B. asked them.

"Well, if I didn't know better, I would say it was grape juice," Brach told her.

"Then how about one of us serves these three glasses to Sonic, Shadow and Silver while the other two serves grape juice to everyone else," Tommy suggested. Sarah B. and Tommy slowly turned their heads so they were staring at Brach.

"Why are you guys staring at me like that?" Brach asked them. "Oh, no no no no-"

In the Viewing Room

"I can't believe they're doing this," Master Hand whispered to himself one last time before the new tournament started. "So, are we all clear on the rules?" Master Hand asked everyone, pointing at a rule chart and the match chart with a giant pointer.

"Get on with the tournament already!" Sonic yelled at her from the back of the room.

"Then let's begin!" Master Hand yelled out. Everyone started cheering in joy. "First match, is-"

"Who wants grape juice?!" Sarah B. yelled as she carried a tray with three glasses on it while Brach and Tommy came in with trays filled with glasses filled with grape juice. A bunch of hands shot up into the air.

"I told you I wasn't going to do it and I'm not doing it," Brach whispered to Tommy. Tommy shook his head.

"Here you go, you three," Sarah B. gave the glasses on her tray to Sonic, Shadow and Silver. The three drank the whole glass within a matter of seconds. Sarah B. sighed as she went over back to Brach and Tommy to hand out.

"If anyone else wants their grape juice, you're gonna have to get up and get it!" Master Hand told everyone, annoyed with them. Everyone who didn't have one groaned. "As I was saying, the first match is between Sarah B., Tommy and Brach!" Everyone started clapping for them and there were a few whistles, too.

"Alright!" the three cheered, pumping their fists into the air.

"If all three of you will follow me next door we will get started," Master Hand told them. The four of them left the room and went one door to the right. When the door was opened up, they saw four giant hollow cylinders, two on the opposite wall and one on each of the other two walls, three of which were open and a control panel in one of the corners. "All you have to do is transform, go inside and I'll take care of the rest." The three nodded as they went over to the cylinders.

"SUPER SMASH BROTHERS MELEE!" Brach and Tommy yelled out at the same time, both of them becoming surrounded in a pink and purple tower of light respectively.

"SUPER SMASH BROTHERS BRAWL!" Sarah B. yelled out at the same time, being surrounded in a blue tower. When the towers disappeared, they were all transformed and ready to battle. They each entered one of the cylinders and they closed once they were inside.

"Alright, time to start the battle," Master Hand told himself as he pressed a button on the control panel. In the other room, a screen turned on showing the Battlefield stage.

"Three," the automated voice said as Sarah B. summersaulted onto the left side of the stage. "Two." Tommy appeared with a ball of magic glowing in his hands and magic swirling around him on top of the left platform. "One." Brach appeared in a swirl of hearts, holding his umbrella before putting it away (much to his embarrassment). "Go!" Sarah B., up to an unsuspecting Tommy and kicked him in the back while Brach picked a turnip, jumped to the platform above him and threw it at Tommy. Everyone in the viewing room whooped at the beginning of a fight.

"You two will pay for that!" Tommy told them before he said and performed Nayru's Love. Sarah B. was knocked back a little while Brach leaped at his chance for a fight. Brach smacked Tommy twice before Sarah B. came up and punched him to the other side of Tommy. The second punch that was meant for Tommy came up a bit short and she proceeded to try and kick him. Tommy dodged that and then used a sphere of magic to push her back further.

Sarah B. brought out a spring and used it to jump higher into the air and away from the boys who began fighting. Brach did a high kick, hitting Tommy on the chin and knocking him further back. When he went in for a slap, Tommy used Nayru's Love to hit him, knocking him over the edge but not far enough to get him out of the game. When Tommy turned around to see where Sarah B. was at, he was hit with a giant yellow ball of energy.

"Boo yeah!" Sarah B., holding a super scope, cheered for herself, pumping her fist as Tommy flew off the stage as Brach grabbed hold of it. Tommy quickly got hold of himself in the air and performed a Farore's Wind. Although he did teleport close enough to the side of the stage, Brach was still holding onto it and he couldn't grab onto it.

"F(beep!)CK YOU GU-" Tommy's swear was cut short when he went out of the bounds of the stage. Brach was laughing at the misfortune of his friend even though it was technically Sarah B. who knocked him over. Everyone in the viewing was cheering for finally seeing someone go over.

"Player 2, defeated," the announcer said over the loud speaker. It was just Brach and Sarah B. left.

"Sarah B.!" everyone cheered for her, clapping after they said her name. "Sarah B.! Sarah B.!" They all then gasped when a Smash Ball suddenly appeared on the stage.

"MINE!" Sarah B. and Brach screamed at the same time, both of them dead set on getting the Smash Ball. Sarah B. quickly double jumped and shot out several small yellow balls of energy. Two hit the ball consequently knocking it over to Brach. With a hard hit from his frying pan, the ball broke and Brach was covered in a rainbow glow.


"SH(beep!)T!" (Authoress: I believe it's fairly obvious who said who.)

Brach ran over to where Sarah B. was at. Scared for the Final Smash, she quickly unloaded all the energy in the Super Scope. Brach jumped up into the air twice and floated there until Sarah B. was pulling the trigger and no energy balls shot out. She quickly discarded it and got as close to the side of the stage as she could when Brach started to descend.

When he almost hit the floor, he started to dance in the air as the music changed. He put his hands in the air before standing on his right foot, lifting his left leg up as peaches started to fall from the sky, Sarah B. fell asleep and a frame of him looking up from the left and one from the right looking down. Hearts flew off of him as he spun in a circle and peach blossom petals fell around them. He bowed and fell back to the floor as everything went back to the way it was.

Brach then scurried around the stage, grabbing every peach he could and (defying the laws of physics) swallowed them, reducing the amount of damage he had received from the others. Just as Sarah B. was waking up, he quickly went over to her and hit her with his golf club.

"OW!" Sarah B. screamed as she started flying off the stage. She quickly jumped in the air. A spring then appeared below her feet and pushed her further up into the air. She reached for the ledge and was able to feel it under her finger tips, but was unable to grab it. "NOOOOOO-" She then fell out of bounds.

"Game!" the announcer said out loud as the screen slowed down as Brach did a V for Victory. "The game's winner is… Brach!" Everyone cheered for Brach as projections of Sarah B. and Tommy clapped their hands behind him.

"Oh, did I win?" a hologram of Brach asked maliciously as he waved to the screen with a smile on his face.

"Hey, Peach," Sam got Peach's attention. "When you had Smash Sickness, what happened to you?"

"Well…" Peach trailed off.

"HELP ME!" Brach screamed for the others out in the hallway. "I CAN'T STOP DANCING!" Harley and Elizabeth looked out the door to see Brach (still transformed) dancing ballet to imaginary music. He then leaped into the air and ended up at the end of the hallway. The siblings started laughing at the teenager's 'beautiful' dancing. Sarah B. and Tommy (both transformed) laughed as they followed him.

"Alright! Next battle!" Master Hand told everyone else. Everyone cheered, ready to see who would battle who next.

About Two Hours Later; Somewhere in the halls of Smash Mansion

"Why has nobody tried to stop me?!" Brach cried, dancing nonstop for two hours. (Authoress, m3At and Lex: Because we're too busy trying to get the video on Youtube!) Sarah B. and Brach had stopped laughing a long time ago and were now just videotaping the dancing. When he had been dancing for exactly two hours, he suddenly stopped and collapsed to the floor in exhaustion.

"Aw man," Tommy complained, sad that his friend's embarrassing forced dance was over. "I was hoping to get another two minutes of that."

"You already have two hours," Brach told him. "Why would you need two more minutes?"

"A lot can happen in two minutes," Tommy replied.

"You guys," Sarah B. got their attention as she looked out a nearby window. "The sun's going down." Just as she said, the sun was setting behind the nearby Smashville, a ray of light disappearing each second. A few more seconds passed and the sun completely disappeared behind the grand city.

Sarah B. suddenly groaned and grasped her stomach in pain. Brach and Tommy gasped as she stumbled backwards into the wall and slid down, shivering in pain. She then let out a scream that slowly became a little less human.

"Did she drink any of the Gaia Spores?" Tommy whispered to Brach. Brach slowly and fearfully shook his head. "Then that means…"

"It's working," both boys said at the same time in fear as they turned away from each other and watched Sarah B., scared for their lives. Sarah B. screamed out once again as her nails started growing into claws and ripped off the ends of her gloves. Spikes grew out of her shoes as her socks became tattered. A blue aura surrounded her body as her shorts, bikini top and gloves were replaced by dark blue jeans, a very fuzzy, dark blue, mid-drift revealing vest and her fuzzy, dark blue arm covers. Her teeth started to grow until the canines could poke out of her lip. Her hair turned dark blue with the last inch being white. Her headband was surrounded by the dark blue aura and turned into the bandana. She let out one final somewhat inhuman scream before she started panting.

"I… It worked…" Sarah B. said out loud, holding her shaky hands out in front of her. Suddenly, the three of them heard screams from the other side of the mansion. They then saw Ness and Lucas running down the hallway.

"We hate you guys!" Ness stopped long enough to tell them that.

"What's going on?" Tommy asked her.

"Somehow, Sonic, Shadow and Silver turned into those freaky things again and Shadow's hungry!" Ness quickly explained. Brach glared at Sarah B. If looks could kill, she would have been dead five times over two seconds ago. Tommy just looked at her in disbelief.

/What do you think we should do, Ness? / Lucas asked the older boy for guidance.

/We're going to go visit Claus, / Ness told him. /At least we will as soon as we find a Wii Remote, / he though so the others could hear him.

"Here, I have one," Brach told her as he took out his from who-knows-where.

"Thanks," Ness said as he took it away from Brach and pushed the A button. A portal opened up to Lucas's world which he and Lucas jumped through. The portal closed behind them.

"You. F(beep!)king. IDIOT!" Tommy yelled at him.

"I just gave away our only chance of escape, didn't I?" Brach realized, saying more of a statement than a question.

"NO DUH!" Tommy screamed at him.

"Guys," Sarah B. got their attention as she slowly started to stand up. "Okay, so Brach and I made a mistake-"

"Your booboo is bigger than mine," Brach told her.

"Okay, I made a really big mistake," Sarah B. admitted. "I never should have done that in the first place. What we need to do now is get out of here."

"Windows are locked," Tommy said as he tried to open and then unlock the window. "I can't get it unlocked either." He was then suddenly surrounded in a pale blue aura which quickly disappeared and replaced Zelda's looks with Shiek's.

"Then we try the front door," Sarah B. told them. They all nodded as they started running down the hallway.

In the Teleporting Room

"Quick, get in!" Rose (transformed) told Harley and Elizabeth (transformed) as she rushed to get everything ready. Nana, Popo, Sarah S. and Diddy were already inside their cylinders and were ready to escape the madness the mansion fell in just a few minutes.

"Rose, what's going on?" Elizabeth asked her elder cousin.

"I'm going to keep you two safe," Rose told her as she helped her cousins into the giant cylinder. "Whatever you do in there, don't say I forfeit."

"Why?" Harley asked her.

"It will bring you back here and we can't have that until sunrise," Rose told them. "Don't worry. You two will be safe on the stages. I love you two."

"I love you, too," Harley and Elizabeth said at the same time as the cylinder door closed. Rose ran over to the control panel as fast as she could. She then rapidly turned her head around, hearing banging at the door. Knowing that her time was growing short, she quickly set the stage to The Temple, the time to infinity and the way to quit for everyone to forfeit. She quickly pushed the start button as the door was destroyed. She quickly turned around to see Shadow, transformed for a reason she didn't know, in a craze. His eyes were bloodshot and his fangs were gleaming.

"Oh, God," Rose prayed as Shadow leaped to her.

In the Infirmary

"AAAAH!" everyone in the room heard a scream coming from down the hallway. Everyone but one person became scared at that agonizing sound.

"That was Rose," Pit realized as he stood up. He picked up his bow and started heading towards the door.

"Pit, wait!" Kyle told the angel. "What about everyone in here that's sick?" He stuck his thumb to Jasmin, Rachel H., Ae-in, Amy, Halona, Megan and Samantha (all transformed) unconscious on different beds. The only two on a bed and wasn't unconscious was Danielle and Kirsten (transformed) the former pooping out eggs every minute and the latter acting like she was high on something.

"Why are there so many kitties with pop tart bodies flying flying across the sky full of exploding stars pooping rainbows?" Kirsten asked no one in particular. "I don't care what it is, but it's freaking awesome."

"Oh God, make it stop, yoshi," Danielle moaned as another egg popped out of her booty. "God, Smash Sickness sucks, yoshi."

"According to Yoshi, you have a half an hour to go," Kyle told her before turning back to Pit. Where Pit should've been was just plain air, stunning Kyle. He looked to the ground in disappointed.

"Dude, we're royally screwed," Allie told Kyle from the medical closet she was hiding in.

"Oh, ya think?!"

Meanwhile, Pit was running down the hallways as fast as his legs could carry him. He thought back to when he first met Rose, back in Angel Land. He remembered that he thought she was an invader at first even if she was wearing a dress, but something about her, her determination and spirit, was that as she revealed herself more and more he fell for her even harder.

During all the worlds they've been to together, she always knew what to do. She always had a plan. In all the fights, she always fought her hardest, even today, even though she lost, she still accepted defeat saying "Well, of course you beat me, Pit. You've done this before and you got the Smash Ball before Kirsten or I could."

Also, he couldn't even fathom how she went day in and day out with pain. He could tell she was also sad that her twin brother was gone, even if Authoress left a clone in his place. How could she smile like everything is okay even though she's physically constantly hurting?

"Rose!" Pit yelled out as he turned the corner, seeing Rose (normal) covered in her own blood from a wound on her right shoulder she was clutching with her left hand, trembling with pain. "Rose!" He sprinted over to her and knelt down.

"Pit?" Rose opened a clenched eye at him. "Run."

"No," Pit said defiantly.

"Shadow bit me," Rose told him. "Please, before I turn, run."

"No," Pit told her again. He grabbed her right hand. He could feel her trembling under his touch. "I don't care if you turn into a vampire or a werewolf or some other creature. All I know is I… I…" Before he knew it, he shoved his lips onto hers. Rose's eyes widened at the sudden display of affection. Pit suddenly jerked back, realizing what he was doing. "Oh, Palutena, I'm so sorry. I-"

"AAAAAAAH!" Rose screamed again in agony. She grabbed her head with her hands, jerking the one Pit was holding out of his hand. "Hurry, run, before it's too late."

"I won't," Pit said as he wrapped his arms around her, bringing her closer to him. "Honestly, I don't care anymore. Just-"

"Get out of there!" Silver said, grabbing onto Pit and turning him intangible, pulling him away from Rose.

"NO!" Pit reached out to Rose, watching her squirm on the ground with the pain of Shadow's bite coursing through her like a poisonous river. "I have to help her through this! Let me go!"

"If you go back, she'll bite you," Silver told him. "I can only imagine what it would be for an angel to get bitten by a vampire."

"Rose…" Pit trailed off as Silver dragged him through a wall and away from Rose.

"Just stay with these guys," Silver told Pit, the latter realizing that he was now back in the infirmary. "I'll try to stop Shadow; Sonic and I are the only ones he won't bite." He then phased through the walls and out of sight.

"Ha ha!" Kyle laughed at him. Pit didn't even look at him for he was too worried about Rose.

At the front door

"Don't bother," Sam (transformed) coldly told Sarah B., Brach and Tommy as they came upon the door. "It's locked. I just tried to open it and it wouldn't open."

"Why in the world would someone lock the door when it's an emergency?!" Brach cried out in agony.

"My guess is that the computer system is doing the same thing the Red Queen in Resident Evil did when the T-Virus was threatening to escape," Sam told them. "Contain the infection."

"Oh, God," Tommy said, eyes wide open with fear.

"You can say that again," Brach told him, glaring at Sarah B.

"Hey, I did NOT expect this to happen!" Sarah B. yelled at them.

"Sure, and I'm your Aunt Zelda," Brach retorted. (Zelda: WA-CHOO!)

"Stop fighting!" Sam tells them. The three of them look toward Sam, their eyes widening in fear. "What we have to do is stick together and AAAAAAAH!" Shadow grabbed her shoulders and dragged her away from the others and into the shadows, Sam screaming the whole time. "HELP ME!"

"What do we do?!" Brach asked the other two. Without waiting to answer, Tommy quickly threw three needles into the darkness. They heard a yelp. A few moments passed before Sam, no longer transformed, walked away from the shadows and into the light.

"Sam! You're injured," Sarah B. ran up to her, inspecting the wound on her right shoulder. Two bite marks were on the nape of her neck, both gushing out blood.

"Get out of here," Sam told her. "Quickly, before I turn and Shadow gets up."


"GO!" Sam screamed at them in an almost inhuman voice. Not wanting to waste another second, they quickly ran away from them and in opposing directions.

A few minutes later; In the Infirmary

"We should be safe in the infirmary," Sarah B. told everyone as she opened the door.

"AAAAH!" the people inside screamed, aiming every single weapon they had at disposal at her.

"Woah, what the f(beep!)k?!" Brach yelled out in surprise. He could tell there were more people inside than last time.

"Spray them," Kyle commanded Morgan. Morgan walked up in front of the others and using the spray bottle in her hands sprayed the three right on the face. Sarah B., Brach and Tommy looked at her like she was mad.

"They're okay," Kirsten deducted. "They haven't been bitten." The room gave a collected sigh as everyone relaxed.

"… What was that for?" Tommy asked the others.

"We have to make sure you haven't been bitten," Jessica told them. "Almost everyone is here and we have to make sure no one who has been bitten gets in."

"That would be bad," Elinor and Lauren said at the same time.

"Who isn't here?" Sarah B. asked them.

"Well, the only ones not here yet are Rose, Sam, Sonic and Silver," Captain Falcon told them. "And Zelda…" He looked toward Sheik.

"Don't even think about it," Sheik told him. "She doesn't want to deal with this right now and least of all you." A weight with the writing 'Rejected! :P' on it fell on Falcon's head.

"Well, I'm sorry, but Sam got bit," Brach said sadly. "If she comes here, we'll…" He couldn't continue.

"Her, too, huh?" Pit, sitting on a bed, said dejectingly.

"What do you mean?" Sarah B. asked him as she went over to sit on the bed next to him.

"Rose got bit, too." The poor angel looked like he was about to break down. Sarah B. didn't know what to say to him.

Luckily, the others knew what to say next.

"They're here!" Jessica yelled at everyone. Everyone who had a weapon minus Pit prepared one to strike Rose and Sam (both normal). The two sisters hissed at everyone, showing off their new fangs. Rose quickly disappeared from her sister's side and reappeared at Sarah B.'s, ready to strike her neck. Everyone, frozen in fear and shock, watched Rose as she prepared to stick her fangs into Sarah B.'s neck.

"Ha ha ha ha!" Sam suddenly started laughing. "You should've seen the look on your faces!" She then doubled over, hugging her stomach. Everyone blinked at her in confusion.

"We totally got them, Sam!" Rose pointed at her little sister. Sarah B. then got a good look at her eyes. Even though she was in her normal human form, she had gold eyes. "Silver?"

"Yep!" 'Rose' told her. "I can't believe we pulled this off!" Silver then left Rose's body. She stumbled a bit, but Pit quickly got off the bed and grabbed her.

"Hey," she said drowsily. "Did we do it?" Sam and Silver nodded. "Great." She then gave a tired chuckle before she fell unconscious. Pit carefully set her down on the bed he and Sarah B. were on.

"Ow, my head," Halona complained as she slowly woke up from her Smash Ball educed unconsciousness. "What happened?" Little did she know, she was speaking for everyone.

"Well, believe it or not, I was secretly waiting for Brach and Tommy to get up the stairs," Sam began. The two boys glared at her. "But Sarah B. came along and had to show them something. I followed them and found out what she found in Crazy's Junk Pile."

"Which-a was…" Mario pushed her.

"Dark Gaia Spores," Silver answered for her. Every single person from the real world minus Sam, Sarah B., Brach and Tommy dropped their jaws before glaring at the three responsible for the recent events. Every Smasher looked at him in confusion. "Long story short, back in my world, this time, Eggman zapped the planet with a giant laser with the power source being Sonic, Shadow and I in Super form. That's how we got these forms."

"Silver's mostly the same; same personality, different set of legs," Sam defended him. "Sonic's alright as long as you don't make him mad. Shadow… well, let's just say he's a different story."

"Ugh," Rose held her head as she slowly got up. "Now I know how it feels to be possessed." She then looked at everyone. "What are we talking about?"

"We're talking about what has happened so far," Sam told her older sister. "Right now, we're at the part where I tell you."

"Alright," Rose said, taking over the story.

Flashback: A few hours ago; In the Viewing Room

"Seriously?" Rose whispered to her sister after hearing what her friends were planning to do. Both were leaning on the wall while everyone else was sitting down, having their own conversations. "They want to do that?"

"You heard me," Sam told her, not wanting to repeat her sentence in case of anyone overhearing them. "What do you think we should do?" A light bulb appeared over Rose's head.

"I think we should work this to our advantage," Rose schemed, a smile appearing on her face. Knowing her only sister too well, the same maniacal appeared on Sam's face.

/What are those two smiling about? / Chloe asked Stephanie, the former looking at their cousins in worry.

/How should I know? / Stephanie retorted.

End of Flashback

"We then told Sonic and Silver the plan," Rose told everyone. "We told Silver to tell Shadow the plan so he would know what to expect. Sonic's recording everything in the security room while Silver makes sure that no one messes with the plan." The girls then literally took off their bite marks and took out their fangs, revealing that it was all special effects.

"He he," Silver laughed uncomfortably. Rose glared at him.

"Silver, what did you do?" Rose glared at him.

"Um…" Silver looked for the right words. "It's not so much as what I did as what I didn't do…"

"You didn't tell Shadow, did you?" the sisters glared at him. The Ghosthog rubbed the back of his head. The sisters lunged for him, but fell through and looked behind them as the Ghosthog disappeared from everyone's sight. The sisters shook with anger.

"Wait, what's going on?" Halona asked someone, totally confused about the situation.

"Basically, Shadow's outside this room, and he's hungry for blood," Master Hand appeared by her side, acting like there was nothing wrong at all.


Suddenly, a bit of the ceiling fell to the floor, Shadow following soon afterwards. All the girls screamed as he hissed at them while the guys prepared their weapons for battle. He then leaped at a defenseless Halona, fangs barred.

"Halona, what's my middle name?!" Rose yelled at her for reasons no one besides Sam and Sarah B. knew.

"Maria!" Halona said without even thinking, uselessly shielding herself from Shadow using her arms and closing her eyes. A few seconds passed and nothing happened. Halona slowly opened her eyes to see Shadow leaning on her arm with Link, Marth and Ike pointing their swords at him, ready to strike. For some reason, Shadow was shaking and so was his breathing and Halona didn't think it was from the legendary swords aimed at him.

"Maria," Shadow repeated sadly.

"Everyone, get out of here, yoshi!" Yoshi yelled at everyone.

"Let's-a go!" Luigi yelled in fear. Everyone except Jasmin, Rachel H., Kirsten, Ae-in, Amy, Danielle, Megan, Samantha, Link, Marth, Ike, Shadow and Halona complied with what he said.

"Ow," Danielle groaned as another egg popped out of her butt. "My stomach feels better, yoshi. I think it's over, yoshi… Wait for me, yoshi!" She then quickly ran out of the room with Yoshi speed.

"Maria…" Halona repeated, figuring it all out from what Rose said just then and what she said at the Olympic Winter Games. "Is she a friend of yours?" Uncharacteristically, tears started to well up at Shadow's eyes. "Think about her; would she want you doing this?" Shadow slowly backed away from her, holding a hand over his mouth and pinching his nose. He was shaking all over, resisting with all his might.

"Maria, I'm ssssssorry," Shadow shook his head. Halona slowly got up, the three swordsmen lowering their swords, but not sheathing them. Halona bent down so she was eye level with Shadow.

"Hey, it's okay," Halona consulted the vamphog. "Just remember, stay in control for her."

"Don't worry," Shadow said, regaining his composure. "Everything I do, I do it for her." He got up and left the room for his own.

"So strange," Link commented to himself out loud as he saw the vamphog leave the room. "Even though Halona has the power of darkness throughout time, she managed to find the light within Shadow."

"Hey, everyone!" Sonic said as he entered the room. "I got the video all done! Who wants to see it?" Sonic looked around the room, only seeing Halona, Link, Marth and Ike and all of them looking at him with a confused expression on their faces. "… I'll just go find Sam…" He awkwardly left the room. The others soon followed him.

"Ow…" Ae-in complained, holding her head as she, Jasmin, Amy and Samantha woke up from their Smash Ball induced unconsciousness. "What happened?"

"That's what I would like to know," Amy told the others.

"All I want to do is get in a car and speed down the race track right now," Samantha told the others. The other three looked at her like she was crazy.

"Aren't you afraid of high speeds?" Jasmin asked her.

"Dude, the only thing afraid of high speeds is cheetahs," Kirsten told them. "Those damn cheetahs and their deliciousness. Someone get me a delicious muffin. Muffins! Why did the muffin vendor have to die?" She then started crying.

"… Okay, you're not crazy," Jasmin reassured Samantha.

In the Control Room

"Now what do we do?" Peach asked everyone. Everyone was sitting on a chair in a circle.

"Bro did something cool, bros and sises," Crazy pointed at his brother. Everyone looked at Master Hand, their gazes telling him to spill the beans immediately. Luckily, he didn't have to. A portal then opened in the middle of the circle. Out came Ryan wearing a type of military uniform not seen on the Earth she knew and a standard military bag filled with, what everyone assumed, his possessions.

"Oh, God," Andrea said as she looked at his face. It was a face that only people who had seen fighting and death and had been in action first hand had like people from war. She could also tell that he was much more toned than he was yesterday. He looked the same age and yet so much older.

"Master Hand," Ryan glared at the giant hand. "You didn't tell me I would be over there for two and a half YEARS!" Everybody's jaw dropped when he said that.

"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry," Master Hand told Ryan. "I had no idea-"

"It would take that long?" Ryan quipped back. "You really need to do your research."

"Wait a minute," Jessica told him. "What in the world is going on?"

"Well, what's going on is that we're going to get Samus," Ryan told the others.








Audience: Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Jerry Springer: And the lab results are in! (takes the results from an intern, quickly takes them out) Alright, Authoress, your biological parents are you biological parents. I just wanted to make that clear.

Me: Okay.

nite train: Just get on with it!

Jerry Springer: Alright, in the case of m3At, Authoress... (everyone leans in) You are NOT the long lost sister of m3At! (audience cheers as m3At and I start dancing, nite train looks at the floor dissapointed while Lex runs back stage, crying, Jerry Springer follows her) Hey, it's okay. There's always next time, alright.

Lex: (still crying) A-alright. (leads Lex back onstage)

Jerry Springer: That's it for today's show everyone! (the audience cheers as the screen goes black)

Sorry for the late update, everyone! First things first, no, m3At and I are not related. I just thought it was funny that both of our avatars wore yellow and had brown hair and I wanted to point that out somehow. Second, I have decided that I will never update in September because I'm too busy on those months getting back into the swing of school to write. Got that? Good. Third, school sucks this year. I'm writing this when I should be writing a science lab for AP Chemistry AND an essay for AP English, so updates will most likely be one to two chapters a month. I encourage everyone to review, check out the SSECGroup on deviantART, and check out PreCure All Stars: New Stage Redone (which includes Shelby, Halona, Forever, and Silver! ;)








At The Temple

"Hello!" Popo yelled at the top of his lungs to the sky. "Is anyone going to get us out of here?!"

"I don't think anyone's there," Nana told her brother.

"Oh, someone just get us out of here!" Popo screamed, not seeing Harley, Elizabeth, Diddy and Sarah S. playing Go Fish behind them.

"I win!" Diddy said as he placed his final card down on the floor of the temple. Sarah S. and Harley groaned while Elizabeth sighed dejectingly.