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AND for those of you who have asked about Gracie's significance, I hadn't actually decided till this chapter. I put her in because I thought she'd be good to have Kurt and Blaine actually interacting with a child.

…But she reads Harry Potter!

So for whether or not she has become significant, please continue reading.

Pillow Talk and Pending Parenthood:

Chapter Ten: Making Important Decisions

Kurt and Blaine never felt this out of their element before. They stood in the doorway of the Lima County Community Center, holding hands and watching about fifty kids running around the gym with high pitched squeals of joy and excitement. Older kids, maybe thirteen to eighteen year old, hung out at the edge talking to each other, not seeming as interested. In the closest corner, toddlers were circled around one of the volunteers who was reading a story.

"There are so many of them!" Blaine said at the same time Kurt was thinking it. "How do we even start?"

"I don't know, but don't leave me alone here, huh?" Kurt squeezed Blaine's hand.

"You have to get a form," a young woman in a volunteer shirt smiled at them, handing both Kurt and Blaine a clipboard with a piece of paper on it. "Here are your pens, write in the designated areas about the kids you met, how you liked them and such, and then later today, the kids will do the same. If there's a match, their social worker will call you." The woman seemed like she was forcing on a smile. She probably had been repeating herself all morning.

"Thank you," Blaine said with a grin. He turned back to Kurt. "I don't know how we start though, do we just walk up to someone?"

"I can help!" Curly brown hair and bright green eyes looked up at Kurt and Blaine with a familiar smile.

"Hey there," Kurt grinned, recognizing the little girl first. "Gracie right?"

"Yup," Gracie smiled. "Come with me. Some of the kids can be a little shy, so I'll introduce you to them and you all can get to know each other."

"Sounds totally awesome," Blaine looked at Kurt and then back to Gracie. "Thank you Gracie."

"No problem," then Gracie reached out and took Kurt's hand, who in turn took Blaine's, and the three made a train through the gymnasium.

The next hour went quickly. Gracie sat Kurt and Blaine down with maybe half a dozen kids who talked and played with both men once they were more comfortable. There was a little girl with blonde pig tails named Emily who played slide all the way up to ten with Kurt without faltering. There was also a young boy, maybe 11, named David who had thick glasses and showed Blaine his Pokémon card collection.

All the kids Kurt and Blaine had met were interesting kids with their own talents and curiosities. Toward the end, while the kids surrounded a long buffet table of snacks, Kurt and Blaine sat together and discussed their options.

"So we write on this paper who we liked best?" Blaine looked at the paper front and back. "I feel like there should be more."

"I know right? Maybe we just put down the ones that stand out the most?" Kurt shrugged.

"I don't know Kurt, I mean, there were kids that would be great as your kid, and others who would be great as my kid, but none that we met who stood out as…"

"OUR kid," Kurt finished for his husband. He sighed and rested his chin on his palm. Seconds later, a Dixie cup filled with apple juice was catapulted toward him. Kurt jumped, but none of it spilled on his jeans.

"Juice?" a little boy with dark hair that curled around his face and freckles that dusted his nose shoved the cup closer to Kurt. To save his jeans from possible splatter, Kurt took the cup from the little boy.

"Thank you," Kurt said.

"Welcome," the boy turned to Blaine with another cup. "Juice?" this time a little juice did spill on Blaine's shirt. The boy's hazel eyes widened. "Oh I sorry!"

"It's okay," Blaine wiped at the mark on his shirt. "Thanks for the juice buddy, what's your name?"

"I is Owen," he said proudly. "I is free-nada-half!"

"Wow, impressive," Kurt said.

"Yup." Own placed his hands on his hips. "I help draw?"

"What?" Kurt looked at Blaine confused before looking back to Owen.

"I help draw," he pointed a finger at Blaine's clipboard.

"Uh, sure, I guess we really only need one anyway," Blaine shrugged and Kurt agreed.

"Otay," Owen shrugged as Blaine had and then without warning, climbed up into his lap and took the clipboard from Blaine, grabbing a crayon off of the table. Kurt had to bite his lip to keep from saying exactly how cute the whole thing was.

"What are you drawing?" Kurt asked.

"Bird," Owen said as he scribbled around the paper.

"Very cool," Blaine and Kurt said together. When Owen finished he showed it to Kurt and Blaine for approval. For a three and a half year old, it wasn't too bad, and they told him they liked it.

"Good, for you." Blaine was handed the paper and Owen climbed down. "Bye!" and he was off, running over to the snack table and reaching for a cookie.

"Oh my god," Kurt finally burst. "That was too cute! You should have seen your face when he just climbed up into your lap like that!"

"I know right!" Blaine laughed. He looked at the paper in his hand and then back to Kurt. "You thinking what I'm thinking?"

"I'm writing his name down now."

**Lying on the living room couch, watching TV, 6 PM**

"Today wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be."

"We spent the first fifteen minutes hiding in the corner."

"I meant after that!"

*Kurt flicked Blaine on the forehead.*

"Ow! Yeah, I know, it was kind of fun."

"I think I'm finally getting back a positive view on this whole adoption thing."

"Good, I'm happy."

*The phone rings and Blaine kisses Kurt's cheek before getting up off the couch to get it. Kurt continues to watch TV and sniffs.*

"Kurt, are you crying over this movie AGAIN? We've seen it a million times, you know the ending!"

"But they all think they're about to die and they reach out and hold hands! It's just…"

*another sniff from Kurt. Blaine simply shakes his head and answers the phone*

"Anderson-Hummel home…oh Hi!"

*Kurt paused the movie and sat up to look over the couch at Blaine.*

"Yeah, we're really glad too."


"Blaine, who is it?"

"Oh, I see. Well that's something…"


"Who is…oh!"


*Blaine put his hand over the mouth piece of the phone*

"Really Kurt? It's Kathy, shut up."

*Kurt made a face and sat back on the couch, still watching his husband.*

"Yes, well, Kathy, do you think I could talk to Kurt about this? We can call you back as soon as we make a decision?"

"Oh thank you, we'll talk soon."

*Blaine hung up the phone and then sat on the couch opposite Kurt.*

"What did Kathy want?"

"That little boy Owen? He liked us."

"Really? My god that was fast."

"Yeah Really. So Kathy called to ask about how we liked him and she said she'd be all ready to start the next steps with us in a few weeks."

"That's great!"


"I see a but coming…"

"Not a but, more of a condition…"

"What is it?"

"Owen won't go anywhere without his sister, they're very close, and it's the reason neither has been adopted before. They're a package deal."

"Did we see his sister at the fair?"

"And before that."

*Blaine grinned, which put Kurt at ease.*

"Her name is Graciella Little."

"Gracie, the girl who helped us today and reads Harry Potter?"

"The very one."

"I liked her."

"Me too, and she liked us."

"She did?"

"She told Kathy so herself."

"So we would have to adopt both of them."

"Kurt, can we do that? Can we handle two kids? We only have one extra room and…"

"Financially we can."

"I know that, but…"

"But what?"

"This is it, isn't it? That moment where we either say no and go back to normal or yes and our lives change forever."

"Two kids is a big change."

"ONE kid is a big change."


"I think we can do this."



*Blaine leaned in and kissed Kurt soundly.*

"I love you."

"Hey, I never get to talk you into anything, this is great!"

*Blaine picked up the phone and redialed the last number. Kurt reached out for Blaine's free hand and laced his fingers with his.*

"Hi Kathy, It's Blaine. Yes, I told you we'd call back when we made a decision about them."

"Kurt and I are really looking forward to adopting Owen and Gracie Little."


"Great, we're excited too. So what's the next step?"

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