The Panther and the Kitten

By EndlessLove14

Chapter 1

Yuzu's P.O.V,

It was a normal day for me well as a Kurosaki but it was pretty good in the morning, yeah they argued but if they didn't it mean the end of the world for us all. It was Saturday the weather was nice and the sky was azure, little did I know what the endless blue skies meant. Since it looked so pleasant outside I decided to take a little walk while getting groceries for the house, we may not look like it but we do eat a lot, even when we're one person short. The day was just really regular nothing abnormal or supernatural happened it was just something that happens to people they die, not from being hunted down by hollows or anything, like that. Just that some people in the world are psychos and some just cold blooded killers, and just like that my life ended from that bullet. All I heard was the sound of tires screeching along the pavement, car doors opening mixed in with gasps and cries for help.

"Yuzu …" Someone whispered lowly then all there was only endless darkness and spine shivering silence. All in that second I just forgot some many things that I forgot what I forgot but all I felt was a hollow spot in my chest that made me feel so empty and alone and I was like for a very long time.

The Kurosaki Household,

"Hey Yuzu's been gone for a while now, what do you thinks holding her up." Karin said coolly with the smallest pinch of concern.

"Who's to say she's probably gone to see her boyfriend and is most likely making out with him as we speak?" He said with pride, Karin twitched as the words rolled out his mouth and well he got hit with her cleats. Ichigo had then walked in through the door with a tried expression, and before Isshin could even get up, the phone rang. Ichigo went to answer it. He then went wide eyed, mouth open slightly, and pale, even shaking. He released the phone and his legs buckling under him.

"Ichigo, what's wrong, what happened?" Karin questioned him nervously, fearing the worst since her twin wasn't here with her.

"She's dead." He cried tears hitting the wooden floor. There was silence then Karin chocked out a cry running out of the house to prove them wrong her sister couldn't be dead, she wouldn't believe it. While running she saw something shine, and to her horror it was Yuzu's treasured strawberry barrette, she pressed it close to her chest tightly as she rocked back and forth, crying.

A Week Later,

The day was the darkest in history for the Kurosaki's and all that knew Yuzu, all wept that day. They lowered her casket into the ground, knowing she wasn't going to be there smiling anymore excluding Karin and those with spiritual knowledge that had attended, but they knew she would never be the same.