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Fifteen year old AJ Lee sighed as she slowly sat up in her bed. Today was her first day at a new high school. She was less than thrilled. She had had to move because of her father's job but now AJ had to start at a new school and make new friends. She stood up and walked down the hall and into the bathroom. As she showered she thought about how difficult making friends was going to be. At her old school, her friends had understood her crazy and tomboyish ways because they had all been friends since they were kids. But now if she acted the way she normally did, she was more likely to make herself an outcast. After she finished in the bathroom, AJ went back down the hall to her room.

"Morning kiddo," AJ's father said as he walked out of his room. "Excited for your first day?"

"So ecstatic dad," AJ said sarcastically. Her father caught her sarcasm.

"You'll be fine kiddo," He said. "Now get dressed so you can get some breakfast in you." AJ nodded as she walked into her room. She passed her desk and sighed as she saw her favorite picture. It was one of her and her mother. Her mother had passed away five years ago but AJ still got a little upset thinking about her. She opened her closet and stared at her clothes. Finally, AJ decided on a pair of thigh length jean shorts and a plain blue T-shirt. She slipped on her favorite black converse and pulled her hair into two loose pigtails. She looked at her reflection in her mirror.

"Well that's as good as it's going to get," AJ said to herself. She grabbed her bag and headed downstairs. She entered the kitchen and sat down at the table with her father. They both had the same thing every morning; a bowl of frosted flakes and a glass of orange juice. Her father was currently reading the local newspaper.

"Anything interesting?" AJ asked.

"Just a lot on football and cheerleading," Her father said. "Apparently the high school team is the most exciting thing here."

"Joy," AJ said rolling her eyes.

"Chin up kiddo," Her father said. AJ nodded as they both finished eating. AJ and her father walked outside and to his car. "There is one good thing about this job."

"And what could that be?" AJ asked.

"Increase in pay," He said. "Which means I can get a new car and you can have old Wanda here."

"It's so creepy that you named your car," AJ said. Her father chuckled as they pulled out of the driveway.

Sixteen year old Cody Rhodes sighed as he walked up the steps into the school.

"Dude what's up?" His best friend, Ted DiBiase asked.

"So not looking forward to school," Cody said. "I definitely enjoyed relaxing too much this summer."

"Didn't we all," Ted said. They walked into senior hallway and looked around.

"Cody, Ted!" They both turned to see their friends Randy Orton and John Cena walking over. "Hey guys."

"Hey Randy," Ted said. "How was your summer?"

"Amazing," Randy said. "But I am stoked to start my senior year of high school. And for the football season to get started."

"Man you just like football because of the cheerleaders," John said.

"Specifically because of Kelly," Ted pointed out.

"It's not my fault my girlfriend is the captain of the cheerleading squad," Randy said. "And smoking hot I might add."

"Why thank you," Kelly said walking up to Randy. Randy smiled and kissed his girlfriend. Randy and Kelly were the stereotypical high school couple. Randy was the captain of the football team, Kelly was the captain of the cheerleading squad. They just screamed Homecoming and Prom King and Queen. The bell rang and they all simultaneously groaned.

"See you guys later," John said before heading off to homeroom with Randy and Kelly.

"And so it begins!" Cody proclaimed as he and Ted headed off to homeroom.

AJ sighed as she looked around the hallways, confused as to where to go.

"Lost?" She turned around to see a girl with blond hair, paint splattered jeans, and a Beatles T-shirt.

"Yeah I can't figure out where my homeroom is," AJ said.

"Lemme see your schedule," The girl said. AJ handed the girl her schedule. "Oh hey, we have the same homeroom. I'll show you the way." The two girls started walking down the hallway. "I'm Kaitlyn by the way. You must be new."

"Yeah," AJ said. "My name's AJ."

"Well nice to meet you AJ," Kaitlyn said as they got to the classroom.

"Starting off the year with a tardy already Kaitlyn?" The homeroom teacher asked.

"Sorry Mrs. Helmsley," Kaitlyn said. "But I was helping a student find her way to the room." Then Kaitlyn sat down. The teacher, Mrs. Helmsley, looked over at AJ.

"You must be AJ," She said. AJ nodded. "Well welcome to East Hill High School." AJ nodded before sitting behind Kaitlyn. Everyone began talking amongst themselves.

"So where are you from originally?" Kaitlyn asked, turning towards AJ.

"New York City," AJ said.

"Wicked," Kaitlyn said. "I take the train there all the time to go to the Met. The security guys literally know me by name."

"Are you into art?" AJ asked.

"Totally," Kaitlyn said. "I fancy myself a painter. I don't know if my pants gave that away." She pointed to the stains on her jeans. AJ nodded as she felt someone watching her. She turned her head to see two girls staring at her. One was a really tan girl with long straight brown hair. The other was a girl with blond wavy hair. They both noticed her looking and began whispering amongst themselves.

"Hey Kaitlyn," AJ said, turning back towards Kaitlyn. "Who are those two girls over there?" Kaitlyn looked over and scoffed.

"Layla and Michelle," Kaitlyn said. "They're snobby, stuck-up bitches. And cheerleaders." Kaitlyn nearly spat out the word cheerleader.

"I sense a little hostility," AJ said.

"Well once upon a time Michelle and I were best friends," Kaitlyn said. "But then Layla moved her in eighth grade and suddenly I wasn't cool enough to be friends with Michelle." Kaitlyn rolled her eyes. The bell rang and the two girls stood up. "What do you have next?"

"Statistics," AJ said.

"Dang it," Kaitlyn said. "I've got Spanish. But I have to go in that direction, so I'll show you where to go."

"Thanks," AJ said, smiling slightly.

"Anytime," Kaitlyn said as the two headed down the hallway.

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