Elwood Blues was sitting by his fellow band members and best friend in the whole world, Joilet Jake's grave. He was never told how Jake died. Hell, they didnt even tell him when it happened. They told him the day he was released from prison. He remembers running from the police with Jake. Him and Jake kept telling people they were on a mission from God. Now that means nothing to him. He didnt know what to do without Jake. He took care of Elwood, now Elwood wasnt sure what to do. "What do I do now?" Elwood asked himself. He couldnt get the words from the tombstone out of his mind. It read:

Joilet Jake


Beloved Friend, Brother, and Band Member

"Only the good die young"

"Elwood?" Elwood truned to face the person that called his name. It was Matt 'Guitar" Murphy. "You okay?" Elwood saw the rest of the band waiting for him. Then he looked at Buster, he reminded him so much of Jake. Elwood stood up and walked toward the band. Everyone looked at Elwood with a concered look on their faces. The only thing he said to them was "Only the good die young." They walked out of the cemetery, he truned around and looked at the grave one last time. The last thing he said was "Goodbye Jake, you will always be in my heart, and I will never forget you." With that he pulled out and left the cemetery and his brother and long life friend Joilet Jake