Arrival on the black and white island.

England grumbled as he rowed the small life boat. He mumbled loudly to himself. "Fucking frog face... inviting me on a lousy cruise, only to drop me off in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!... Damn prank... THAT BLOODY WANKER! How am I meant to get home?" His stomach rumbled and he placed a hand on it. "A whole country filled with delicious cuisine and he didn't leave me a drop on this accursed boat!" His hunger made his anger at France's 'joke' worst.

"Huh?... Is that land?" He shielded the bright sun from his eyes and peered into the horizon. A small black dot stood out against the blue sky. "Yes! It is land! I wonder if it's Europe or America or maybe Africa? It doesn't matter as long as someone is there to help me." He began rowing frantically in the direction of the land, desperate to get help and home and changed and then maybe punch France in the face.

As he rowed closer he realised it was actually an island. He wouldn't be able to get home from here. "Damn... I should still stop there and find food here and then try rowing back home again." He was talking to himself without really realising it. The curious thing he noticed about the island was its colour and shape. The island was mainly a huge mountain with a slightly hilly strip of land on either side, making the whole island oval shape. One side of the mountain and the land attached to that side was entirely black and burnt looked, from a distance though it looked smooth and shiny, like black glass. The other half of the mountain was a stark white to contrast the black. The white, however, was a powdery white, dull and ash like compared to the glossy black. The land that jutted out on the white side of the mountain was green with trees, bushes and other plants, not white. He was closest to the green part of the island. He boat rocked as he landed on the island. It was a medium sized island and looked like it would have plenty of fruit to eat. England stepped out of the boat and huffed. "Hmmm... seems to be a deserted island after all..." He looked down the beach to where some of the white land touched the sand and further along, the black consumed the beach completely. Strange island... I wonder why it has such unusual colouring?... I don't have time for that right now! I must find some food quickly!

The truth was that England had missed breakfast on the cruise and without having any lunch or tea due to being trapped on a small life boat had made him feel weak and a bit dizzy. Rowing all day without shade also didn't help.

England swayed slightly as he picked himself through the tangle of trees. The temperature was quite mild and warm and fairly comfortable to live in. The soil was white, soft and powdery but the trees seemed to grow really well. It looked like the ground was covered in a thick layer of ash or dust. England recognised most of the trees as ones from his own country. Pines and oaks... Trees without any edible things on them. There were trees from other countries but they also had no fruit. He sighed after a while, feeling like he was going in circles. "Where is all the tropical fruit? I thought deserted islands always had coconuts or pineapples?" He cried out angrily, kicking a close by bush. A little yelp sounded from the bush and it rustled before something scurried away. A flash of bright sliver was seen before it disappeared. England instinctively chased it, hoping that it was a small edible animal or something that could help him.

It moved quicker through the under growth than him but he was determined to catch it or at least not lose sight of it. He was breathing heavily now and his legs felt like lead. His vision blurred and he swayed violently, threatening to collapse. He saw a light up ahead as he broke into a clearing. A small figure was in front of him, but he couldn't make out who or what it was before his body gave out and he fell sideways. The last thing he could remember was the figure turning around surprised and a pair of blue and yellow mismatched eyes looking at him through a mess of dark brown hair.

He blacked out.

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