England had somehow managed to ditch America before leaving to search for the island. He sat on the deck of the big boat (just over 25m long. Not a big boat compared to other things but it's big to me!), drink tea calmly with his pinkie sticking out in a very gentleman like way. A maid came out and served him more tea. He thanked her kindly and continued sipping his tea while reading a novel. It was still another hour before they got to where the island might be according to the captain.

America and France sat below deck in the cargo hold, slightly squeezed in the confined place. The reason why they were there was simple. After England said he was going to France, America wanted to tag along but England ran away…. So America went to France himself to see if he could catch England there but France said England wasn't coming today. America and France were suddenly insanely curious to why England would lie and sneak off somewhere. Curious enough that they would hunt down England, sneak aboard his ship and hide in the tiny cargo hold…. "Offft! You got your elbow in my ribs dude!" "Oui but you have your knee in my back monsieur!" "Ugh!... Why is it so cramped in here Dude? What does England think he is doing?" "How should I know?" "Ow Ow Ow Ow! You're on my foot!" "Oh Amerique! What's where you are leaning!...Lean a little more to the left actually…" "France! Get that thought out of your head! Man, I'm beginning to feel claustrophobic!" "Don't say that! Now I feel claustrophobic too!" "Get me out of here Dude!" They continued being stuck in the stuffy enclosed space, complaining to each other and sometimes panicking but always wondering what the hell was England was doing?

A man in a formal white navy suit approached England. "Sir! An island has been spotted that matches your description. How should we precede Sir?" The English man looked from his book and looked a little excited. "Really? Already? Hmmm…. I want to see the island to double check." "Yes Sir!" The man handed England a telescope, who took in one hand while putting down the book beside the tea with the other. He walked to the front of the boat, extended the telescope and looked through the single eye piece. In the distance he could see the island clearly. The ship was on a different side of the island from where he landed last time but it was easily the same island. The split down the middle down a huge volcano and the shiny black and dusty white on either side was unmistaken. The British man smiled. "Good work Captain, weight achor on the white side by the forestry." "Yes sir!" He removed the telescope from his eye and grinned mescheviously. "Just wait little girl! I will repay my debt and have my revenge!" He laughed loudly, a little evil sounding. France and America were peeking up through the window but it was hard to hear from where they were. "Did Angleterre come here just to go on holiday on some island?" "Dude that sucks! I thought it would be something awesome!" They sighed before looking at each other. "But did you hear the~" "~part about revenge?" They both nodded, thinking about how crazy England is and continued looking out of the small window.

The boat had to circle around part of the blacken part of the island to arrive of the green bit. The water around the island was quite shallow so a row boat was required to reach the shore after they had anchored. England was surveying the island before he saw something glint on the black side of the island. He glared trying to see what it was before resorting to the telescope again. Half way up the volcano' smooth, shiny black surface, a hooded figure in a black cape was moving around. England zoomed in, trying to see why the person glint when the slight of a huge claymore on the black figure's back caught his attention. "Wait!... That can't be…." The person in the black cloak turned around, revealing that it was wearing white clothes underneath the black cape. England paled. Why is that girl wandering around on the side where lava flows daily? It was unmistakable as it was hard to see her clearly but the huge claymore and white dress proved it was her. He guessed she was wearing a black cloak to blend into the black ground. "Captain! Hurry up and dock this ship immediately!" He yelled frantically. "Aye Sir!" The captain barked orders at the crew men who sped up and anchored the ship between thw green and the black, in a white bit with no trees. He instantly jumped in a boat and rowed over without thinking.

Once England was off the ship, the crewmen had gone down below to the cabin to rest so America and France had a chance to leave the cargo room and follow England. The French man laughed "Ohohohoho! That stupid English man has no idea we are here!" "Yeah Dude!... But where is here?" France and America looked around at the island. "Huh? Strange colours…" "Tres tacky…." They could see England just reaching the beach and jumping out of the boat, only to run along the beach towards the black half of the island.

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