Welcome to wherever you are

Wendy'd just gotten back from work, 13 hours on her feet dealing with an obnoxious boss and callous customers. She sighed as she slipped her shoes off her feet, the cool air felt so good on her poor smothered feet. She ran a hand over her neck, feeling the slight elevations from the scars and burns that covered her body. About 2 years ago she'd been kidnapped by a sadistic serial killer on her way to the supermarket, he'd tortured her for a month, cutting and burning her just to hear her scream. He'd said that her screams fed his soul. He'd been about to kill her and move on to a new victim when an earthquake had hit and he was struck in the head with a beam, that was how the police had found him when they evacuated the building, she'd been saved by a freakish natural disaster.

She still intended to travel the world once she had enough money saved up. But for now, she was just Wendy the waitress living alone in a small apartment overlooking the Thames. She slipped out of her clothes and into the shower, whilst she was showering she got soap in her eyes. "Dammit!" she yelled, 23 and she still got soap in her eyes everytime she showered, her mother used to tease her about her clumsiness, saying that she was a menace to herself. She smiled a soft smile as she thought of her mother, she missed her, her mother had been a soft and gentle person, Wendy didn't have a single bad memory of her mother, or her father. They'd been the most wonderful people she knew, then again, one doesn't speak ill of the dead, especially if they're related dead. They'd died in a fire when she was 14, she'd been at school and came home to find the place in shambles. That was the day it all started to go downhill.

She sighed and rinsed her face, keeping her stinging eyes closed. She'd been sent to England to live with her great-aunt, who'd been good to her, but had died 3 years ago of a stroke, she had been the only family Wendy had left. Wendy got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her, her eyes still closed, stinging from the soap. She pulled the bow out of her hair, letting her long brown hair tumble around her shoulders as she opened the bathroom door and walked to the bedroom.

"What the hell? Who are you?" asked a deep male voice in suprise.

Wendy looked around and realised she wasn't in her bedroom. Her eyes grew round in shock as she stared at the giant man sitting up on a bed staring at her. She backed up slowly and turned to look into the bathroom. What was going on? That wasn't her bathroom. She might be exhausted but she knew for sure she'd gone into her own bathroom. Was this a dream?

"My name is Wendy" she said calmly looking around, man this was one vivid dream.

"What are you doing here Wendy?" asked the giant on the bed, swinging his legs around planting them on the floor.

"I'm dreaming of course, this is a dream right? I must have fallen asleep, aw damn I have to wake up now, the water must still be on, I can't afford a high waterbill this month." she said squeezing her eyes shut as she tried to wake herself up.

Sam stared at the girl standing near the bathroom. He'd woken up to the sound of running water and had thought it was Dean. He was suprised to see a girl in a towel walking out. She looked a bit disoriented. Had Dean brought a girl to the motel whilst he was sleeping. She looked really out of it, she was clicking her heels together now muttering "there's no place like home." She looked down at her feet and said "I guess it only works with the shoes." Sam noticed she had rough scars all over her body. What had happened to this girl?

Wendy was trying desparately to wake herself up, she pinched herself but nothing happened, she just left a red mark on her arm. "Ow" she muttered. Suddenly another guy entered the room holding a paper bag and looked at her in suprise before breaking into a grin. "Why Sam, you sly dog you" remarked the newcomer. "I couldn't have been gone more than half an hour, you're a fast operator."

Wendy tilted her head, she rarely dreamed of people she'd never met before, this was one weird dream. She was used to the nightmares that woke her up in a cold sweat, not slow paced dreams with hot guys in them, this was a bit more intimidating than the nightmares, nightmares she was used to, hot guys, not so much. She walked over to the window and looked outside, she didn't recognise anything, she looked back into the room and noticed a newspaper on the table. She looked at it and realised it was from the U.S. "What the hell? Why am I dreaming about the States?" she asked herself aloud. The shorter guy shot her a weird look before looking at the giant. "Damn Sam, did you pick her up from the loony bin or something?"

Sam stood up and walked over to his brother, grabbing him by the arm and leading him outside before he said quietly. "Dean I didn't bring her here and she thinks she's in a dream."

"How'd she get here then?" asked Dean shooting a look at the girl inside, she was pacing the floor and talking to herself.

"I dunno man, I woke up, the shower was running, I thought it was you and then she just walked out of the bathroom and started talking about how this was a dream."

"Maybe she's a demon?"

"Then why hasn't she attacked us?"

"She wants to mess with our heads first?"

"I think we should call Cas."

"CAS!" yelled Dean, making both Sam and Wendy jump. Wendy shot a glance at him before she started pacing again. Suddenly Dean's phone was ringing.

"What the hell Cas, since when do you call instead of just popping in?" asked Dean answering the phone.

"Is Wendy with you?" asked Cas.

Dean looked up at Sam, "Did you get her name?" he asked.

"Yeah, uh, she said her name was Wendy. why?"

"Yeah, she's here, what's the deal Cas?"

"You need to keep her with you, she's very powerful, but I don't think she's aware of it, I had to send her to you but I can't come near her, she has a strange effect on angels , you need to take her to the psychic, get her to control her power."

"What kind of ef. .. " Dean trailed off as he heard the phone click. Cas had already hanged up.

"What did he say?" asked Sam.

"He says she's got some kind of powers, but doesn't know it and also he can't come near her."

"She doesn't look very powerful." said Sam shooting a look at the girl inside, she was clicking her heels again with her eyes closed and her fingers crossed.


*singing* Mr sandman, bring me a dream *cough* sorry, didn't realised you'd finished reading, anyway yeah. So question of the day : Is Wendy really dreaming some freaky, vivid, weird dream or is this really real? *pretend gasp*