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Who do I chose?

There was a small click- the sound of someone closing a door quietly. I jolted up in bed, scanning the room. Gabriel was gone. My eyes flashed over Lydia and Anna's bed, and I noticed with a shock that Lydia was gone.

Moving silently, I slipped out of my bed. I pulled on a jacket and my sneakers before tiptoeing across the room to the door. I sent one last look over my shoulder, and left the motel to search for Gabriel. I could feel his presence through the web through his mental walls, ripples of hunger stretching out and towards me and causing me to wince.

I found him pacing in the shadows in an alley, a ways away from the motel. His eyes had dark circles under them, and his hands were hooked into claws. I stepped into the dark space between two buildings and wrapped my arms around myself, chilled. He didn't notice me at first, not until I spoke.

"Where's Lydia?"

He whipped around, staring at me. His eyes flashed dangerously and his mouth turned in to a sneer. "Can't you leave me alone?"

"Are you alone?" I asked boldly, taking a small steps towards him till I was no more than two steps away from him.

Gabriel didn't say anything for a moment. Then he said slowly, "I have no idea where Lydia is. I came out by myself."

I sighed, deciding to trust him on that one at least for now. "Look, that's not what I came out here for. What are you going to do tonight?"

He narrowed his eyes and took a step back. I took a step forward. "Are you going to go hunting? Are you going to find some girl walking alone and grab her and take from her?"

Gabriel looked away, clenching his jaw. His eyes were darker than normal; his whole body rigid. I knew he was close to breaking now. I felt a small triumph blossom in me and quickly smothered it, taking another step towards him. "Whoever she is, you'll probably kill her. She won't have enough energy for you, so you'll probably kill her, Gabriel. Is that what you want?"

"There isn't any other choice!" He growled, his hands balling into fists as his eyes locked on to mine.

"Don't be stupid, Gabriel," I said, and wrapped my arms around him. I felt his resolve fade, his hands moving to the back of my neck to brush away my hair. His lips pressed gently against my skin, his arms supporting me now as my energy flowed into him. I shuddered at the dragging feeling, but started to relax in his grip. My eyes slid closed.

That's when I realized how weak he was, or had been. All of Gabriel's walls were down. His emotions rushed around us, and my eyes snapped open. Joy, appreciation, wonder... love and lust. Gabriel loved me.

It seemed like hours had passed when he finally released me, his neck straightening as he leaned away for my neck and pulled me bake to look into his eyes.

I pulled my head away, tilting my head back to look at him. "Gabriel..."

He didn't answer. His eyes were still dark, but there was something different about the look in them. There was a different kind of hunger glinting in them now; it took me a moment to place the emotion in his gray-black eyes, but when I did I gave a little gasp. Lust. Gabriel was staring at me with lust in his eyes.

I swallowed.

I heard his mental voice in my head. It sounded too heated for the two words he spoke, almost a growl. Thank you.

Gabriel's hand slid down my spine, coming to rest on my lower back. My mouth was dry. I started to edge away, confused and a little dizzy. I don't love Gabriel; I love Rob.

Do you?

I felt his other hand cupping my face, making me to look at him. I don't know anymore. I sent the thought to him weakly, my hands shaking.

His eyes were softer now, but the lust was still there. He bent his head and brushed his lips lightly against mine. I swallowed again, moving my hands to his hair and pulling his head away from mine.

Just then the hand on my back slipped under my jacket, his long fingers splayed across my sensitive skin. My eyes widened, and my body reacted on its own. I pushed myself up on my tip-toes and crushed my lips to his.

As I move back so we could breathe. Even though I new it was wrong it just felt so right the way his lips molded to mine the way we fit together perfectly. Gabriel was looking into my eyes and must have like what he saw because he turned me around and pushed me into the post behind him and caught lips in a toe curling kiss. We were to caught up in the kiss to notice that we were not alone anymore. As he move down to my neck I unzipped his jacket and was running my hands up his chest when I moved to his buttons we heard a voice say what the hell is going on