Chapter 1 – Gryffindor Tower

Harry sat in the common room looking in the fire, thinking of what Sirius said to him and wished that his life could be more carefree and not as serious (no pun intended). What would Sirius do? Suddenly plans, evil plans started forming in Harry's head; very evil plans (mmaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaa).

He suddenly got up, startling the few people in the room, and ran up the stairs and threw open his trunk lid to get the required items. He let the silver fabric fall freely between his fingers and grabbed an old, but special, piece of parchment. "I solemnly swear I'm up to no good." The parchment burst to life as the ink stained the crumpled parchment, revealing the words: Mauraders's Map. He smiled to himself and through on the Invisibility cloak before descending back downstairs.

He quietly walked across the room, without catching any suspicious eyes. He stood near the portrait hole until everyone left. An evil grin grew on his already smug face. He knew exactly who his first victim was going to be…