Chapter 5 – Umbitch

Snape was pacing his potions room waiting for Harry to get back so he could have some fun.

'Oh that bitch will be in hell. The Weasley twins will seem like nothing when I'm finished. Hehehe. I wonder if I should have told Potter all those spells. Well as long as he doesn't us them on me I guess its fine. I almost feel bad for Draco but the little shit deserves it.'

The candles were getting low when Harry finally returned to the potions room and a very agitated Severus Snape.

"Finally boy I waited long enough. I would like the cloak."

"You're going to get her tonight?"

"No I'm not that is for tomorrow night and when I have all the necessary equipment together and ready." It was said without a sneer and sounded almost cheerful. Harry knew better then to ask what the 'necessary equipment' was.

"Ok professor I'll just leave the cloak here." Harry left the cloak on Snape's desk and left with speed that you only see in cartoons.

As Harry ran Snape could feel a most horrifying and terrible laugh escape his throat and if anyone heard it they would be gone so fast not even ominoculars would be able to see them. Snape turned back to a potion he was brewing a very special potion that was meant for one certain toad.

Snape had the best sleep since before... well that's not important but it was really good. Visions of the toad's face when he was finished with his revenge danced in his head all day and he even gave points to other houses just to fuck with everyone else's minds.

'I thought the 2nd years were going to crap themselves when I smiled and it was only a small one.' He let loose a mini evil laugh that made some Hufflepuff's shriek and run away in fear.

Severus didn't bother going to lunch in the Great Hall too crowded and he wanted to see what Potter did to Draco up close and not from too far away.

As soon as the class began all he and the rest of the class could to was stare at Malfoy, which he normally didn't mind but not with his new makeover. Everyone was even more surprised when a very loud Gryffindor rules was shouted from where he was seated. The Gryffindors all roared with laughter at that and Snape didn't even take points off or stop his lesson to address what was happen. That would be because he might end-up giving points intended of taking. Also he wasn't sure if he would be able to stop the laugh that was threatening to start if he looked at Draco again.

Dinner came around and took his usual seat beside McGonagall who look slightly amused and a little apprehensive at his arrival and then switched her gaze Draco who was forced to eat in the Great Hall despite his new look.

"Severus don't you think it's a little mean to make him walk around like that?" McGonagall said with a frown that was threatening to turn into a smile despite her trying not to.

"I have no idea what you're talking about but if I did I'd say that he deserved it if someone was able to do that to him."

"Is there a reason your in such a good mood today. I heard you even gave points to a Hufflepuff." This was very scary and out of character in her opinion.

"I just feel really good today and I think tomorrow will be even better." Snape said with a smile.

McGonagall went back to her meal and tried to ignore that feeling of dread that stated with that smile.

That bitch finally got to the Head table and Severus excused him self which wasn't necessary because no one would dare say to stay with that smile on his face.

'Now all I have to do is disable the spells and go back later tonight.'

Waiting was horrible but Snape being a potions master was able to, barley. As the clock struck eleven he through the silvery cloak over his head and made his way down to the toad's office. He then started his work.

He used a simple spell with a not so simple one and got the walls a deep beautiful black. Along with everything else in the room. The kitten plates were smashed with glee. (No real animals were harmed.) The plates were replaced with Werewolf illustrations that were extremely graphic and would hopefully give her a heart attack. Lastly her blood quills were replaced with sugar quills and he moved every thing out of its place.

'Almost done now all I need to do is get to her private room and finish the job.'

He slowly slunk his way to her bed room and changed the wall to black because no person could handle that much pink and not puke. Snape than turned all of her clothes to rather ugly shade of green that look like snot.

With a content sigh Snape left the room and made his way back to his own chamber. For some well deserved rest.

"Come on Fred. Harry said that if we wait in front of Umbrige's office when she leaves we could see something really good."

"George he's a boy after my own heart. I can't believe he pranked her."

The twins heard foot steps and hastily hid until they noticed that there was no body. The each had identical evil smirks as they jumped the spot to get Harry and have him tell them what he did.

So you can imagine their surprise when they pulled the cloak off and it reviled Snape.

For once all three had the exact same thought.