Chapter 2: A Regular Day

The planes lined the air in a perfect straight line before diverging into separate directions. "You see that Inuyasha?"


"The jets! Sometimes I wish I went to the air force instead."

"Why? So you wouldn't have to get your hands dirty? The enemy's on the ground."

"You act like missiles can't hit them. Come on Inuyasha, the air force was not a safe job."

"I think we have a better chance of being shot."

"Maybe you guys do; but, nothing can catch me." Wolf interjected

"Who asked for your input?" yelled Inuyasha

"Shh! You'll get us in trouble." Monk said calming him down.

"Well it's your fault with your random babble. You're always trying to be deep. You can't be deep and a jokester."

"I'm a man of many talents. After all, just ask my future wife."

"About that. She wrote me a letter." Inuyasha announced.

Kouga Wolf nodded. "Me too"

"Oh? What did she say?"

Dear Inuyasha,

Today you were on my mind. This morning at church we talked about the war and how we must be soldiers for God. I went home feeling empowered; but, I could help thinking about Miroku, sorry Monk, and the troops that are fighting for out worldly freedom. So I sat down and wrote you both a letter.

I wonder if you hear about me as much as I hear about you and the others. Miroku talks about you the most so I feel like I practically know you. This is my way of introducing myself. I hope you write me back and we become friends too. I appreciate all you do and putting up with my fiancé. Please keep him safe.



Miroku Monk smiled. "That was awful sweet."

"More like weird. It surprised the hell out of me when I got mail. At first I though I'd been summoned even whle deployed."

"Mine pretty much said the same." said Kouga Wolf

Dear Inuyasha,

You have yet to respond to my last letter. I hope it got to you properly. Kouga Wolf and Miroku have written me and tell me you are well. Feel free to write me back. I don't have much to say. Just know that I am praying for you. Please keep Miroku safe.



The day he opened that letter was the first time he'd been shot at. There was much chaos and he could not focus on the source of the onslaught. Blindly he returned fire as he and his backed to what little safety the landscape provided. One of their own was killed in the gridlock.

Dear Inuyasha,

I am praying for you. Please keep Miroku safe.



What was once a lighthearted friendship was now transformed into lifetime bond. The one next to him became an ally in survival and vice versa.

"You should write her back." Miroku said as he waited Inuyasha read Sango's latest letter.

"Nah, I'm not into this letter thing. If I do it'll only be a couple of sentences. She isn't who I should be writing."

"Do you have a girl waiting on you back home, Inuyasha?"

"Feh, hell no."

"Then you should write her back."

"I have nothing to say. I'm not like you. Oh my love I miss you. Sango dear I wanna kiss you. It makes me vomit."

Monk laughed before getting serious. "...if anything happened to me."

"Shut up. Don't even go there."

"No seriously Inuyasha. If anything happened to me, I'd need you to take care of her."

"You know what, die on me and I'll marry your girl." Inuyasha joked

"I'll survive a mine field if that's the case!"

Dear Inuyasha,

I am praying for you. Please keep Miroku safe.



The letters Miroku received were pages long. He knew Miroku never let her worry or told her about his day to day on the warfront. He couldn't help but be envious of Miroku who would marry such a wonderful woman. He had to admit, her persistence was appreciated. She was the only one that wrote to him and quite possibly the only one who cared for him in the civilian world. He didn't want to lose that Inuyasha finally wrote her back:

Dear Sango,

Will do. Thanks.


(A/N) My story is a fictional war, a mixture of all that I've learned. I'm too afraid to ask my veteran parents for help because I don't want to bring up bad memories. If anybody would like to PM me to help me make this more realistic, please do!

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