Max and Alec slowly crept down the alley. Their backs to the wall leading down the dark backstreet as steam drifted up off of the ground, graffiti covering the walls not covered by garbage cans and loose trash, and the sounds of sirens and car horns in the background; all normal sights and sounds associated with post-Pulse Seattle.

They came to a side alleyway and Max stopped, bringing her hand up in a fist, signaling for Alec to stop as well. She listened for a second and when she heard nothing she slowly brought her head around the wall, just enough to see around the corner without exposing herself too much. She noticed one vehicle at the end of the alley and focused her eyes so she could see into the car. There was only one man in the car and she could have scoffed at how easy this was going to be. Alec hadn't even had to come after all, she thought to herself.

She brought her head back around so she was looking straight into Alec's brilliant green eyes and made the Manticore signal to go. With a nod of his head Alec followed Max around the corner. They immediately traveled the several feet to the trash cans leaning against the building.

They were just about to move forward when Alec felt a gun being pressed into his back. He moved his hands up in a gesture of surrender when Max leveraged her hands on the ground before jumping up and over Alec and the goon with the gun. She landed gracefully on the ground behind the armed man and smacked her gloved hand on his shoulder, pulling him around so he was facing her. She recognized him immediately as one of White's men before smashing her fist into his surprised face. He dropped to the ground with a thud as Alec stood up and turned to face Max. He looked down at the attacker before looking at her once again.

"Thanks," He said, she was about to respond when several more men came around the corner with pistols in hand. On impulse, both transgenic adopted defensive poses before rushing forward to hopefully disarm their attackers before getting shot.

Alec watched out of the corner of his eye as Max rushed forward and began disarming any man in her path. Alec followed her lead and was in front of one of the men in less than a second. He brought the palm of his hand up with enough force to send the weapon soaring out of the attackers hands. He then grabbed onto one of his arms and twisted it around so he was behind him, his arm pinned to the recently disarmed man's back. The man cried out in pain when his shoulder and collar bone snapped. Alec then hit the man on the back of the head with his elbow right between the shoulder blades. The man fell to the ground in a broken heap.

He was about to turn when he felt something sharp hit his back. Before he knew it bolts of electricity began coursing through his body, the main source coming from the Taser prongs stuck in his back. His body jerked of its own accord as wave after wave of pain assaulted him. He could feel his heart hammering in his chest in reaction to the surprisingly strong jolts. His knees started to become weak when he finally felt sweet relief. He fell to his knees and caught himself with his hands before falling face first onto the cement.

Alec was in the midst of catching his breath and trying to slow down his rapidly beating heart when Max's fuzzy form came into his view. The electric shock must have fried his brain or something because she actually looked concerned.

"Alec, can you hear me? Talk to me." She shouted at him, her hands on his shoulders to steady him.

As soon as she saw one of White's men aim his gun at Alec she sprang into action. The trigger was pulled and Alec's body began convulsing from the sub sequential shock. It didn't take much to take down Alec's attacker. As soon as he was down she ripped the Taser gun from his limp hands and followed the leads to Alec's back. She pulled the prongs out of his back and the electricity immediately stopped. Alec's body didn't however as the tremors continued to course through his body. She looked at the Taser and stared at it in shock, no pun intended. The voltage was very high, and she quickly went around so she was facing Alec and put her hands on his shoulders, he looked ready to collapse.

"I'm F-Fine, M-Maxie." Alec tried to say through clenched teeth. Max only rolled her eyes.

"Sure you are." She said in her usual sarcastic tone she always adopted while around the seriously annoying, if not a little handsome, transgenic.

Alec wanted to say something witty in return but was suddenly seized by a blinding pain that shot through his body, making him spasm violently. When another wave of pain hit and once again his body betrayed him fiercely he look into now concerned chocolate brown eyes with his pain-filled, emerald ones.

"W-What'sss H-Happ'ning to m-me?" Alec asked; closing his eyes as wave after wave of pure agony assaulted him.

"I…" Max could only look on with fear and concern as Alec continued to seize violently under her hands. She could feel the tremors wracking his body all the way up to her shoulders"I think the shock triggered a seizure." Max finally said. Bright green eyes met hers once more.

"W-Why?" He asked; it was so hard to stay annoyed at him for all the stupid things he's done and did on a daily basis when he looked worse than Ben did after she killed him. She pushed the guilty feelings from that tremendously painful experience back as she held on to his twin. She'd already lost one of them; she wasn't going to lose Alec too.

"Have you ever had one before?" Max asked him, genuinely curious about the answer. She was surprised she'd never asked him that before, he'd never talked about them but that didn't mean he didn't have them.

"No." He stammered as a particularly aggressive tremor coursed through his body. "Hear-Heard a-about them th-though. O-Others h-had them….I nev-never d-did." His voice was getting more and more strained as the seizure wracked his body. Max honestly didn't know what to do. It was obvious this one was more severe than any she had ever had before. She didn't even need to carry around Tryptophan anymore. She hadn't even needed it since she got back from Manticore. Now she almost wished she still had them so she could at least help him better.

She was about to explain further, tell him about all the wonders that came with the "shakes", if only to distract him from the pain she knew he was feeling, when he made a small gasp and his face paled even more than it had been before, more than she thought was possible.

"You ok?" She asked him, a slight ping in her chest making her realize how worried she was for him. He could be a real pain in the ass but she didn't want to see him hurt, or seizing like this for that matter.

"I…I th-think…som-somethi-things….wro-wr…" He didn't even finish his sentence he was just barely able to stumble through to begin with when his eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed in a heap on the ground despite Max's steadying hold on his shoulder.


To Be Continued.

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