Chapter 3: Not All right, But Maybe Someday

Alec was pissed. Not at Max, per say, but at his body for betraying him; making it impossible for him to uphold his 'always all right' status. The last person he ever wanted to show weakness in front of was Max.

Alec walked down the streets of post-pulse Seattle. Not so much walked, more like stumbled. Seizures always left him drained and sore. It was a feeling he didn't enjoy, no one did.

Alec only got half a mile from Max before he felt his whole body jerk again. He stopped, waiting for it to happen again. When it did, he looked around. On the other side of the street there was an empty ally way so he quickly staggered over until he was hidden in the shadows and slid down the wall.

That was when his body betrayed him for the second time in less than an hour.

Tremors wracked his body harshly. Small gasps of pain were forced out of his aching lungs as his back repeatedly hit the wall behind him. He could see black dots dancing in front of his vision and regardless of his valiant effort to remain conscious, his body had other plans and he sunk into the inviting darkness.


Max was concerned to say the least.

She had never seen Alec so vulnerable before. He was always stoic when it came to how he was. Usually his response was "I'm always all right" but after the Rachel Berrisford incident she knew that was a cover, a lie to hide his true feelings.

As soon as Alec was gone, she was up and moving too; desperate to find her friend who would never admit that he was hurt and needed help. She knew what seizures did to you, they left you drained and hurting and she knew Alec was worse off because his was caused by a severe electric shock which was worrying by its self. Transgenics were made stronger than regular people but they weren't made invincible.

As she searched down the street she got about a half mile before she looked down an ally, what she saw made her heart hammer against her ribcage.

Alec was lying against a wall, eyes rolled up into his head, seizing violently. She quickly rushed to his side and pulled him away from the wall so he could hit his head and waited out the seizure with him.


She started counting, she had no idea how long he'd been like that already but he couldn't have gotten here very quickly so it was probably only a few minutes.


Alec's body continued to betray him as Max continued to count.


Alec started to stop seizing, his body exhausting itself into small jerks here or there and constant shaking.

His eyes flickered open, fluttering slowly until green slits looked up to stare at Max.

"Alec? Hey, can you hear me?" Max asked. He tried to answer but all that came out was a low moan of pain as his abused muscles started screaming.

"Just hang on." She told him as she started positioning his body into the recovery position.

Alec continued to shake, his teeth chattering almost like he was freezing even though it was a very warm evening.

"M..Max?" Alec asked softly. "W-What are…yo-ou doing h-he-re?"

Max looked down at him with concern shining brightly in her dark brown eyes.

A small smile tugged at Alec's lips, and Max knew he was just messing with her.

"Shut up, you jerk." Max said, a small smile brightening up her face as well. A single tear escaping down her cheek.

Alec continued to smile as he finally found peaceful rest, as peaceful as the ground of an ally could be.

Max sat by his side for a few more minutes before bringing him back to his apartment.

Max knew Alec was stubborn and would always insist he was all right. She knew he wasn't, none of them were in this broken world, but maybe someday they would be.

The End.

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