Note: Thanks for reviewing! I will be ending this story with 10 chapters instead of twelve so this is the last Chapter of this story. Keep a look out for book 4 where Mandie will be starting medical college and I think I'm going to include a mystery in it. Thanks once again for the reviews and I hope you enjoy this chapter!

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Chap. 10

"Mandie, we need to talk," Celia said as they lay in their bed that night. "I'm listening," Mandie said. "It's about the letter I got," she began, "It was from Joe, he told me that a lot of women were cooking for workers at the church, and Jonathan and Dimer… met some Cherokee girls—" "Oh Celia please tell me they didn't," Celia looked down, "Jonathan and I aren't courting anymore and neither are Sallie and Dimer." This brought tears to Mandie's eyes, "Why didn't you tell me?" Celia looked at Mandie "It was the night you and Joe stopped courting. When we got to Deep Creek Sallie told me to talk to Jonathan because she had already talked to Dimer and that's when we started to fight. And we just decided that he might be better off with her. I thought you needed me more than I needed you so Sallie and I decided to keep quite." "Celia… you don't always have to be brave for me you know. I have other people who can help me out when you need a break." "But Mandie, you're always brave for me. Remember all those time you dragged me along with you on your adventures?" Mandie laughed. "Whenever I was afraid you were right by my side," Celia said. Mandie hugged her "I don't know what I did to deserve a friend like you Celia."

The next morning, they headed for the Shaw's house. When they got back Mandie found out that everyone was coming here for a break before the Church needed to be finished. Mandie still avoided eye contact with Joe. She didn't know how Celia was so happy to be around Jonathan. They were laughing and talking and having a great time. Same with Sallie and Dimer. I think that in the aspect of spitting up, Sallie and Celia are so much more mature than me, Mandie thought to herself, I wonder if Joe will get a girlfriend to make me jealous again. "Wake up Mandie!" Celia teased, "Time for supper." Mandie laughed and shook her head.