One day, Dora was having an adventure with Boots, her stupid monkey , to the Dollar Store. Despite the fact that she could have just have walked two blocks from her house to get there, she wanted to go the long way.

She and Boots were singing "Bridge, Forest, Dollar Store," at the top of their lungs. They would meet Isa, the idiot Iguana at the forest, but first they had to cross the Bumpy Bridge.

They started to step on the bridge when Boots noticed a thin black wire near his and Dora's feet.

"Dora, why is there a wire there?" Boots asked. Dora was as puzzled as Boots. Normally there was nothing on the bridge.

"We should kick it out of the way, so that nobody trips and gets hurt" Dora said. But just as she was about to kick the wire, Boots yelled "Swiper no Swiping!"

"What the hell?" Dora said, as Swiper grabbed her Backpack and Map and pushed her out of the way, and started to cross the bridge, still holding the Backpack. Swiper normally threw the things he stole somewhere obvious, and never pushed. What on the earth was doing?

Before Dora could ask why Swiper was doing such a strange thing, Swiper set off the trip wire Dora was about to kick.

Dora and Boots were pushed backwards by a huge fiery explosion, and fell on to the ground.

"Swiper! Backpack! Map!" Dora screamed in horror. She started to cry and so did Boots. How could someone do this to her? Why would someone kill her friends?

"Dora, we must find the person who did this! We got to! We got to!" Boots said. Dora nodded.

"We need some weapons, Isa might have some, but how will we get them without crossing the bridge?" Dora asked. Then she realized something, she could go back to her house, and walk down the nearby sidewalk to the forest! "I have an idea," she said.

Little did she and Boots were being watched, by a insane killer. One that wouldn't stop until she and her friends were all dead.