Aida stared down a bowl of jello, dark eyes narrowing as she stood before the open fridge. "Go ahead, make my day, " she coaxed, prodding its still-liquid surface with a fork; she hadn't expected Radames' kiss, but returned it nevertheless.

Ammeris, determined to brush her hair a hundred strokes, announced each multiple of five in an increasingly unidentifiable accent, which she insisted - unsuccessfully- was Russian. Mereb imitated her, causing her to crack up and lose count. She flung the hairbrush at his head; retrieving it, she chased him down the hallway, her battle cry: "In Soviet Russia, 'so dead' is you!" Radames laughed until he practically cried.

Although unusual experiences such as the epic hour-long make-out session on Aida's bedroom floor when the three feet to her bed seemed insurmountable, or the time when he and Mereb, the lone survivors of a brutal game of paintball amidst the Catskill forests, had defeated the entire senior class, shone vividly in Radames' memories, the ordinary, everyday moments stood out as well.