This is the third and final chapter for Life through a dream, it is being co-authored by TeenTitanzzLuva.

I hope everyone who reads this story enjoys it. For those of you who read my other stories, I will continue them now that this is finished.

Oh yah, for those of you who who wonder what pairing this will be, it will be Yumeji x Merry, though I will be hinting at (well, not really hinting at, more really pointing out what both the manga and anime hint at.) the feelings of the other girls.

Merry woke up from the blow delivered by Mystletainn in time to see her about to deal the final blow. She looked away, not wanting to see her end coming. But instead of feeling the searing pain she had expected, she heard a male voice shout,

"I won't let you hurt Merry!"

She knew that voice. The voice that always called out to her when she was in trouble, worried...or just the voice then sent tingles throughout her body. It was Yumeji. The thought of him coming to her rescue made her feel both extremely worried and more happy. The next thing she heard however, as she started to open her eyes exhaustedly, made her worry change to a great fear. It was the sound of a blade cutting into flesh.

"H-h-h-how?" She heard Mystletainn murmur, in a quiet, weak voice. Merry opened her eyes fully to see Yumeji impaled on Mystletainn's vine, still alive. Barely. Mystletainn, on the other hand was falling to the ground, dying quickly.

"Strength of a dream is the strength of will..." she heard Yumeji say in a hoarse voice. "And... I can't let you hurt Merry."

She saw them both drop to the ground, and Mystletainn disappeared. "YUMEJI!" Merry had shouted without realizing it. She so worried. His body didn't disappear though, which meant he was still alive. She got up and ran towards him, the pain on her face evident. She didn't want to see Yumeji like this; beaten up and bruised until he had no breath left within his body. The thought of him dying felt like it would kill her. It was that rare, distinct feeling that caught in her chest and dispersed throughout her body whenever she saw him like this. Fear. It was painful. Almost, too much for her.

The others came over as well; equally worried and distraught. The worst was Yui especially, because she was just as torn over what happened to him as Merry was; and like Merry, she did not fully understand what these feelings meant. The fluttering of butterflies in her stomach, cheeks warmed when he smiled, a character that seemed almost impeccable even when something horrible happened...what was that? She was ignorant when it came to those feelings. [A.N. To those who would argue that Yui doesn't like Yumeji, look at what Engi says about Yui's heart rate when she and Yumeji first meet, people's heartbeats usually speed up when they are near someone they like.]. Engi was torn with guilt, thinking it was her fault that Yumeji was injured and may be dying. Because she allowed herself to be distracted, then getting brutally injured, the guilt and pain echoed throughout her being. Though, luckily her wound wasn't troubling her right now, because also worried about the emotions she felt from Yui. She knew what these feelings meant. How they burdened your soul and inmost feeling with unbridled worry. She also knew, that from the similar expressions on the other girls visage, they felt the same way towards Yumeji. Chizuru was sad as well. Yumeji was one of her only friends after all. But...her feelings distinguished from that of the other girls. She couldn't experience the kind of pain they were feeling right now.

"Can he be saved?" questioned Leon. As those four words left his lips, their attention on Yumeji began to vanish; would their worry be of any use if his life was at stake?

Engi opened her mouth to answer that there might be a way, but then...a huge pulse of energy threw everyone away from Yumeji. The pulse threw them exactly 100 yards away in a large radius, gently setting them down on the ground; not harming any of them at all. Soon after a large cylinder of black light engulfed the area 100 yards out from Yumeji. Merry got up, worry gleaming the depth of her eyes as she to the black light, only to get thrown back. The light was an energy barrier so none of them could touch it. Merry didn't give up though, slamming into the energy again and again, trying to get to Yumeji while the worry became more prominent in her features. The others looked on worriedly, wanting nothing more than to do the same. Though, they realized the efforts were futile. Finally, Merry was thrown off her feet by the blast, and then they were all thrown back into the real world.

They all came back awake with a jolt, to see Isana's father looking worriedly at the group.

"What happened to all of you? I was about to call a hospital because none of you would move." Isana was shocked that she had been standing in the same spot for a long time. She soon blinked a little and looked around curiously as well. Engi, looking through Yui's eyes, realized quickly that they needed to inform Mr. Tachibana of what had just occurred. Maybe, they needed to tell him everything as well. He deserved that. Everyone did. Merry however, had just gone back into the dream world. She needed to be with Yumeji. No matter what. He had been there for her, so she would repay that favor.

Chizuru spoke up, saying "Mr. Tachibana, Isana, there is something that we need to tell you..."

"...And then the energy field sent us out of the daydream." Finished Chizuru with a huge sigh of relief. They had spent the better part of four hours trying to explain about Dream Demons and what had been happening. Both Yumeji and Mr. Ijima hadn't moved since they had first entered the daydream, and Merry had reentered the daydream as soon as she left. "We woke up here and that's it."

Mr. Tachibana didn't look very shocked or surprised at the news about dream demons, or the fact that Yumeji and Merry were working to do something about Mystletainn. Isana on the other hand, looked confused and scared at first. But just as the situation hit her, she began to feel happy that they cared about her so much, and risked their lives to save her dream. But just as that emotion hit her, heavy, nipping emotions of horror of devastation began to eat at her. Yumeji could...die. Because of her.

"Now..." said Engi through Yui with mature intent, "I must go check on Merry. I have a feeling she is being tortured by her emotions at this time. It's at times like these, when she needs someone to help her." With that final dismission, Yui's face became blank.

As Engi and Yui entered the daydream, they noticed it was blank, white nothingness, except for a pillar of black energy in the center. Merry, it seemed, couldn't make a daydream, even if she could force one open. With this deep, unsettled emotion within Merry, it made the daydream seem darker and unsafe. She really was in a critical situation.

"Please let me speak to Merry alone Yui." Engi asked casting a glance over at Yui, with a slight plead echoing throughout her voice. Yui just nodded swiftly and started to run around the pillar.

Engi knew she would have to have the same discussion she was about to have with Merry with Yui some time soon, but right now... she needed to deal with Merry, or Merry might hurt herself unintentionally. She couldn't let that happen.

Engi walked up to Merry confidently, and placed a hand on her shoulder, holding her back from running into the barrier again.

"Let me go!" Merry cried, struggling to get free and charge the barrier again. Her arms and legs were starting to sprout visible bruises, and a dash on her leg began to strain her energy."I have to save Yumeji!"

"Why?" Engi asked; still holding her tightly although she felt Merry loosen her struggling for a second. Engi also wanted to save Yumeji, for all he's done...but, she needed to know the reason why from Merry's lips. Even if she already knew the answer. "Why do you want to save him so badly? Is it because you want to go home? Ask your heart Merry...why do you want to save Yumeji so much?"

"What...? Why?" Merry answered, feeling her lips turn down in a familiar scowl. Tears began to pool at the side of her eyelids, and her lips began to tremble adorably. Engi felt her heart wrench at the lost sight, but her face didn't show her feelings. Only her eyes held sympathy and slight pity for the young girl in front of her. "Because..." Merry trailed off, feeling a lone, crystalline tear run down her face. "Yumeji...he..." Confusion began to ring a bell in her heart, and suddenly it hit her. His smiles. His care for her. For all people. His valiant character. The way he held himself with overwhelming confidence, when dealt with various situations. Merry finally realized, that the heavy thud of her heart in her chest and joy whenever she was near him, were only products of love.

Engi pulled away a little, and looked down at the girl with a rare twinkle in her violet eyes. "It's OK to be scared Merry," she comforted with a small smile gracing her rosy lips.

Merry fully pulled away now and grinned a little, wiping her eyes with an awkward laugh. "Don't underestimate me Engi," she advised, looking back at the woman with mutual understanding. She put one slender hand on her hip, while the other hand feel upon her hat. Glancing down at the ground, then back at the woman she grinned widely; cocky even. "Let's go save Yumeji."

"Also, Merry..." Engi said, as they began to walk towards Yui who was pausing to wave at them with a bright smile. "About Yumeji...he cares for you too."

Merry stopped walking, and blinked a little as she watched Yui run towards Engi and embrace her warmly; the dim sun in this daydream shining on them beautifully. Thoughts of Yumeji began to whirl in her head again, and her cheeks warmed with embarrassment. Soon, the embarrassment turned to adrenaline, soon to run throughout her veins heavily. Her legs that had once been weak, were now strong and sturdy. Her arms that were heavily bruised and exhausted felt light and usable.

Because of Yumeji.

"Merry..." Yumeji gasped, coughing a little while blood splattered across his elbow. His heart rate began to slow down, and his sight became very blurry. "I have to...I have to get...out," he gasped, bringing a hand to his chest so he could catch his breath. "For Merry..."

The barrier still surrounded him, making it almost impossible for him to escape, and at this rate he would die soon. He felt that if he died he would let Merry down. He tried to get up, only to once again pass out. The last thing he saw as he blacked out was a crack in the black pillar in front of him

Yumeji awoke with a start, leaping out of bed, and crashing into a worried Yui, or rather Engi judging from her eyes, staring at him. "Ah!" he shouted, surprised. "Sorry Yu- I mean Engi." he said, holding his head where he had hit hers.

"Are you all right now Yumeji?" She asked in a calm voice, as if she knew the answer.

"I'm fine, but what happened?" he asked, looking around, then he almost jumped out of the bed again as he remembered what had happened. "Merry!" he shouted, struggling to get up.

"Calm down Yumeji." Engi said. "Merry is fine, she saved you, and then stayed by you until a couple of hours ago. We finally convinced her to get some sleep so that is what she I doing right now."

While she was talking, Isana had walked in and was waiting to speak with him. When Yumeji finally did notice her, he called her over, and she came at an almost run, and hugged him when she reached him, thanking him for what he did had crying as though she had thought he had died.

Merry slowly woke up, and looked around, only to see Yumeji sitting in a chair waiting for her to wake up. She immediately threw herself at him, holding him as though he would disappear if she let him go.

"Merry..." he said, and she pulled out her death grip on him to look into his eyes, and said "I love you, Yumeji." and kissed him.

And that's the ending, I hope you liked it, and I am sorry t took so long, this was my fault, not TeenTitanzzLuva's. I kind of forgot the whole story until this week, and I have worked to finish it.