Title: Role Model
Inspiration: A conversation with my friend on tumblr who cast Marlon Brando as Blaine's father and Paul Newman (whom I love like whoa) as his uber-dapper uncle... and then this happened...
Disclaimer: Only Tracy is mine. ^^

It was no secret that Blaine's favorite family member was his Uncle Tracy. He was everything Blaine hoped to be when he grew up: charming, charismatic, polite, wordly, caring, poised… His mother used to say that Tracy had stepped "right out of a 1950s movie or something." Blaine loved that. He wanted someone to say that about him one day. And in school when you had to write those essays about what you wanted to be when you grew up, Blaine always filled the answer in with "My Uncle Trace" trying to make his print like the blocky slant of his writing's subject.

But besides all the poise and charm and suaveness, Trace was the only one who really paid attention to Blaine. He was the one who sat with Blaine and watched musical after musical. He was the one who expanded his viewing pool to those movies that his mom referenced; things like The Sting and It's a Wonderful Life and Sabrina and Breakfast at Tiffany's. Movies where the men wore fedoras and the girls wore gloves and they all called each other things like "doll" and "darling." Trace was also the one who noticed that thirteen-year-old Blaine lingered over Gregory Peck, William Holden and George Peppard more than Audrey Hepburn. On James Stewart more than Grace Kelly. It was Trace who was the first to ask Blaine, at fourteen, "Son, d'you like boys better than you do girls?"

It was Trace to whom Blaine raged when he got taunted at school, when the administration did nothing. When his father looked so disappointed that the car was finished, but Blaine was still gay. It was Trace's porch where Blaine ended up with a black-eye from school. It was Trace's couch where Blaine ended up sleeping after the big blow-out fight with his father. And it was Trace who Blaine texted so excitedly that he misspelled half the words after kissing Kurt for the first time.

And Blaine never wondered why Trace wasn't married. Why he never seemed to have a girlfriend. Why he and Blaine's father had a strained if pleasant relationship and why Blaine's grandfather wasn't on speaking terms with Trace. His uncle could do no wrong; not Trace. Not Trace with the sparkling blue eyes, the flawless smile, the stormy gaze, the right word for every moment.

And it's Uncle Trace who gets to meet Kurt first. Before Blaine's mother and father even. Blaine's grin is a mile wide as he stands between the two most important people in his life. "Kurt, this is my uncle, Tracy Anderson. Uncle Trace, this is Kurt Hummel, my boyfriend." And Blaine is beaming with that last word and Kurt has a blush as he stammers a bit over his "Nice to meet you. Blaine has told me so much about you."

And Trace shoots that heart-breaker smile over to Blaine with one eyebrow quirked up. "Oh really, son? Y'telling stories about me?"

Blaine's grin doesn't falter and he nods. "Course I am."

Kurt nods after and chimes in with "Blaine says you probably saved his life."

Trace's eyes widen at that and he fixes his gaze harsh on Blaine. "Whattya mean by that?"

Blaine's cheeks color a little and he shrugs. Fishing his phone out of his pocket, he fusses with the device a moment before holding it out for his uncle to see. "I just… That's from the night before I asked my parent's about Dalton. When I… When I called you all upset over that thing in the locker-room."

On the phone's screen is a text message saved from over a year ago, sent from Trace to his nephew. There's a single word floating in the text field: "Courage."

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